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    I took one of these out for an extended test drive on Sunday & was glad to bring it back half way through the test drive. It is a bonnie looking car but:

    The lump of plastic next to the clutch peddle on the floor is not ergonomic in the slightest, every time I changed gear my foot caught against it.

    The position & length of the gear lever caused me move the centre arm rest out of the way so I didn’t keep catching myself on it.

    The clutch peddle was unique in its own way, it attempted to recreate a camel toe for me in my shoe. The peddle was not of sufficient size & I kept activating the clutch with the bar connected to the peddle.

    There is a plethora of tiny fiddly buttons, however, the I-drive system is good.

    The likes of the Mercedes look as though they have an I pad on the dashboard, this is more like a Game Boy. The screen is miniscule in size.

    The bolster of the seat is too short & does not give enough support.

    The reason for ending the test drive early was the unnatural position I had to place my foot in and the pain in my legs through a poor seat.

    The salesman answer to this was get an auto & spec sports seats. This would have added over £1500 to a £1500ish upfront – not this week. I have to live with the car for 3 years, so why compromise afterall it is a premium marque.



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    Richard Hewett

    The problem with the seats was one of the main reasons I did not order a X1 why should a car be sold with inadequate seat for the majority of people no thigh support at all so to rectify this we had to spend £395 on sport seat upgrade also the 8 speed auto is stunning but the X1 was way underpowered so I left it well alone £2249 was a ludicrous amount of money to spend before the upgrade to sports seats.

    now last year the 2.5 litre m sport would have been right up my street especialy for £1995.

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    I agree that the seating design in the SE and X line is very poor. The seat base is too short to offer proper thigh support. I also agree that the 18d (actually a 1.5 ltr) is no more than adequate, although it is a really smooth drive when fitted with an eight speed auto.

    I’m fortunate that I was able to order at the end of last year, when the 25d was available, which only comes with the eight speed sport auto box. I couldn’t risk ordering a 25d M sport because of the stiffer suspension, so I went for the Xline and paid £395 for sports seats, plus £695 for electric seat adjustment as I couldn’t bend to operate the manual controls. The result is that I enjoy a really supportive and comfortable journey, whether I’m driving or a passenger.


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    I was all set to order the X1 and was going through the additional options I wanted with a very helpful BMW salesman. I too wanted the supportive sport seats with lumbar support (which I need for my back) even though this would add £590 to the AP.After much trouble with the configurator and various phone calls I was told I could only have the sport seats in leather, which would add a further £1,150 to the £590! This despite the fact these seats come with two cloth options on the sport models! Needless to say this ended my interest in the X1. BMW really need to get their act together.
    Every cloud has a silver lining though, as I went straight to Seat and ordered the Ateca which has equipment levels which would put the BMW to shame!

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    I too set my heart on an X1 after driving a VW Tiguan for  a long while. I was shocked to find no dipping interior mirror and short seats but took a test drive anyway. The 8 speed auto gearbox is brilliant but that is the only good point. The road noise is loud and the ride firm but the diesel engine pulls well from just over tickover.

    This car is just not suitable for the disabled. The doors don’t cover the sills like they do in the Rav4, tiguan, Kadjar and so if like me you struggle a bit getting in and out you get your trousers dirty from the sills.The seats are tiny and uncomfortable and I was also advised that the £395 sports seat upgrade had to be taken with leather seat upgrade so we are now well in to four figures to add on to the AP. I was very disappointed and thought the car was poorly designed and  nowhere near as comfortable and quiet as a Seat Ateca or VW Tiguan. I was supprised that the Renault Kadjar was much smoother and quieter and guess BMW is not out front in the quality department like they have been in previous years.

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    I know I’m fortunate to have the top end of the range X1, but I do have to say that in my opinion it’s a very refined and comfortable place to be. I chose to spend on options to make it so, and I agree that other cars and manufacturers offer a lot of good kit as standard where BMW do not.

    I smile every time I go out for a drive, so the extra expenditure was well worth it for me.

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    I must admit I went for the Tiguan, It felt good for both my back and position of the clutch peddle. Not having the stupid foot rest that caused me to change my foot angle to an unnatural position. Additions wise |I just selected the rear view camera, so I can see what I have hit.

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    Bas, you are right, BMW are slipping. I decided it wasn’t worth paying over the odds just for the name. It would be interesting to find out how many X1’s have sold in the last two quarters compared to the previous one.
    I would have ended up paying about 50% more for the basic X1 plus options ,than I would for the top spec X1 before the cap.

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    Joe London

    The X1 variant that has been left after the cull, is very poor value, to the deals that have been on before. When buying into any premium brand they are pushing for the upsell, if you cant get a fully loaded one that suits you, its impossible to specc up,  without spending daft amounts of money on extras. The x1 is marketed as a Sports Activity Vehicle, not a fully blown family SUV, The Msport Auto, I have, is a lovely quality car to be in and especially enjoyable to drive,  its more sports car to me, ( it could be a bit more aggressive looking to my taste), and with passengers in, its a fine grand tourer. The standard info screen is a bit small, but is perfectly usable, with a decent sat nav with real time traffic info, internet access, and excellent Idrive infotainment system. If i was looking again, I would have to have a very good look at the total amortised costs, of AP and  DLA to see what is now available on or off the scheme, and to compare in quality and fun to be drive, I would be looking at the Mini countryman, MB GLA or CLA, and possibly the Pug 3008.

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    Richard Hewett

    To me none of the others mentioned come close to the presence and quality of the countryman.

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    Joe London

    I really liked the countryman, but it came on just a bit too late.

    For me, its more about smiles per mile, rather than gallons, the X1 does it for me, always looking for an excuse to drive, or get back in it and do the journey again……..but i did like the look and feel of the MB CLA AMG 4matic, shooting brake, just couldn’t get the deal on it.. sadly I think its no longer on.. but the Skoda Octavia VrS looked the part, when i was scoping out the kodiak.

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    Richard Butler

    Just test drive the VRS Skoda estate with the 180 tdi .. lots of engine noise and drone noise from the rear .. the engine feels the same as my golf 150 tdi ..

    I liked the look of the X1 and on paper has some good safety kit .. have not driven the SE1.8 tdi yet

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    Joe London

    It has but, I think, the pug, 3008 is better specced now, as I revisited it this week for a friend,  I think the wait for this is getting to be about 4 months, so is the Seat Ateca, and you will get more bang for buck, than with the bmw X1, that’s  left on the scheme, however, the X1 is a great drivers car, the BMW Series 1 hatchback, which is rarely mentioned, is a cracker too..

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    My BMW X1 brings a smile to my face every time I go out in it. I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about it.

    I’m fortunate that it’s the X Line 25d auto and it’s a shame that it’s no longer an option on the scheme.

    Edit : I’ve thought of a negative …. I  had to spend a considerable amount on “extras” to spec it correctly for my needs. As Joe London has said, the Peugeot 3008 is a much better specced car as standard.

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