bonkers supermarket substitutions

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    hi all, been a while but the house move has kept me occupied so i havent been able to contribute but i just had to share this as i still cant get it.

    i do all my shopping online for obv reasons and usually i have very few problems with stuff being out of stock etc but today i have just got an email from morrissons saying the order i am expecting between 1 and 2 has missing items. so i check the email and it says morrisons semi skimmed longlife milk has been substituted withh…………. morrisons semi skimmed longlife milk??????????????

    so going to the website i pull up the order and find that the box of 6 x 1l cartons for £4.50 is missing and its been substituted by 5 x 1l cartons @ 90p each.

    now in store the boxes of 6 are opened if they run low of the individual cartons they are the same animal so why cant i have 6? for £4.50 theyve saved some packaging.

    is it just me or what.

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    First thought is that they’ve capped the number of individual cartons each person can have at 5 during Lockdown #2.  Waitrose did similar during Lockdown #1 – e.g. they didn’t have 5 x 4 pint bottles they subbed 5 x 2 pint bottles; subbed 2 x 800g loaves with 2 x 400g loaves, and 1 x 9 loo rolls with 1 x 4.  Weirdly, due to their ‘5 max’ cap I could order ‘5 bananas’ or ‘5 bunches of bananas’, but not ‘6 bananas’.

    Still, I do think most people are doing their best and working in a supermarket at the moment must be more than usually stressful at the moment due to the sheer number of people they have to mix with every day when you have no idea who might be infectious.  Anyone who’s been to a supermarket knows not everyone ‘keeps their distance’, and that some people touch fruit and veg but then don’t take it.

    Maybe we could have a ‘Strangest Supermarket substitution’ List?  The worst I’ve had so far (Waitrose) is a tin of Apricot halves in syrup instead of fresh pineapple pieces (half a dozen other forms of pineapple to choose from, of course, but they sent Apricot halves in syrup.  No good for the Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe, but a nice dessert with evap. milk).  My sister, on the other hand, had a delivery (Morrisons) where every single substitution was a packet of 4 hot cross buns – sausages, rice, fabric softener and kitchen roll, each subbed with a packet of 4 hot cross buns.  Such a shame we were in Lockdown and I couldn’t go over and help her out. 🙂

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    Which Mobility Car

    Asda delivery.

    Ordered: Boys School Trousers Black age 9-10

    Delivered: Girls School Trousers Grey age 11

    Asda driver as I handed them back ‘So these are not suitable?’

    Me: No.

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    ok wmcforum, you win lol.

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    Which Mobility Car

    8am today weekly Asda order arrives. Mrs WMC tipple of choice, if you can call it that, non alcoholic becks beer. Ordered 6 pack – delivered 4 pack of full alcohol hoegaarden.
    I could have handed it back I suppose but it looked so nice, even at 8am.

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    My DH reminded me of this only the other day: Going back a few decades, the local supermarket where my parents-in-law live tried Home Deliveries within the town. I think people had to ‘phone up and place their order and there was a limit on how much could be ordered.

    Anyway – When the Order was delivered there was a note in the top of the box that read “Sorry we have no bicycle clips so we’ve sent you a frozen chicken.”

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