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    Good evening all,

    i was wondering if anyone is currently driving the BMW X1 XLine and what they think about it and how they are finding it on a whole?


    My motobility is up for renewal early next year and I am starting to look for the next car.

    i currently have the Nissan Qashqai so we are looking for another SUV and something that looks & drives well,

    I seen a stunning Hyundai Tuscan on Wednesday too I’m yet to look in to AP for them but from what I’m looking at the X-Line bmw is £1499,

    I don’t need adaptations for either cars im looking for a larger car as I have 2 young children also,


    Thank you.




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    There are many BMW’s just out of warranty needing new engines due to extended servicing and overheating from blocked oil ways.

    Its not just bmw it’s prety much all fleet cars.

    Manufacturers will risk extended servicing to cut leasing costs.

    My son is a fleet buyer for his company, so it’s not just motability.

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    I have an X1 and the oil service warning came on at roughly 9000 miles, took it to dealer and they did oil service no problems. That was about 3 weeks ago they said no problems with motabilty.

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    what part of the country is that Wayne?


    Did you tell them you were motability before before or after the service.

    Seems to be some strange inconsistencies here.


    My dealer said see you in 12 months for a service? Nothing at all about motability only doing it every 24 months.



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    Hi Philjb

    I’m in Wolverhampton took it to BMW dealer who supplied car. They knew it was motabilty vehicle and no problems. Motabilty rep who dealt with me phones every few months to check that I’m still happywith car.

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    That’s good Wayne.

    We had one phone call from the dealer to check all was ok and  we were happy that’s it.

    But saying that we have had no problems in nearly 6k miles since late December.

    I’ll wait and see what happened regarding service ours, next December or the service light comes on?

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    david keightley


    have had a bmw x1  25d msport that’s up for renew later this year it has been a excellent car with no problems

    its has a big boot a higher driving position with great visability.

    the only problem is what do I replace it with. I do like the look of the x line models

    also possible update later this year ?

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    Have just taken delivery of an X1 sport 2.0d auto on 18″ regular tyres.

    Excellent 1st impressions, comfortable seating/driving position, auto box is a peach, better than on the Tiguan that I short listed. Previous car was an Audi Q3 S Line Plus so desired something of similer quality, performance and handling, the X1 feels good to drive and has a quality cabin. Dealer put Autoglyn Carbon Treatment on it which means no polishing and will keep it looking cleaner for longer (being in Sapphire Black). Like the slightly larger boot space, having Privicy glass done (to keep heat build up down) locally as its cheaper than from the dealers. My Springer likes the car as well! Got a £500 discount off the AP from Marshalls of Grimsby which made it much cheaper.

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    colin batten

    i have about 6 months left on my x1 and overall I have enjoyed it. 220d xdrive xline. manual.

    road noise is a bit annoying on the motorway.

    good mpg on long runs about 56. probably 44 with mixed driving.

    anyone give me a comparison on internal space between this and the tiguan ? I would like a little more, without going kodiaq allspace terrano route.

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    Which Mobility Car

    This is a good place to start for the numbers, but to drive the Tiguan does feel the bigger car in every aspect.!

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    The biggest difference between the Tiguan and the x1 is comfort, larger seats and if you go for the SEL upwards more tech.

    Plus the drivers seat folds flat if you have anything really long to carry home from ikea.

    3 zone climate zones is useful too, having my mrs and her menopausal mate. lol.

    I love the massage front seat and full length sunroof with added blind.

    The 7 speed DSG is a great box very smooth.

    Ours does low 50s at 7o odd ish. Keeping up with motorway traffic mid 40’s on a longish journey round town.


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    Hi, I have ordered a BMW X1 XLine 2.01 auto. The sales guy was nice enough to let me have a decent drive on familiar roads, it was really very good and performed well on country roads. I am moving from a Mondeo Titanium X sport 240bhp, also with every extra available in 2016. It’s been a most fantastic car. Sadly I’m having trouble getting in and out of it now as it’s pretty low. Otherwise I would have extended the lease. Given the list we are given, full of diesels and engine sizes that wouldn’t push a pram, my only option seemed to be the BMW XLine. It is £2099 advance for the 2.0i auto petrol, but it’s well worth every penny. However I would have had second thoughts if I couldn’t afford some of many extra’s to bring the car up to spec. In it’s basic form you will have a car that drives better than your Nissan, after all it’s a BMW. If you can’t add some creature comforts which I am sure come as standard on the Nissan you’ll be missing the best of the BMW. To give you an idea of cost, I added over 4K to bring it up to my Current Mondeo spec, as much as even that had about 3K spent above the advance. We are disabled, in my case I have a shortened life along with not knowing how long I will be able to drive. So I get the nicest drivers car I can afford and just enjoy hoping I’ll get 3 years out of it. The BMW is certainly a very good drivers car, I wouldn’t go any lower than the 2.0 petrol XLine. If you can afford to chuck some dosh at it even better, if not fantastic. There are way too many cars out there with twice the spec but half the car. If you are of limited budget I would take the 1.6  petrol Peugeot 508 for a drive. Not an SUV but is a big family car, plus has all of the kit as standard to make it that much better than most.

    Also to be taken into account, it has a 505 litre boot. With a normal wheelchair in that space there’s not so much room left if you are thinking about family holidays. But I’d guess the Nissan isn’t much bigger.

    Good Luck


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    Update – Love my BMW X1 d sport, really enjoy driving it, the 8 speed auto box is so good. Road noise off the Bridgestone’s at motorway speed is the only downside, can’t wait to wear these out and replace them!  The Sat Nav is so much better than my previous Audi one, automatic updates to it as well. Find the Sport seats comfy giving good support. Excellent driving position for me. Would not change for anything else after owning it for a month. Relieved to have no regrets being a new BMW owner. If it meets your needs and you enjoy driving it is worth taking a test drive.

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    So glad that you are enjoying the Beemer tvs.

    I have ordered the X2 2.0 Sdrive sport @ £1749.00AP. I would have loved to add a few extras but could not afford them. Still an excellent car though.

    The only issue for me is that I placed the order on the 12/02/20019 and was told that it would be here in 10-12 weeks. However. That turns out to be a rather large Porkie!

    Latest update is that the allocated build date is now the 17/6/2019 and delivery sometime in June 2019. To say I am gobsmacked that it has not even started to be built is shocking.

    Here is a conversation with BMW Genius.

    BMW Live Chat

    Good morning George, my name is Nic. Thanks for your query to the BMW Genius Team. I’d like to congratulate you, on your recent purchase.
    Thanks for providing me with your order number George, I’ll gladly check your current order status for you now.
    thank you Nic
    I can see on my system that your BMW X2 sDrive20i Sport has been approved by our product control team, and has been allocated a build date.
    Production for your BMW X2 sDrive20i Sport, is estimated to begin week commencing the 17th of June.
    Once production has been completed your BMW X2 sDrive20i Sport will then be shipped to your chosen BMW Centre, estimated to arrive week commencing the 8th of July.
    i ordered the car on the 12 of Feb 20019 and its not even going to start build until 17th June!
    I’m sorry for the inconvenience George, however this is the only information that displayed on my system. I’m not to sure why it’s taken so long, to get a building allocated time slot.
    the dealership is telling me a lot of porkies about build date and expected delivery
    well thanks for your help Nic I shall take this up with the dealership. Have good day Nic
    No worries George. Before I end this chat today, was there anything else that I can assist with today?

    Current car BMW X2 2.0 Sport sDrive Auto 2019
    Last car Ford Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI
    Builder of Gaming PC's
    "It is a great ability to be able to conceal one's ability."

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    Cancel and order something else. You’ve been had.

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    Cancel and order something else. You’ve been had.

    Not much point in cancelling is there as it will just be as long if I order something else.

    I am going to speak to mobility Tuesday morning and see what they say. Last time I spoke to mobility and mentioned a short delay, they said a month is fine but any longer then I should ring them back.

    Current car BMW X2 2.0 Sport sDrive Auto 2019
    Last car Ford Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI
    Builder of Gaming PC's
    "It is a great ability to be able to conceal one's ability."

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    I said before but I never knew getting some cars takes so long?

    Probably why I’ve only ever bought a brand new car once.

    Some of these waits are just ridiculous.

    Why cant motability hold stock or have priority on orders.

    They leave it to you and the dealer and never seem to believe the bull we are told when ordering?

    A terrible experience if it’s your first car.

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    Managed to get my X1 with 1 week delivery as they had it sat on the docks! Received  a £500 off the VA if I took delivery before month end. Consider the X2 but not available in diesel and bumped my head getting into the car! (roofline was too low for me). Suggest you make inquiries elsewhere, recommend Marshalls of Grimsby they worked hard to get me my car.

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    I rang around vag dealers and got a cancelled order in the colour I wanted and a better spec for the same AP.

    I was told it would likely be June or July if I ordered new from the factory?

    That was on the 28th of December Last year.

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    dealers love to exaggerate how many build slots they have left and how long your car will take to get, you were lucky with the x1 as it must of been a dealer demo order, or a canceled order as BMWs are built to order, mercedes on the other hand have normally got a few 1000 sitting in dock in belgium most of the time.

    kia have dock stock too and so do alfa

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