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    Hi,guy’s just quick question i see the x2 joining scheme in January,  what’s better bmw x2 or bmw x1? I just see the style of x2 is amazing and 2.0i sound really good! Or should i go for different model i was waiting if the vrs will join scheme again i don’t think it will. So have to go for bmw .

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    Hi Mike

    You got me looking at BMWs now. Something I have never considered. Usually a ford focus man. I am due for a new car in March 2019 so will explore BMW for sure.


    Current car Ford Focus Titianium 1.5 TDCI
    Next car BMW X2 2.0 Sport sDrive
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    Hi there


    this is my first post. I thought I would share my experience received today.

    it is a nice car I saw it today at BMW Portsmouth. Good drive position just a shame it is front wheel drive, I ordered the 3 series touring today. If you want a BMW contact Kelly there she will look after you.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Welcome Joss and Imran,

    glad the Forum is doing what it set out to do and helping people whilst bringing everyone together.

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    I have the X1 2.0d sport Xdrive the X2 looks better inmo but the X1 as far more room.

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    I think ‘ll go for the X2 the advance payment it’s not high for bmw i was looking at peugeot 508 but with the aut transmission it’s high AP!!  just booked test drive with X2 so will see , but it’s look 💥 in gold colour

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    Am i reading this wrong or did youmsay the X1 was bigger than the X2? @Landyman


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    Peter Nunn

    this look good to replace my Volvo XC60 D5 however will a hoist fit?

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    Peter Nunn

    Depends on what hoist you need. My wife’s manual chair with hoist needs 82cm height in the tailgate. Neither the X1 or X2 has that.

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    I am looking at an X1 2 litre sport for our next car, only issue is dealer being able to find the exact same model for me to test drive.

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    I have just test drove the BWM X2 the dealer only had the M Sport model with a turbo diesel engine. The car was great to drive and the suspension was not as firm as I thought it would be looking to order the Sport model with no options fitted the AP is £1795 I found the car easy to get in and out of even with the sport seats.

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    It’s really hard getting a test drive for the exact same model you want on motability.

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    @mike  I think the gold colour may be limited to the MSport, unfortunately only the SE and Sport are on the Motability scheme.

    I hope your teddt drive went/goes well.

    I’m considering an X1 auto in X-Line trim myself.


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    Just checking the specs on the X2 and it has a boot load lip of nearly 4″ compared to 11mm on the X1 and it will not fit an unfolded wheelchair in the boot, even with the back seats fully folded down!

    How is this a good car for the scheme?

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    I was shocked when I discovered the X2 is smaller than the X1. Very odd.

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    Yeah, should have called it the X0.8

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    Which Mobility Car

    @mike I think the gold colour may be limited to the MSport, unfortunately only the SE and Sport are on the Motability scheme. I hope your teddt drive went/goes well. I’m considering an X1 auto in X-Line trim myself.

    Gold is M-Sport only, as is the nice blue:

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    The X2,4,6 are all coupe versions of the X1,3,5 so are “smaller”. It’s only because the sloping rear makes the boot smaller, the rest of the car should be the same size.

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    So all those cars are really for people who don’t need a wheelchair or scooter then!

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    I drove the X1 2.0i X Line – XDrive for around 12 months with upgraded sports seats / electric lumbar etc.

    Comfort wise it was the worst car I have ever driven for long journeys I remember being 150 miles into a trip and needing the heated seats on full in the summer just to help with the back strain, the tyre noise is also something talked heavily about on the x1 forums which becomes tiresome on British roads. A VW Tiguan in comparison is in another league in that respect.

    The instrument layout is ridiculous combined with the tiny steering wheel as it obscures some of the information no matter how much you mess around with the adjustment, again something else many owners ending up spotting after purchasing. The X-Drive system isn’t the all singing all dancing versions you get on more premium BMW models either, if you’re driving in snow you’ll need winter tyres. Remember, the X1 is basically a Mini platform, don’t expect BMW driving dynamics either, it’s nowhere near the road handling of the old proper BMW X1 that everyone thought was ‘ugly’.

    However the worst aspect of the 2.0i B48 unit is the fuel economy. If you’re not doing plenty of long motorway trips then forget it, around town you better prepare for emptying your wallet, and I mean that in a serious sense. Urban average figures for the auto are around the 26mpg mark.



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    My test drive is this morning for the X2 M sport 2.0 diesel auto. Will report back later.


    Current car Ford Focus Titianium 1.5 TDCI
    Next car BMW X2 2.0 Sport sDrive
    Builder of Gaming PC's

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    Had a look at this last Sunday. WOW! in a BAD way! Not at all what I expected. Sooo small. Very nicely screwed together and exudes quality but smaller than a MB GLA (and the only people who class that as an SUV are MB). Not impressed at all, so went to look at the X1. First impression, tinny, cheap, nasty (but what do you expect on a Mini chassis). Admittedly we had been sat in the X4 and X5 previously but what a let down. The only BMW I would entertain in SUV form is the X3 but as that is not available, scratch BMW for me 🙁

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    Urban fuel consumption in our 2.0i X1 auto is 33/34 mpg and a lot of that is very short trips.  I can’t see any similar size petrol car doing any better. I imagine the X2 would be the same.

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    Looks great but is no doubt as narrow as the X1, the 2 series hatches and the mini. As long as you are pencil thin, you’ll be fine!

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