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    Why are the vast majority of cars only available in the usual drab and boring colours?

    I can’t be the only one who likes unusual or bright colours, I wish the ST estate would come back on I had that in Tangerine 🍊 Scream now that was a good colour 👌😎

    Currently got an X1 in Sunset orange and struggling to find anything out of the ordinary on the scheme, any ideas maybe a Q3 in pulse orange?

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    Has to be an estate, large family saloon or suv similar in size to the X1 btw 🤔

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    Sorry, boring old fart alert Paul. I’ve just ordered my new one in Sterling Silver to replace the Sovereign Silver Astra ST that’s got to go back.

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    😂 hmmm I’ll let you off as out of the usual colours I quite like silver although I’m showing my age if I tell you my last silver car was a Maestro back in ‘97 😂

    Enjoy the new car pal 👊

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    I guess we sort of just get used to the same old thing Paul, however some cars can carry off brighter colours better than others I find..

    I thought we were being brave with Blonde leather interior, still had black paint though..

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    Thanks Paul.

    Talking of Maestros, I’ve booked a visit to the new Great British Car Journey museum in Derbyshire next week. Maestros, Metros and all the other old favourites there on display. Looking forward to it.

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    Don’t look at the XC40 then.  You can have black, white, shades of grey in between, silver or dull red.

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    i am with you paul, i have a soft spot for brg a bit boring i know but otherwise i do prefer something a bit different. if you take out silver and gre from all the colour charts of manufacturers theres not a lot left.

    at one time i was looking at a jeep renegade as they do a yellow and an orange.

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    @Paul What colour interior on the X1 in Sunset orange did you choose..

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    Thanks for the replies folks, fiestared enjoy the museum, it’ll be good that I saw it on bbc breakfast 👌😎

    ajn – mocha brown, deffo suits it, the salesman tried to get me to order black but then admitted the chocolate brown looked better, it’s gotta go back in November and I don’t fancy the same car, I like a change and at the minute the q3 in pulse orange 🍊 is leading the way, I’ll have a good root through the next price list, I can order in August 👍

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    We also have a BMW in Sunset orange. Great colour but a lot of similar ones now from other manufacturers. Almost ordered an A3 saloon in python yellow but went for 3008 hybrid4 in Vertigo blue instead.

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    Lousy colour choice is a real bug-bear with me.  Black, white, bright red, blue, three shades of grey/silver.  Yawn.

    What happened to pale gold Mercedes, light green Skoda, dark green, deep red, purple, yellow, turquoise, Volvo’s available in two kinds of copper . . . ?  Why are car colour ‘options’ not only identical but also so relentlessly dull?

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    Green definitely seems out of fashion. I had a S-type Jaguar in Racing Green mica paint. Classic colour always got comments.

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    Xc40 Recharge, not on scheme 😞 Sage Green 🤮

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    I’m with you Georgie 👍 I’m always got my eye out for something different hence this topic and Richard you are the man 👊😂 I didn’t know you could get an a3 saloon in python 🐍 🟡


    Please Please Please 🙏 let that vehicle say on in the next price list, I’ve gotta have it 👌😎

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    More grey than green to my eye. Brydo. Like the denim blue is more grey than blue.

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    BMW used to offer over 60 colour options on the 5 series, every shade of black, grey and silver you could wish for and nothing else.

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    I kind of like being boring, I like being left alone with no fuss what so ever😂..

    I hate all this get a granny in a parachute stuff taking six months or more to arrange, just to be shuffled out of an aeroplane, eyes closed screaming all the way then babied to the floor strapped to a professional pretending that they are amazing…😳

    Imagine all the fuss if I pulled up in a metallic, made up colour name like a shimmering lilac, indigo splurge xc40… with unbelievable mint coloured seats..

    Jumping out in a silver shimmering suit, and pink boots..

    Bit like that women with the pink Range…

    However we’re all different I guess🤣.

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    This always turns heads…..

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    It’s a good green – I’d skip the rest of it…

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    I had a look at it today wigwam and it’s “bogging”, why anyone would pick that colour is beyond me.

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    Yes Paul, it used to be only available on the S3 etc but  fairly recently it became available on all trims.

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    Confess to liking BRG. Have a Mini wearing it. Do agree with everyone else though – most colour choice is black, white or hundreds of shades of grey. Just ordered a T-ROC in bright red. A cliche, I know but I just like red cars. The T-ROC has a couple of decent shades though: the blue looks good in the metal (crap in photos) and you’ve got to like the yellow…

    Particularly good with the black hat, but that costs another £500!

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    Couldn’t agree more with you. I’ve said this before on the forum, colours are just so bland nowadays, 50 shades of grey and silver.  So hard to find something brighter. When I first started driving in the 70’s you could get cars in all colours of the rainbow, and some in-between!!

    This is the best I could find when I renewed in March.

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    @Markymate that’s nice

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    Agreed 👌😎

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