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    BP Pulse provide the charger and standard  installation for Motability for Customers who choose electric Vehicles.However,there have been a number of issues with regard to installation, the reliability of such units and the Phone App that should allow you to access control over the unit in particular to schedule charging at off peak periods.Their Customer service has been found to be lacking and fail to respond to complaint.

    BP Pulse has recently featured on the BBC Watchdog/One Show Programme with regard to the above .

    Due to have an Electric Vehicle ,I have crossed paths with them and have not been that enamoured and have decided to go with another supplier which will I have to pay for.

    I have expressed my concerns to Motability regards this situation and unfortunately their response was as expected.They state that they are aware of complaints regarding this Company including those from Motability Customers and are working with BP Pulse to resolve them.Blah Blah Blah.

    Apparently it’s a standard Charger good enough for Motabilty customers which will be upgraded in February next year.

    I am frustrated that Motabilty were fully aware of the issues regarding these Chargers for sometime and once more failed to deal robustly with these matters.It doesn’t even warrant a mention on their website so that contact details were available in order to resolve issues with them directly.They left that to BP Pulse.

    If you  wish to complain to Motabilty regarding this charger and associated issues his name is Mark Gallagher who is a Manager for the BP Pulse installations.





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    Hi Rich et al

    spoke again with MB – another advisor admitted yes they use ohme but it’s a pilot, but they are now escalating my issue to another team and will look at ohme taking over the install – i may make a complaint as i seem to have a mindset that creeps into my interactions that MB are being kind letting us have a car etc and then i remember that actually it’s not free and we do pay …..

    thanks for the replies appreciated 😄👍

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    MB refusing to allow me any other EV Charger provider than BP Pulse even though they do use OHME.There is a choice but they call the shots for allocation, lump or leave it or get your own.No point being FOC if the charger they give you is rubbish.It’s really not worth the hassle.Have a look at Trustpilot reviews,some from MB Customers.. .terrible.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Trustpilot reviews I take with a large pinch of salt.</p>

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    Why’s that then  the fwippers ?

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    hi coastal view make a complaint to MB  go to their customer services team i did as if had enough eventually after 30 mins of to and fro they caved in when i said i was going to fund it myself – they cancelled the BP install but are only doing OHME in small numbers and ramping up and ditching BP they have given me the difference that they pay BP so with the grant i’ve got £650 towards an install

    persevere and they will cave

    good luck

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    Excellent news,hopefully common sense is dawning on them.

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    Why’s that then the fwippers ?

    Cuta long story short, it is full of lots of fake reviews. We dealt with an online company, had a faulty product and it was a nightmare to get a refund. When I left a 1 star review I had to provide Trustpilot with copies of invoices etc, but all the 5 star ones get published without this, and some just have a look that makes you wonder. When motability and John Lewis, Amazon score an average of 2 and some other outfits 5, it makes you wonder. The difference is they pay a premium to Trustpilot to try and filter out the bad reviews by challenging them. These sites have their uses but as with everything caveat emptor.

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    The trouble is most are these are 1 star with very few 4 or 5.Plus some  identify themselves as MB Customers so I have a tendency to believe what’s written.Especially when combined with the negative comments made on the BP Pulse Twitter feed and other sources.All adds up to a rather woeful picture that I for one wish to avoid.

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    I was also lucky with BP, installation was straight forward and it has worked faultlessly since.  I do not use the BP Pulse as the Hyundai Blue App is much more intuative and I use that to schedual off-peak charging for my Kona.  Best thing I ever did was go electric, last time I got a bill I have spent £7 charging my car since April bearing in mind in West Yorkshire charging is free in council carparks until Friday this week and I have making full use of that hardly using my home charger.  I have Octopus go tariff so it will only cost 4.5p per Kw/hr when I do charge from home.

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    Update to me saying that I’d got no problem with my BP Pulse it has only worked for the last couple of weeks if I jump start it by switching off and back on at the isolator, and I’ve so far been waiting 10 days for BP to even arrange for someone to come out to fix it.

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    I refused to have a BP Pulse Charger fitted point blank.After a couple of weeks MB came back to me and agreed that I could use OHME.It’s being installed this week.Now all I need is theID3 ..but when who knows.

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    Two weeks on I’m still waiting for even a date for when BP will come to fix their home charger. Motability have been completely useless as they admit to just repeatedly referring a complaint to BP with no cut off point when they, Motability, would get another company to fix the BP charger or fit a different one. Also Motability point blank deny that they also use OHME, we know that they do. The car is great but BP and Motability are spoiling their influence on electric car take-up, I’d expect nothing less of a petrol company, but not Motability.

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    bp chargers do seem to get bad rep. a friend on another frum has one too and has had loads of issues with both it and the servicing of it.

    i was quite pleased that i was told i would be getting an ohme charger, and although they and there agents have been attentive, im struggling to get my housing ass to give me permesso; why i dont know.  still it looks like a decent charger and has a current clamp that can be set so it wont over draw current from mains if your using other stuff etc. very clever.

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    Hi all. I placed an order for a VW ID3 at the beginning of November and have received the obligatory text message from BP about the installation. There is plenty of time before the said car arrives, thankfully.

    As I have no confidence in BP, my expectation is a rocky ride. My charge point will be at least 25m from my electric meter, it needs to go through the loft void, under a garden path and there isn’t anywhere for the charger to be fixed to. Yes, I have very low expectations of a smooth, trouble free installation. I am expecting additional costs.

    But hey, if the bulk of the cost is met by Motability, I am not going to complain, well, not at first!

    BP seem to have little appetite for customer care/satisfaction and Motability are not up to speed with the changing market. It is a recipe for disaster.

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    Don’t forget, DumfriesDik, that you can get the additional £250 grant from the Energy Savings Trust that will go a long way to help with your non-standard installation if you live in Scotland…

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    That would be nice, but I am expecting it to go to Motability. But fingers crossed.

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    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    i had a really easy install from BP pulse.  ordered my car 20.09.  a week later BP pulse were in contact via email with an online form to fill in regarding my property.  sent that off about 2 weeks later and  a week after that a local contractor contacted me to arrange an install .   I picked 5.11 as I had an holiday on this day and it was done in 65 minutes.

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    I had my first BP charger installed  in March, in time for my car delivery.This lasted until July, when a new unit had to be fitted. This one lasted until 3rd November. I’ve now contacted them six times reporting the fault, no reply. The unit just shuts down, have to keep re-setting it, took an hour and ten minutes before it would charge the other night. Can’t set it to come on cheap rate, as i can’t trust it to remain on and spent £40 this week taking it to a public charger. Looks like it’s pointless phoning Motability, perhaps cancelling the agreement might help, any thoughts appreciated.


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    I suggest you make a formal complaint to MB explaining that BP Pulse have failed to provide you with an adequate and  working charger that’s  fit for the job.Insist that they remove the charger and get an alternative fitted.I had OHME do mine but they may allow you to find your own Supplier and pay for it.But most of all make a fuss.

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    I had no end of trouble getting my Bp Pulse charger installed last April, I almost gave up on them. Strangely Bp we’re fine right up until I’d signed and paid, but it went downhill fast after I’d signed the contract! Getting the work done was a real nightmare, as I don’t think Bp have and qualified electrician but farm it out for others to do.

    Fast forward to now and I have a fault with an electrical safety sensor switch that should turn off power to the wall charger. It went wrong 6 days ago, but BP Pulse have been terrible in their lack of response. Seems they like to take 10 days before the repair team contact you to them arrange a repair some time in the distant future.

    MOTABILITY are the real criminals in this as I asked to go with Pod Point last year, but was told no, I had to use BP Pulse. Why they insist on BP is probably down to MB getting a % of the grant, which can then go to executives bonuses.
    Also I don’t believe that the design of Bp Pulse installations are safe as they use a system that can take up to 4 seconds to cut off the power to the car.
    By that time anyone in contact with the car will probably be dead, especially if the ground is wet.
    Bp Pulse & MOTABILITY are rubbish!

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    On stability ate it has a link to pod point not sure if that’s anything to do with me? Chargers as I’m new and looking at an EV

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    BP Pulse is one of the reasons why we didn’t order an ID3. Because if we did, we would’ve been stupid to not take the “free charger” despite all the awfulness surrounding it (for some people at least). So we went with a PHEV, that “forced” us to install our own charger. While obviously more expensive, so far, nothing but a great experience. Called them the first time on the 24th i believe, installation is booked for the 4th of february, and while it did cost us £600, at least we have the charger we wanted.

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    Before I ordered the car I phoned MB and asked them about the chargers. I said I didn’t want BP Pulse. The lady on the phone said that’s no problems and I can go for OHME.

    Ordered the car just before Christmas, I asked the dealership about the charger and they said its down to MB.

    I then received an email from BP Pulse and I ignored this. Phoned MB, they said it was the dealer that sorts out the Home Charger. I told them that it is MB. She went away and then said a different team will be in touch. This was on the 13th Jan. Nothing back.

    I have phoned them a couple of times and they assured me someone will call me.

    Maybe just cancelling the car is the best option to see if they will act.

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    Motability don’t seem to be very consistent. I appreciate that things change.

    Prior to my EV order I contacted Motability a couple of times and asked for a different charger other than BP. And each time I was categorically told, NO. It was quite clear. What a shame you didn’t get such a straight answer. It isn’t great when you have to start dealing with behemoth organisations and you are piggy in the middle.

    My BP installation date has not been arranged yet, but my experience with BP to date has been very positive. Which has really surprised me.

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    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    Update on the Home charger.

    After still waiting for motability to contact me and discuss the home charger, the call was placed with MB on 13th Jan. I had a phone call yesterday from an adviser saying sorry for the delay in getting me an answer.

    I then received a phone call from OHME. Saying that they had just had my details. We discussed options and questions I had, all answered very well. Now they have sent me an email to fill in the install details.

    I can even get the New Ohme Pro.

    So If you Ignore the BP Pluse Emails and take this up with motability they might push you onto OHME.



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