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    BP Pulse provide the charger and standard  installation for Motability for Customers who choose electric Vehicles.However,there have been a number of issues with regard to installation, the reliability of such units and the Phone App that should allow you to access control over the unit in particular to schedule charging at off peak periods.Their Customer service has been found to be lacking and fail to respond to complaint.

    BP Pulse has recently featured on the BBC Watchdog/One Show Programme with regard to the above .

    Due to have an Electric Vehicle ,I have crossed paths with them and have not been that enamoured and have decided to go with another supplier which will I have to pay for.

    I have expressed my concerns to Motability regards this situation and unfortunately their response was as expected.They state that they are aware of complaints regarding this Company including those from Motability Customers and are working with BP Pulse to resolve them.Blah Blah Blah.

    Apparently it’s a standard Charger good enough for Motabilty customers which will be upgraded in February next year.

    I am frustrated that Motabilty were fully aware of the issues regarding these Chargers for sometime and once more failed to deal robustly with these matters.It doesn’t even warrant a mention on their website so that contact details were available in order to resolve issues with them directly.They left that to BP Pulse.

    If you  wish to complain to Motabilty regarding this charger and associated issues his name is Mark Gallagher who is a Manager for the BP Pulse installations.





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    If you can park your car “off street”, from April next year you will not be able to claim the grant.

    Spoke to motability this morning but they knew nothing about it so not sure how, if at all it will affect us on the scheme.

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    I too was very unhappy about the lack of customer service or, indeed, any kind of service from BP Pulse and called Motability, I too was brushed off with a casual “we know, but its who you have to use” response.

    I too went and purchased a charger + install from another firm.

    I’ve not cancelled my BP Pulse unit, its still in their system since early June, we chased them up about our lack of install several times, so far, no response beyond the acknowledgement of the order. 5 months. Its beyond ridiculous. Most EV charger firms are installing in around 2-3 weeks provided your fuses etc are up to scratch.

    Its just not good enough for Motability to fob us off with a very very sub-par performer (and product) in the market, they should have proactively changed to podpoint or similar on realising BP Pulse and their woeful charger were so crap.


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    Well Guys…….,,

    turn out for the books…. Ohme  contacted me about having a Ohme charger installed at my property, I already have a bp charger  which was hard work to obtain.
    It looks like Motability had parted with BP and is now with Ohme.

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    At last the message got through to them that we will not stand for shoddy practice.Bit of a coup for Octopus Energy as they partner with Ohme .Thank you Chub🤗

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    I have an order for a VW ID4 which is due next Mar/Apl and had an e-mail or two from BP pulse about getting a charging point fitted. So far have ignored their e-mails due to reading about how bad they are.

    So will i now get an e-mail from Ohme so saying they can do it or what?

    We already get our gas/electric through Octopus so would be great to use the Ohme charger if free.


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    Hi kbfern,

    Best ring Motability ,which I will do before shelling out  for a  Hive Charger.Check this out first and see what the procedure will be .

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    I rang Motability this morning after reading the above.

    Told them of my dealings with bp etc.

    They deny all knowledge of them breaking with bp, even after my insisting it was checked with their manager.

    I was offered two options, they (motability) would deal on my behalf with bp until fitted, or I can fund my own home charger with another company at my expense.



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    Not much of a choice then.

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    Thanks for the info Gary, looks like a £499 charger from Octopus may be the best option then as I see agro dealing with BP and the  probability it will cost me extra on the installation due to a possible earth bonding issue.

    It’s that or instead of paying £500 for the charger install make do with local 50/100kw chargers within a 10 min drive once a week.


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    I have also rung Motabilty,they told me that they have taken Ohme on board in some areas to take up the slack and assist BP.

    What’s going here,consistent reports of issues with BP Pulse and their useless charger,but Motabilty refusing to acknowledge this.This contract with BP Pulse must be advantageous to Motability. Quite clearly they have failed miserably in the roll out of the EV programme

    Looks like I will have to  pay out for my own charger and be better off for it.(not my wallet though 🙁

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    I have my BP pulse charger fitted on 5/11. It’s free so I cannot grumble .  As long as it works I’m not too bothered how fancy it looks.  A plug socket can be chrome or plastic but they both do the same job

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    I think the thread is dealing with here with a bit more than the aesthetics of the charger.It may be free but that is no excuse  for people to experience poor Customer Service,shoddy installations and basically being unable to use the Charger as they should. I do hope your installation goes well and your satisfied with it.Let people know on here how your experience goes.Was the installation a success ,does it work properly  and can you avail yourself of the cheap off peak energy by setting it up via the App.Have you had any issues with customer service etc.Thanks

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    Sorry guys for my last comment. I definitely had a call from ohme it was a very nice lady, who seemed disappointed that I already had a charger fitted- maybe gets commission….?
    Maybe like someone said ohme is workin with BP.
    My advice to anyone dealing with applying for a new charger is to fill in the application form on line

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    Well – same as Garry,  I called Motability this AM – denies all knowledge of any other company but BP pulse is their sole company for EV chargers – mentioned this forum and OHME – denied any knowledge- no other options other than letting BP install or a private install – may well go with a private install tbh but Im going to get my trusted electrician to give me a quote as well as octopus – they have started using e-on as a sub contractor for some work and I don’t like the idea of that company getting any of my business (bad experience)

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    James cheer

    Well I ordered my id3 last Wednesday and got a call from ohme about fitting my charger

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    Will it be an Ohme charger that they will be fitting or a BP Pulse I wonder.

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    James cheer

    When i was filling out the online form it only gave me 2 options for chargers and both was ohme

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    That’s great then, maybe we will all get the option soon.

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    Very interesting …..the gent’ I spoke with ( Paul) was going to raise it as a complaint and promised me a response within 48 hrs – I’ll see what he comes back with

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    I’ve got a BP charger, other than poor communication at the beginning (before fitting) I’ve had no problems, and they did a neat job. I do schedule charges through my Kona AP, not Pulse, because I can do other stuff through it as well. So I can’t speak for BP’s AP.

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    Contacted Ohme direct via email and they state that they are completing Motability EV Charger installations.You contact Motability and they send your details to Ohme to get the process started.

    Why do Motability continually fob people off with completely inaccurate or false information.

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    I will be glad to provide feedback although it might be sometime before i see the real perks of it all.  my charger is going in months before i get my car.  VW have been on the phone and said they expect my car to now be built in Jan. so the 2nd Jan delivery date on my paperwork is out of the window.  also I was one of the many effected by energy providers folding so i have now been allocated EDF as my new supplier.  my deal expires in November but having read about Energy companies and tariffs right now.  i have been advised on more than 1 occasion to stay put as the government is subsidising tarriffs so that they cannot rise above 21p per kwh of energy used.  to tap into a scheme providing off peak energy i would have to sign up until 2024 and my normal energy cost would be 25p per kwh .  but again not going to grumble as i am getting a VW ID3 tour which without motability i would not be able to afford.

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    well i spoke to MB again as they didn’t call as they said – spoke to Chris who is adamant that as i’ve ordered a VW it is only BP that is their partner for installation- quoted this forums and replies and was just fobbed off but what he did say was he has escalated this on live chat and BP promise to get in touch within 10 days for the install at this point i told him it’s actually 9 days since i spoke to them and nothing so he has now escalated this to BP for urgent attention and if i don’t hear from them by 1.30pm then it is being passed to a separate team for them to sort – i’m not hopeful and tbh feel mislead by MB as clearly they do use OHME for VW installs so he’s misinformed or lying …..

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    I Spoke to VW and their actual preferred partner is Pod Point.Motabilities argument does not hold water.All these modern chargers are suitable for all the Vehicle’s leased by them .They don’t deal in Tesla’s .

    It obviously in their business interest to promote BP.But if there is choice be honest about it.

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    I have a contact at motability who has agreed to fund my own install if a charger if my choice. I have a local company (not the BP one travelling 100 miles each way) installing a Hypervolt charger. £770 all in. I had quotes over £1100 but the local company even reduced another £50 due to having a blue badge.

    I complained to motability after I gave BP about 4 chances to install they gave me a date & Motability a different date & more rumbled on for months saying different things they a joke. Anyway the install is nothing to do with what car you order it’s down to the incentives that motability have agreed to with BP who don’t do the installs anyway they are acting like Serco & subbing the installs out to whoever they can which is why some are having such a bad experience.

    Email complaints dept & go about it that way it was them who agreed my choice of install.

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