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    Evening everyone,

    I simply do not know which car to choose out of the 2.

    I’m sat with both brochures in front of me as I type this with a couple of weeks away from our renewal date to which we want to order on or around that date and get the ball rolling.

    Ive gone over it in my head a 1000 times in the last 24 hours,

    we was pretty much set on a BMW X1 Sport until we seen the Ford Kuga ST X line as it looks very appealing also and comes with pretty much everything extra you could ask for as standard on a car but then there is the thought it isn’t a BMW though and does it match the premium manufacturer build quality…

    This was pretty much a done deal for the Kuga x until last night when I was reading the post by Kelly at BMW Portsmouth and after spending the day today back and too emailing her (very helpful and a lovely person I must add) I am now back in a pickle of which to go for.

    Was wondering if anyone could offer any advice and thoughts from both kuga and bmw drivers?

    Thank you all in advance.




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    They are the same alloys but in black, local dealers to me are not taking ST Line X orders due to the trim change and any current ST Line X orders are being shipped with the grey alloys, In my opinion losing the power tailgate, heated seats and electric drivers seat would’ve meant I wouldn’t have got one. I’d like to see one in stealth grey as I had the focus ST in that colour.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Adding red calipers to it just makes it look silly and something it’s not, the flat bottom steering is horrible when parking and going to full lock. The black mirror caps will only look good on white or black but with black alloys.</p>

    I think they have ruined the top of the range ST line with all the tacky bits they have left over before the new MK3 is realeased at the end of next year.

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    Sorry the first sentance should read – they are the same alloys but in grey.

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    I have a Kuga in Magnetic grey which looks great polished up.

    I’m 6ft 3 and couldn’t comfortable get in the X1 when we tried. The kuga has a higher seat base to roof height which is great for me as I dont need to duck my head.

    I found the Kuga can be chucked about more like a car.

    The auto in the the ford has had a few issues and to get the best out of it you need to read up on how best to get it up and running.

    The bmw auto is always going to be a better box but not drastic enough to stop buying a Kuga.

    I like my Kuga enough that I extended as I couldn’t pull the trigger and decide on something else.

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    “Day dreaming is something I do very often lol!” – I’ve been accused of something similar… ?

    Quality BMW vs. Ford – Efc84, there’s no comparison. BMW interior build quality is easily a league above the mainstream of Ford/Vauxhall/Peugeot/etc but you have to accept that frankly.

    X1 seating comfort – for some reason I couldn’t get comfortable either, even though the one I tested had the sport seats, which are considered the better choice over the standard seats. I’m a bog standard 182cm/6′ weighing 90 kg/14.2 stone and so am not abnormally large or small.

    Colour change? – Efc84, you are aware you have metallic paints as standard on the scheme? So you can choose to change colour from the standard to a metallic paint free-of-charge. ? (It’s only some ‘exclusive’ colours that are charged extra for which are very rare.)

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    I’m the worst person ever to give options to ? seriously! put me in a isle in Asda with numerous options for the one item I need and I’m in trouble! I end up walking out Lol,

    I understand what your saying jack about the options that have been taken away from the kuga, the likes of the heated & electric seats and the electric tailgate personally for me isn’t a issue, yes they would be nice but we don’t have them on our current vehicle so in a way we can’t miss it I suppose, the one thing I have noticed though is there is no mention of the Pano roof and that’s one thing I will miss. The STX obviously has it but I can’t see it on the specifications of the ST edition. ?

    Taking everything in to consideration I don’t think we have much option, I simply can’t squeeze comfortably in to a X1 as much as I love the build quality and the premium feel to the car i don’t think I could feel that uncomfortable for 3 years, maybe I could get use to it but what if I don’t il be kicking myself.

    Reading poor reviews about the fuel consumption on the 1.5 petrol kuga (we would be opting for manual) like you guys have mentioned, we don’t do a lot of long distance driving mostly small short journeys back and too to hospital appointments, school runs ect so it might be that I try save a little harder to go for a diesel.

    I wasn’t aware of that Rapster with the paint options – thank you very much for bringing this to my attention that’s brilliant news, I have been adding the price of a colour change on to the top of my AP ? so that’s a really positive bit of help and advice right there!



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    No worries, mate! ?

    Yeah, what you say about the X1 and comfort shout loud to me that you are better off in the Kuga rather than the X1. The look/quality/toys mean sod all if you’re simply not comfortable.

    Edit: To fact check, here is what Motability say themselves about colours:

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    100% get the diesel, the Pano roof is still there according to my local dealer, with the colours I would try and find one you can see in person as grey wheels, red calipers and black mirror caps  will look horrendous on say a blue one.

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    Cheers Rapster il have a read after typing this ?? Made up about that!!

    Definitely jack mate, We like the metallic grey it sparkles well in the sun, little bit gutted about them changing the alloy colour, we was side by side with a Kuga X before at the lights – the black alloys look so nice! We shall see what the grey look like, agree with the point about the right colour with the black mirror caps grey alloys ect – I  thought the same thing when the dealer told me.

    Wondering if they have a due date yet to get to look at one  ?

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    We also have the X1 (2 litre petrol auto).  I dismissed the similar Kuga early on because:

    1. The dashboard – just horrible to spend time sitting behind.

    2. The shocking fuel consumption.

    Just a personal opinion of course, it sells well.

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