Boring cars nothing sporty in automatic why motability lets have choice

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    Im not sure if this is me but is there a lack of exciting cars for disabled choice on motability in automatic guise i know you have to be sensible for your needs but disabled sometimes need something that able bodied are allowed to drive and last year we had an ideal great car and that was the renault clio rs 1.6 turbo edc and many renault dealers were not sure if it was on the scheme but it was for a month or so and if you want a car that can take a scooter hoist in the boot which it can and be really great to drive we are denied choice.Even though abarth uk wanted to put the range on the scheme which is in manual mode at this time (they have cut the automatic) by the way you cannot get the whole automatic range they say its motability as abarth said they would put them on the scheme tommorow if they allowed it.The excuse its the insurance cost and i know younger people under 25 were not to drive certain cars anyway but if bought yourself with a clean licence and if over 50 you can get cheap insurance on even a clio rs so whats wrong with motability please put some exciting small sporty cars on the scheme as was in the past even the mgtf and toyota mr2 automatics used to be on the scheme there is i know the mazda mx5 was on the scheme a few months ago but these cars have limited space whereas the clio rs has a fair bit of space.



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    The smart brabus for two twin clutch automatic that would be good to bring back on motability why that and the other turbos are not on the scheme i know not.

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    I had a Triumph TR4a in the late sixties, a tomato red one, pity motabiliity wasn’t around then, there again my poor wife wasn’t disabled then! I worked for Ford in the early seventies, we had an Escort Mexico in the showroom for six months and it didn’t sell, we eventually sent it back to Ford,  what are they worth now!!           I don’t know why motability doesn’t put more powerful cars on the scheme, why shouldn’t the disabled have cars with a bit of oomph.  Although I must admit at my age  2 Litre S Max is fast enough for me, sadly my TR4 days are over, sob sob.

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    I know that an 89bhp or 9obhp smart for two or four brabus is not that powerful yet we are not allowed to have them it may be down to cost as its not insurance as the mini cooper s 192 automatic is on the scheme i am wondering is it mercedes that wants too much profit in the smart although the abarth 595 automatic has been withdrawn only the manual is avail now.

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    I have heard the a (non-Quadrifoglio sadly) Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0 Super 4dr with 200bhp is a giggle to drive from what I’ve seen through countless YouTube reviews. Does anyone own or has anyone driven this beautiful machine?

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    The Giulia is a lovely looking car, it was only on for about a week the last time it  appeared on the scheme.

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    Abarth currently only have manuals on offer for sale, can’t offer an auto if they dont make it.


    As for the Brabus, I’d imagine as it represents horrendous value, large depreciation high insurance and also it’s very niche. I just had a look and the is a 1 year old brabus on auto trader for mere £12900, a tiny 7k depreciation in a year! (Granted at 3 years it wouldn’t be so bad..maybe)  it’s too sporty/performance  and too much hassle of a risk for loss and would possibly require a silly high AP too


    If you really wanted one a decent pcp deal wouldn’t be too hard to work out if you don’t mind cliff like depreciation.



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    Which Mobility Car

    Alfa just said this to us:

    You wouldn’t be able to order a Giulia under motability from any authorised Alfa Romeo retailer as we do not offer this model under motability scheme

    Then 10 minutes later:

    Ok, i can now confirm we have the Giulia 2.0 and 2.2 Automatic available under the motability scheme

    Word of caution, the MY19 cars have new trims and 10bhp more powerful diesel engines, the Giulia’s listed are the old version so MY18. Confirm with Dealer, and get in writing, the Model year you are ordering.

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    mazda mx-5 auto not on this q, which is a shame as Mazda have increased power by ~15% for 2019my.

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    Which Mobility Car

    0-62 mph – 7.2 seconds

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    Motability do not pay vat on the fleet and also the smart brabus was on the scheme on the older model as for the abarth  595 the whole range has an automatic  mta gearbox available.If the mini cooper s automatic is on the scheme theres no reason why other automatics are not including renaultsport rs edc which was on the scheme in 2017 also has anyone seen citroen lately i remember when they had such stylish cars like the c4 coupe but the range is so ugly now.



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    My dad get the vrs petrol in automatic last year Great car and fast.. they should put it again on scheme

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    VAT has little besring o  this

    VAT still has to be paid on the sale of any Motability vehicle at the end of mobilities ownership/leaseage.

    PREVIOUSLY The brabus used to be available in 3 specs from £16.5k up to £19.5k. Now it’s only available in one flavour for 2.5k or so, £16,800 with no vat. :/

    Contributions from pip/dla over 3 years works put at £9300 or so total. Say 700 is  set aside for insurance, servicing, breakdown and administration and end of term mot etc  (they will set aside this regardless water you use all 5 tyres and have a yearly service or not – it has to be factored in). So £16.8k less  £7200 leaves a balance of 9600 at the 3 year mark

    The predicted value of 40% the industry use equates to £8200 (on the 20.5k retail) so your 1400 down before you remember that tax needs to be  on its sale price of £8.2k so what 1400 or so (vat has to be paid unless the original owner is the buyer AND the vehicle had permanent  adaptations made to it for the user, not sure on a trader but vat will be paid at some point) so that’s £6800 leaving a 2800 defect.


    It would take a 3750 AP to get close to comfortable risk on it. (Based on average figures,  the car may, may be worth  more at 3 years tho it may well be worth less etc)


    The plug I  Smart has a similar rrp but makes it o  the scheme with a super low AP by  dint of it reciving a rebate off the government (3.5k) and I suspect a better 3 year re sale value being  a plug in hybrid and more appealing to the 2nd hand market in 3 years.


    I can’t see an auto or mta option available on the abarth on the website  (Abarths) and configuratior. Honest John says the 595 gets an mta on the 165 hp competizion (or however it’s spelt)  mobility only offer the Base spec plain 595 which is a double shame.

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    Thats what i mean the mta auto i heard is not made in 595 abarth only near top of the range i wonder whether abarth is thinking of an up dated range to offer a duel auto gearbox in the future range unless thats too costly.

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