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    Good evening all,

    i was wondering if anyone is currently driving the BMW X1 XLine and what they think about it and how they are finding it on a whole?


    My motobility is up for renewal early next year and I am starting to look for the next car.

    i currently have the Nissan Qashqai so we are looking for another SUV and something that looks & drives well,

    I seen a stunning Hyundai Tuscan on Wednesday too I’m yet to look in to AP for them but from what I’m looking at the X-Line bmw is £1499,

    I don’t need adaptations for either cars im looking for a larger car as I have 2 young children also,


    Thank you.




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    Mr P

    Hi EFC, have a look at the Peugeot 5008, they have a new engine out recently EAT8 1.6 178BHP. It’s an auto and very, very smooth transition, I had a test drive of a 2.ol and was very happy. I currently drive a Volvo XC60, due for re-order in March, 5008 is winning for me at the moment.

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    Hi Efc 84,

    I currently drive an X1 Xline and it is simply the best car I’ve had.

    It drives beautifully and changes are smooth and seamless with the auto box.

    Options are expensive but it comes with a standard sat nav.

    Two things to watch out for.

    1)make sure the front seats bases are large enough for you. They were too short to support my thighs, so I had to go for expensive sports options because of the excellent thigh pull out supports. Add to that the electric seat control option as I couldn’t reach the manual ones, so that was over one thousand pounds spent just on seats.

    2) Avoid run flat tyres if you want a quieter and unobtrusive drive. The reinforced side walls make for a noisier and harder ride. Standard tyres are great.

    I have a diesel  engine which is very economical especially in the eco pro mode.

    I thoroughly recommend the X1 XLine, but then again I’m hopelessly biased as I love it!

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    The 5008 GT, what a great looking car we have been to look at this model but I don’t know about you mrP despite it Looking stunning on the outside the inside just felt suffocating!

    I struggled to get in to the drivers seat and the passenger seat felt like I had no leg room compared to our current car I could hardly move. I am a big lad at 6ft 2 and pretty broad I didn’t like it. We didn’t test drive it and maybe it might be a car we revisit in the future for another look.  I think the AP is £500 more then the X1 X-Line.


    Regarding the X1 I’m yet to sit in one. we visited Warrington BMW but the didn’t have one in the showroom which was frustrating,

    i have a free day tomorrow so I might take a trip to another showroom,

    would you know do bmw offer a option for rear tinted windows? That is one aspect I like on our current car the rear windows are fully tinted as standard on our model which is good having the children in the back.

    Thank you both for your time it’s very much appreciated.



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    The tinted rear windows are a £220 option on the XLine.  This is one of the options I went for.

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    Mr P

    Hi EFC, the space was fine for me , most of the time it’s just me and my partner. The extra two seats will remain down for w/chair storage. Front passenger seat will be in its furthest back position most of the time. Also we will  go for the GT Premium spec which includes a sun roof , which will let in more light. I did look at the BMW as well, however once I specked it to level my current XC60, I was over 4K . If I had unlimited budget, my car of choice would be XC40, however, for spec I’d want it’s around 6k !!

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    David L

    The X1 is truly the worst car I’ve ever had, having opted for the 1.8i and had it for two months it’s not ticked the premium box for me.

    the main gripe is that it hesitates so much from 1st gear it’s dangerous, having caused 1 accident already.  It’s been back to the dealer 3 times now.

    We are getting rid and opting for something safer

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    I would think it a fault with the car I tested a 1.8 d as it was the only car the dealer had.


    It was ultimately to small for us but it was fast and smooth?

    But sometimes you loose confidence and only a change will do

    but nothing else I test drove cane anywhere close on quality and ergonomics not even the cx-5 Mazda




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    We moved from a Qashqai diesel automatic to an X1 2 litre petrol automatic in August.  The choice of petrol was determined by an increase in short local journeys and the quietness and refinement in local driving.

    Our concern about increased running costs have proved not so significant.  About 50 mpg against 56 mpg on long journeys, and about 32 mpg against 40 mpg in town, offset to some extent by cheaper fuel.

    The X1 has less bells and whistles than the Qashqai unless you load up the AP, so we miss keyless locking, all-round cameras, and map lights.  On the other hand the iDrive is brilliant. With one button press you can get a list of the local petrol stations and their prices, one button press can get the satnav to lead you home.  The standard sound system is far better than the Nissan’s too.

    And of course the driving experience. I enjoy driving and when the mood takes me I can find the limits and get the best out of whatever car I drive, but the handling, grip and instant power of our new car is unbeatable in a 2 wheel drive car of this size and shape.

    Absolutely no regrets on our choice.




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    Thanks everyone for your personal experience and opinions very helpful.

    we still have until March to decide so we still have time to think over it & test drive some I just thought it would be nice to get some thoughts off fellow mobility car drivers.

    I didn’t get time today to go to look at and get the feel for a x1 but will try early next week.

    thanks again.


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    Make sure you get a test drive in an automatic, Efc84.  If your funds will run to it, the new electronic shift and dual clutch box make a good car brilliant.

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    Thank you wigwam will do,


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    There’s a huge difference between the 1.8i and the 2.0i/1.8d/2.0d

    The 1.8i is awful avoid it at all costs. I was given one as a courtesy car while mine was in for a service and can say that if I had driven one in a test drive there would be no way I would have leased or bought a BMW.

    The 1.8i is an “uptuned” 1.5 engine compared to the 1.8d which is a de-tuned 2.0 engine and it shows. Nothing happens when you put your foot down and I mean nothing, then after a while the car decides to accelerate, or at least something like acceleration only slower!!

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    Reading your comment Robert I would have to agree about the engine differentials.

    I gave the X1 XLine a glowing review earlier in this thread, but I failed to mention that mine is the 25D 231 bhp sports auto 4 wheel drive model. It drives superbly well and still returns 40 plus mpg local and at least 55 mpg on the motorway with even better figures achievable in eco pro mode.

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    As I said the dealer only had a 1.8 d and it was quick enough for me. But not on the scheme at the time.

    It was the 2.0 petrol auto lux x line I was going to order.

    With the new dash and gearbox.

    But we couldn’t try the seats out it came with as the dealers didn’t have anything in stock with the new type seats.

    So it seemed foolish to order and then see if the new seats would work for us.

    But compared to every other make the quay interior and driving position was miles better.

    The Peugeot interior and the little steering wheel looked very modern but I couldn’t live with it.

    The steering wheel is set too far forward for a start and the shape didn’t feel natural.

    I’d prefer a less high tech but more easy to use without reading a massive manual on how to indicate  etc



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    Looking at the mobility prices on BMW…

    18i are all petrol & manual the dearest being the 18i X-Line @ £1499 (what I was thinking about getting)

    But you say avoid the 18i at all costs,

    I don’t like the sound of the poor power / excellration we find that now with the Nissan Qashsqai it’s okish but slow off the mark, saying that it is only a 1.4! (These AP have doubled for these on the scheme to near £900 we put down £450)

    My car before that was my own car I had a Vauxhall Astra VXR so miss that extra power! Alot

    moving on then it goes to the automatics…

    20d sport @ £2349

    20i SE @ £1499 (not sure I wan the basic model)

    20i sport @ £1699

    20i X-Line @ £1999

    So ideally it’s the 20i Sport or X-Line then,

    I’m useless when it comes to descion making on anything 8-(


    thank you all




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    I can’t reach to the 20d AP,

    £2000 is my max,


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    The 2.0i is a great choice, you will love it, it’s very responsive in all driving modes but sport mode and the gear lever switched over to sport auto is FUN. I preferred the sport model over the X-line as it had less chrome, but then again the X-line has full leather and LED headlights.


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    Robert is right, the X1 is a great car.  We went for the X-Line for the leather, as we were happy with the standard seats.

    I would be happy to demonstrate ours if anyone’s seriously considering ordering one and is within reach of the Bournemouth area.

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    I have a 20i s drive x1 auto. It’s ok but being front wheel drive is not a true BMW. Handling is not as inspiring as my old 1 series and if you apply full power the front wheels sway as if there is too much power for the car to handle. The tyres are a bit noisy and as reported in the thread the gearbox, in my case 7 speed dct  can on occasions be very hesitant in 1st gear on pull away. The seats are not overly comfortable. On the plus side the car is quick fuel efficiency of 43 is very good and the car is well equipped practical and well built. Have to say BMW customer service from two dealerships leaves a lot to be desired. Hope that’s of some help. In lay man’s terms a 3*. A little underwhelming.

    I sat in a Kia Ceed at the shopping mall today. A 1st edition. Great spec well built and comfortable seats. Headroom not great due to sunroof.

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    I think the standard seats in the X1 have been recently upgraded/changed. Think it was around the same time as the Active/Gran Tourer LCI (mid cycle upgrade).

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    fwipperie we have that same hesitation on our Ford Kuga diesel powershift I no it is only very slight but it there. We switch the stop/start button off which is not the fastest to react, put the 2 together and its a real pain.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    I find the seats good, not great – for me there’s a bit too much lumber support, which my lower back profile doesn’t want. They are the new shape, as fwipperie’s are, and the same as the AT.

    As fwipperie says, on hard acceleration in a straight line the steering does seem to wander a little as the wheels grip. I suspect it’s a product of the DSC avoiding torque steer. Not tried with it off.  But putting near 200hp through the front wheels is always going to be a compromise.  I’ve not had any hesitation in first gear,  always instant, unlike the previous Qashqai which sometimes did a “now let’s see, what do you want to do – oh yes, accelerate”.

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    Finally got to sit in a X1 today and first thoughts –

    plenty of room in the cabin,

    feels solid,

    looks stunning and high quality materials,

    well layed our dash & controls

    the back seats looked so spacious and reclined I wanted to just go to sleep on them lol!

    opening and shutting the doors felt solid and well built as you get with high end manufacturers,

    good seating position and view of front and rear window no obstructive view.

    the only thing I didn’t like was the seats they seemed to hug the body to much and felt to small to support my big build and my legs just didn’t feel supported enough under my thighs. It was a M-Sport we sat in so I would need to check if the seats are the same in the Lower entry X1’s, the salesman didn’t come out on to the court he just opened the car for us to look at I think it was too cold for him or he was a poor salesman,

    Either way we really liked it!


    But there has been a spanner thrown in to the works – I really like the look of the Ford Kuga ST-X In all black & I’m going to have a look tomorrow, I prefer the build quality of the BMW but I like the look of the car on the KUGA,



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    Just took delivery of x1 xdrive 20d and have to say I hate it. It’s the worst car I have driven.  The steering seems to wander and it doesn’t feel connected to the road. I would get rid tomorrow if I could

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    I fully concur Kris, the X1 was the worst car I had. Mine had potentially dangerous transmissions issues, hence an early lease termination but the car was not great to drive, noisy and the seats not good either. I do miss the I Drive though. Not a car I would reccomend.

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