BMW X1 ?

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    Does anyone have any advice/opinions about the BMW X1 xline?  Thanks E 🙂

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    Nice looking car! I had 2017 model. 2020 is a face lift. Only thing its lacking from all the new bmw models is the digital cickpit, it has the old dials.

    We went from X1 to Tiguan Rline

    X1 was lovely to drive, however Tiguan was gorgeous all over.

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    I’ve ordered the X1 xline it is coming in December. I paid £1000 for the sunroof, £350 for the sliding rear bench, £900 for the reversing camera that includes wireless phone charging and something else. I managed to get a discount on the extras and a grant towards the AP. I suffer with being in enclosed spaces hence needing the sunroof. Can’t wait for the car to come although will miss my asx as it’s a good car. The automatic tailgate and lower entry level will be so beneficial to me and the boot size is great much bigger than anything else I looked at

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    Nice Zoe 😁


    I spoke with Swansea BMW yesterday and I asked what are the X1 lead times if I ordered today. And he told me ‘Feb’


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    Yes I ordered in June and was initially told September but that was pushed back to November build date with December handover time. I fully expect it to be even later but at least it was ordered at a lower AP

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    Can recommend the X1, i’ve currently have an X1 2.0D SE which came up for renewal in August. I have ordered another X1, this time the Xline 2.0i AWD in Storm Bay and Oyster Leather interior.

    Cannot really fault the X1, nice drive, spacious, good standard of equipment, although at the time of buying the SE, I did add options to bring the spec up. (Xline wasn’t on the list in 2017)

    Hoping for delivery Dec/January, don’t have a build date as yet.



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    My wife has the Xline 25D x drive and I can thoroughly recommend it. Drives like a sports car handling and performance wise.

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    I’ve got an X1 xline 2.0 petrol really is a lovely car had it 18 months never had a problem with it  and is very quick if you do put your foot down would highly recommend

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    Looking forward to having a petrol again after having Diesels for 18 Years, I have read somewhere that the X1 petrol is very quiet, sometimes not realising the engine is running. Matthew, what MPG are you getting?






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    Ennia, I don’t have an XLine but I have an X1. Mine’s an SE as it’s all that was on offer with diesel at the time.
    I’m waiting to hand it back and I can honestly say I’ll be so sorry to see it go. I paid for LED headlights (Std now) which are fantastic and a Harmon Kardon sound system. That’s pretty good as well but not the best I’ve had. Mine had the std, cloth seats that many find uncomfortable but for my condition, they are perfect. Mainly due to a short seat pad.
    All in all, one of the best cars I’ve had. I can thoroughly recommend it. So much so it was one of the only cars I’ve ever considered having two in a row.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Farid Miah

    Hi Wayne

    Wanted to get your thoughts on the X1 Vs XC40. we test drove the R design last week and found the ride quite hard and felt a lot of the potholes on the rubbish roads where we live. admittedly that is comparing it to our current E class merc, which is very comfortable but also on 18 inch wheels compared to the 20 inch on the XC40 R design. Unfortunately our dealer does not have an inscription pro for us to test. We will be test driving the X1 next week and hopefully the new GLA if/when it comes on the scheme.


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    Hi Farid. If you select the r design non pro im sure the wheels are 18inch, pro plus 19’s and 20 inch are a extra on top

    That was the options when I tested one in July. Hope this helps

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    WheelsHi Farid. If you select the r design non pro im sure the wheels are 18inch, pro plus 19’s and 20 inch are a extra on top

    That was the options when I tested one in July. Hope this helps

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    Farid Miah

    Thanks for your response Chris, I will look into that.



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    R design 18’s

    R design pro 19’s

    20’s is a extra. I drove a Demo XC40. And that had 20’s on. They tend to put allthe toys on demo’s

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    The R Design Pro has 20” wheels as standard. The non Pro is 18”. On the Inscription Pro they’re 19” with an option for bigger. Not confusing at all then. 😀.

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    Bowly101. Thank you for clearing that up. When I test drove it they were throwing wheel sizes etc at me on what model you go for. Haha i recall there being 3 different sizes. 👍

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    Farid Miah

    Yes that makes sense bowley101, thanks for clarifying. no wonder the ride was so hard.

    We liked the black roof on the R design, but the extra toys of the inscription pro, and the ability to choose the lighter interior and leather.


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Farid, funny you should say regarding the ‘dark’ interior on the R design. That’s what put us off the car.</p>

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    Thanks for the feedback on X1  everyone, went for a test drive and really liked it even though  its a bit lower than my xtrail.  Now to decide on engine and whether manual or auto? Scared incase it disappears before I decide.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>What % discount is available for options? Dealer said it’s set by motability and they don’t know how much until they’re processing it,  not sure if that’s correct or not.</p>

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    Ennia. If you really fancy it. (Once I went Auto id never go back to Manual, plus BMW are know to have one of the best auto set ups) any how, if you decided to order one say tomorrow. And the price reduces in October, the rep will help sort the new price out for you. Plus if you order now and its removed in October then you’ll still get the car you ordered.

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    Hi Ennia, Any discount you obtain on the options you order is a deal between you and the individual dealer. As far as I know there is no input from Motability regarding options pricing. It’s essentially the same as any other car purchase in that you need to negotiate with your dealer to get the deal you want. If they won’t play ball then you go elsewhere and offer your business there instead. It would seem from my own experience versus that of others on here that the smaller family owned type dealers are more affable than the big networks. I’m sure that’s not always true mind. In my case I got nothing except an increased value for my privately owned trade in. Due to geography and limited movement during lockdown I just had to swallow it and order anyway. Hope you do better!

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    Motability font set the discount on extras that’s down to the indicated dealer. Some BMW dealers give 20% I got 10 % off my extras. As for the XC40 the boot was too small for my wheelchair so hadn’t a hope of even test driving it.

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    Hi there Farid,

    Apologies for the delay. My time with the XC40 showed me it had a much more comfortable ride than my X1. It really was like chalk and cheese. Pot holes and speed humps were soaked up where I’m used to the X1 crashing over them. I have to slow right down to manoeuvre these.  And I’ve driven both the R Design and the Inscription.
    The X1 can come with Adaptive Suspension as an option which softens it but it’s an expensive option and even then, it’s not as smooth a ride as the XC40. I’ve gone for an Inscription Pro and was staggered at the difference. I live in N Wales and our roads too, are pretty poor.
    On another note I found the turning circle of the Volvo better than the BMW.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I have the X1 2.0d sport Xdrive with leather seats and HUD and I love it so much that I’m hoping to be able to extend a further 2 years. My X1 has got better as it’s got older ie seats you might find them a bit hard at first, mine are leather sports seats.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The auto box is the best I’ve ever had with smooth changes the engine as plenty of power and the handling is superb.</p>

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