BMW X1 x-line ?colour change possible if due March 2022?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi,</p>
    just after a bit of advice please. I’ve ordered my next car on the scheme – a BMW X1 in mineral grey with black interior but have been fretting about my choice pretty much since I ordered it (Sept 10th).

    Whilst Mineral grey is a lovely colour, I just prefer the Storm Bay grey paint and a lighter interior. When I was placing my order I told the BMW saleswoman this and although she agreed, she felt that the Mineral grey and black interior were more practical as I’d be ‘forever cleaning inside and outside’

    I do agree with her comments about the interior but I do like to look after my cars and do keep them clean so this wouldn’t have been too much of a hardship.
    Anyway, I am quite easily persuaded in general with a lot of things since my stroke and obviously just agreed with her and ordered the car.

    Since then, I have even had sleepless nights about it (a bit dramatic, I know) but I decided to speak to her about this. I called her last Monday about changing the colour and she asked me to put it in an email so she’d remember to change it.

    I emailed her as agreed and she said that when she’s tried to change it, the BMW database won’t allow her to change it (at the moment) as all the settings are ‘locked down’ while BMW arrange their build allocation slots. She said she will keep trying when she is in work but can’t promise anything as it might be too late now to make the changes it want.

    Does this sound correct? Is she being 100% honest with me? I’m not sure she is as it’s only been a month and I worry that she might be annoyed with me that I’ve decided to change my order? I don’t know what to think but I suppose I just have to wait and see what she comes back with.


    Can anyone offer any advice please? I know I’m a pain and should have just stuck to my original choice of Storm Bay grey with Oyster interior 🤦🏻‍♀️!



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    You can should be able to change it right up to when the car is scheduled for production which might be some way off…

    Storm Bay and Oyster is the best option for me too.  We hàd Oyster leather on our X1, and it didn’t get dirty in 3 years with just a wipe over about twice a year with leather cleaner.

    If she hasn’t come back to you in a week or so, give her a push.


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks very much for your advice Wigwam, You’ve made me feel a bit better!</p>
    I’ll give her a couple of days and then email her again for an update 🙂👍🏻

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    Glos Guy

    Hi Rachel. Regarding change of colour it’s entirely your choice and, as Wigwam says, the dealer can make this change right up until the spec gets locked down, which is quite near to when it’s built (so probably no earlier than January in your case).

    A for colour combo, I can definitely recommend the Oyster interior. I’ve had three BMW’s with this interior (including our current X1) and it’s lovely and makes the car feel a lot roomier and less austere than the black.

    As for exterior colour, I strongly recommend that you see an X1 in Storm Bay ‘in the flesh’ before changing from Mineral Grey. We were going to order Storm Bay as it looks lovely on the website and price brochure, but our dealer had one in stock and we really disliked it. It’s a very flat (non metallic looking) colour and looked very dull and didn’t really suit the car IMHO.

    Obviously it’s all personal choice and if we all liked the same cars and same colours it would be a very dull world, but I always make sure that I have seen the exact model car in the colour that I am ordering in daylight before I order, even if that means trawling around several dealerships. Colours can look very different in daylight to the way that they look in brochures, on websites or even in showrooms with artificial lights on them!

    The worst example I have seen is the Nightshade Blue on the facelifted VW Tiguan. It looks a gorgeous light metallic blue, almost foil like, in the sales blurb. I’ve seen several on the road now and it’s a very dark almost green colour. Still looks quite nice but not even remotely close to what it looks like on the website.

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Thank you Glos Guy for your comments. I know what you mean about Storm Bay looking “flat” when it’s supposedly a metallic paint finish. I thought it appeared to be more of a matte finish when I saw one.
    In combination with a black interior, it does appear to be quite dull and depressing in my opinion. My current car, an Sline Audi Q3, is a bright metallic  blue with black interior and feels very oppressive inside, hence my reason for changing it.
    It does seem like I’ve got another problem now though, the saleswoman has just come back to me with this reply below:</p>

    Hiya Rachel

    I’d been struggling to change the colour so i asked our group administrator to look at it, but it isn’t available anymore.  That’s why i couldn’t change it.  sorry about that.

    K x


    I will obviously reply to her this morning but does she mean that colour is no longer an option? I’m confused (that doesn’t take much these days haha!)



    Rachel 😀


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    Glos Guy

    Hi Rachel. Storm Bay is still showing as available on the BMW website configurator, but the dealers info may be more up to date. If you have seen one and like it then it will be a shame if it’s no longer available.

    If you end up sticking with Mineral Grey then I’d still recommend changing the interior to Oyster & Black, rather than all black. It might just be me but I always think that cars look best with an interior that contrasts with the exterior – so a dark paintwork colour with a light interior or a light paintwork colour with a dark interior. Also, the interior of the X1 feels quite compact, so the lighter interior makes it look and feel larger than those with black interiors.

    Even though grey is a very classy colour (hence why it’s chosen so much on all premium cars), I fancied a change this time having had a few grey cars. However, we felt that the X1 looked best in Mineral Grey and we haven’t regretted that decision. It has a lot of sparkle with flecks of red, blue and green and certainly isn’t a dull colour.

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    Thanks Glos Guy, if she can’t change it to Storm Bay I’m happy to stick with the Mineral Grey paint as it is still a lovely colour. I do however want her to change the interior to Oyster as I agree with you, the light interior contrasts nicely with the dark paintwork.
    Also, as you say light colours in the cabin can make it seem larger inside. The Q3 I have now has been lovely but it’s all black and dark grey inside and black headlining so I want a change.

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated 😊

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