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    Jackie Downes

    Has anyone on here had a hoist fitted in a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV ?we are changing car in early July and just been informed we might not be able to have a hoist fitted due to size of boot we were given the impression the space would be large enough but now being told it may not be the case, if anyone does have one fitted could you let me know the make of scooter as I can’t find one small enough for the measurements I could have , many thanks


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Morning Jackie, unfortunately I don’t have the answer or even any knowledge on the subject, however every question deserves an answer IMO.</p>
    Maybe try the same question on the main forum, hopefully you get someone who may be able to help..

    Or maybe @Joss could move it over..


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    @Jackie Downes

    I have moved your post to the main forum where you might get a better response to your post.


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    Any info on this for Jackie Downs it’s been a few days unanswered, unfortunately went in off topic, Joss moved it to help out..👍


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    You could try asking Mitsubishi themselves, they have a live chat on their website you might get some advice.

    What have Motability said? I imagine they’d have a good idea seeing how many hits of kit like this they install

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    You could try asking Mitsubishi themselves, they have a live chat on their website you might get some advice.

    What have Motability said? I imagine they’d have a good idea seeing how many bits of kit like this they install.

    I have seen a few mentions of problems with the phev due to the boot floor, Inc posts on here.

    Good luck with it

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    Actually, your best bet is to speak to your retailer find out who fits their hoists, then contact them directly they will be able to advise.

    We were looking at one for our 150kg wheelchair, and they just needed weight and dimensions and what car we were looking at.

    If you are struggling to get info, contact these guys and ask them the question

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    The PHEV was car I spent many many an hour looking at and researching back on my last changed in over 2018 but had to disregard the car because I use a hoist and pavement scooter that’s fully assembled except the captain chair when loaded.

    My problem after speaking to my local Mitsubishi dealer was the boot has restricted space because of the electric motors under the boot floor couple to the fact the PHEV version comes with bench seats in the back and not tilt and slide 30 30 30 seats that make these types of cars more versatile.

    The petrol and diesel version are OK as they have that extra space and tilt and slide seats but that’s not what I was looking for in the car.

    My understanding this problem effect a lot of other part or wholly electric cars with there motors however the current PHEV has been updated over the one I was viewing but I don’t think this aspect of the PHEV has changed.

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    James Blair

    I tried to get one fitted in my e-c4. Citroen and the hoist manufacturer/installer said no because of where the batteries are.

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    Be careful if you find your scooter just manages to squeeze into the Outlander.
    I was really pleased for a while that my combination of BMW 220i Grand Tourer and Rascal Liteway 3 Scooter. fitted like a glove being millimetre tight in the boot.

    Because this then means that when you go to put the scooter in the boot with the hoist, the scooter has to be positioned absolutely millimetre perfect at the rear of the car for pick up with no margin for error.

    Which for me at least has put me off going for a hoist in my next car and instead I will go for a smaller car and spend more on an expensive but much lighter smaller scooter like the One Rehab illusion, 10kg being the heaviest part when broken down for transporting around and also get a bigger scooter for use from home.

    Hope you find a solution that works for you.

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