BMW X1 XLine 2.0i Xdrive auto

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    So as the head scratching on a possible replacement car continues we decided to go check out the BMW X1.

    We checked it out about 3 and a half years ago and hated it. When we got into it way back then the seats were immediately uncomfortable and it probably tainted our view.

    Today i thought sod it, lets go have a look, can’t do any harm.

    We were able to try an XLine in the showroom, and I have to say our old opinions on the X1 were completely changed. We found the seats very comfortable even given our difference in height.

    We liked the BMW fit and finish, and were surprised to see a CD player of all things in the car.

    Having had a good read of the spec sheet, its no surprise that, some things that I might be interested in have to be bought in a pack with other things that I wouldn’t particularly choose.

    Good that the pano sunroof is an option that i wouldn’t have to pay for.

    I was surprised to see that electrically adjustable seats with memory are an expensive option, and in fact lumbar supports for the seats are an option too!!

    Adaptive cruise comes in a pack too although it was £250 less than the Volvo equivalent pack.

    Shame that the dark headlining isn’t available even as an option on the XLine.

    That said, what we saw was enough to encourage us to want to take it out, and the dealer has an XLine demo which we can have all day.

    So when its available we’ll have it out and see what we make of it.

    How mad it that. We’ve always dismissed it, yet now we at least have an interest.

    Crazy stuff 🤪

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    My wife has an X1 and it’s an excellent car,

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    Wife? princess!

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    I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the seats while you’re out driving. I’ve seen pictures of the xline and the seats look like you sit on them rather than in them and I wasn’t sure they’d be supportive enough for me.

    I could be totally wrong though as I’ve never seen them up close.

    I will get down to have a look in person at some point but would like to hear others opinions.

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    What are u talking about Steve.

    I think a few of you old dears need to grow up a bit.

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    Funny thing is there was also an X1 M Sport in the showroom so we tried it for comparison. The M Sport seats have slightly more substantial side bolsters, very subtle shoulder wings, and seat extenders. I thought they would be great and thought my long legs would love the seat extenders. I actually felt the XLine seats were more comfortable, as did my wife (she’s the mota customer)

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    My wife added the lumbar support as she suffers with her back. She reckons that it’s really comfortable even after long drives. It’s the XLine that she has.

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    There are others on here that just can’t get on with the X1 seats, which I could initially understand based on our old findings, although i’m not sure which specific seats have proved problematic.

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    I was surprised at whats missing from the seats in this ‘premium’ brand, but at £230 at least lumbar supports are not a hugely expensive option

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    Is it the 2 lite petrol XLine that she has? If so is the round town mpg in the mid 30’s?

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    She has the 25D. Averages around mid 30’s I think, but a lot of her journey’s are local.

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    Hopefully I’ll get a chance to sit in both the xline and the sport to compare them.

    I was mostly worried about feeling like I’m going to fall out of the seats on the xline when taking a corner a bit too quickly. I don’t fit car seats particularly well which is down to my disability so I definitely need something supportive.

    I know I’ll need to drive one myself to be sure.

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    I think the seats in the Msport are the most body supportive.

    I drive a Msport (not X1) and the side bolsters on the seats are very supportive.

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    I felt more gripped in the M Sport but not in a comfortable way.

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    The side bolsters on my car adjust, but I understand what you mean Macca.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    I love my X1.
    It’s an 18d SE with electric seats and a few other bits added and can’t sing it’s praises enough. I’ve been with it over two years now and have always found the std seats fine. I have chronic joint pain, especially in the lower back, sacroiliac joint area, and one leg is much shorter than the other. For me, the short seat pad is perfect. It’s true there isn’t much side support but I drive it like an SUV and not a rally car! 😂
    I’m due to change later this year and the X1 remains in my top three.

    I paid about £650 for the electric seats but now they are only selling then as a pack. This means £1,000 this time.
    I also paid for the LED headlights but they are std on the XLine. They are awesome!

    Something worth noting if you a keen techie. Whilst Apple CarPlay is free for most manufacturers, BMW charge for it. I think it’s about £100 per year.

    My hope is that the XLine stays within my AP budget as it’s a lovely car. I won’t be happy about adding £1,000 for electric seats but they are a must and it is likely to sway my decision.

    Oh and not sure but I truly hope the indicator/brake lights are LED now. I have LED rear lights but the indicator/brakes are 19th century bulbs. (Very retro😂)
    The IDrive screen shows them as LED so fingers crossed it was a teaser.



    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Its interesting you should say that, amongst many other issues my wife suffers sacroiliac joint dysfunction too. I take it those electric seats came with lumbar supports, if so how do you find them?

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Macca, tell you wife I feel for her.
    They don’t have lumbar support, they are just seat pad and back rest. I’ve had cars with it and for me I had to have them wound right back. Any movement into my back caused huge discomfort and on top of that, after a short journey I felt extremely sick. And was on a number of occasions. ‘Experts’ told me lumbar adjustment would help. They were wrong as I’m more ‘comfortable’ with none.
    How does your wife fare?

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Well, it doesn’t make her feel sick at all, but she’s suffered with it since her early 20’s and she’s about to turn 50 so a long time now.

    She had osteoarthritis of the hip at 19 and so her walking ability deteriorated quite a bit leading to hip replacement at 27. I think that deterioration and very poor walking gait ultimately caused that damage. As you’ll probably appreciate whilst the hip can be replaced, the sacroiliac joint just gets worse.

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    The seat design on the standard non m sport seats was changed when the face lift was launched a few months back. It was probably the old design that was uncomfortable for most.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    I didn’t know that Shaine. Thank you. My seats are the old ones then so I’d better try the revised ones.

    Macca, sounds like we have similar pain from different conditions. I have a genetic defect by where my joints did not form as they should. One hip they managed to replace but is ‘at risk’ but the other cannot be done due to the condition. It was pinned as a child and, thanks to a brilliant surgeon, has lasted.

    I also suffer from Short Angry Bloke Syndrome and have spent my life trying to do things better than everyone else. I have always been very embarrassed by my appearance. I honestly thought I’d get to retirement but sadly, three years ago at 49, my body decided otherwise. I have been in the same company for 35 years and have worked up to Key Accounts Manager.  I have been lucky enough to travel quite extensively with my position. I am desperately trying to get back to work in the ‘able world’ but it’s slowly dawning on me that I’m done. A fact that even as I type, is making me well-up. 😔

    Trying to see any positive is difficult. Motability is one of them. Even though I have only been with them two years, I will be forever thankful. That is assuming my review in a couple of years isn’t a travesty.

    Apologies for the outpour.  It’s been a difficult few weeks.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    So before any discussion takes place on the pricing of the BMW this is how its comparing to the XC40 we’re considering :

    BMW X1 Xline Xdrive 2 litre petrol turbo 4wd

    AP £2249

    Tech pack II £900

    Lumbar Supports £230

    TOTAL £3379 less £600 GCB = £2779


    XC40 T4 R Design Pro 2 litre turbo 2wd

    AP £1799 (after £200 discount from dealer)

    Metallic paint £575

    Reverse camera £300

    Wireless phone charger £175

    TOTAL £2849 less £600 GCB = £2249


    Points to consider : 

    BMW is 4wd, Volvo is 2wd

    BMW has full leather, Volvo has half leather half nubuck

    BMW has pale grey headliner, Volvo has dark grey

    Volvo has heated windscreen BMW does not

    BMW has 18″ alloys, Volvo has 20″

    BMW cannot stow its parcel shelf, Volvo can

    BMW has a CD player, Volvo does not

    BMW seemed a touch bigger in the back than the Volvo (although I’ll be in the front)

    BMW has a split of button functions and its idrive, Volvo is predominantly controlled from its ipad style console

    Volvo seems slightly bigger in the front

    Volvo comes with a data sim for the first year

    Neither have a sunroof which is a plus for me


    The head scratching continues ….

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    Wayne, no need to apologise at all.

    We are not androids, we are human. Skin, flesh, and bone with thoughts and feelings, each with individiual issues to cope with.

    Life is not easy, things change over time and we shouldn’t underestimate how things impact us in many ways.

    Physical and mental strength can deteriorate, and confidence can hit the floor for sure.

    I’ve no personal experience of your issues, but can very much empathise with you, as in a very different way i’m also experiencing both physical and mental changes, its alien and its hard to accept.

    Over the years of dealing with health troubles in my wife from the age of 19, and over recent years accepting problems developing in myself, i’ve become very adept at building the “i’m alright” wall around myself, even managing to fool myself many times over.

    This week there was a harsh realisation that i’m not alright and the GP has taken me out of work for a while as a result.

    Things change, its hard, I totally understand you may be struggling with that Wayne. I send you good wishes and genuinely hope you can find a bit of peace with your circumstances.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Mac</p>

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Some points that might help:

    On the suspension side of it I really wanted the BMW adaptive suspension but it was just too much. The standard set-up is quite hard and it can be uncomfortable on the pot-holed roads. I have 18” wheels but 20’s would mean an even harder ride if the ride in the Volvo is similar.

    The Volvo has 80 litres more boot space with the seats up but over 200 litres less with the seats down.

    The sim in my X1 has a basic ConnectedDrive subscription for the lease term. A great addition by Motability.

    I’m in a similar position as I like both as well and am to change later in the year.

    Have you watched the CarWow reviews on YouTube? Mat Watson has revived both in depth and he’s a really good reviewer.


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Yeah I really like Matt’s reviews.

    The ride in the XC40 R Design Pro on 20’s was just bliss, and i mean surprisingly so, so the BMW will have a lot to live upto when we get it out.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Macca, Thank you for your words.

    I can completely relate to the ‘I’m all right’ attitude.
    Forum members such as you are another reason why I love it here.


    And the same to you. I truly hope you get back to work soon but don’t forget, we’ve put a lot into this country. Please do not cause yourself more harm than good by pushing yourself too early. Take the time you need. It’s important.

    I’ll be interested to see how your car decision pans out. Please keep us updated.👍👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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