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    Hi All,

    I’ve recently ordered a BMW 2 series coupe M sport. I’m told by the dealer that it will be available sometime early November. This is all the information I have for the minute.

    Does anyone know if this time scale seems realistic or is it likely I’ll be getting it later. It’s my first new car and also my first motability car so fairly new to this.

    The car was ordered on 16th September.

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    Here you go @vinalspin.

    The middle seats can move forward about 6”  from that shown if more boot space is needed.

    The hoist is an Autochair 80kg compact 4way (up, down, in and out) LC range £190 if ordered at same time as car. Scooter is a Rascal liteway 3.


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    “…unless you have a particularly extreme mat rubbing/wearing frequent activity planned…?”

    I can’t discuss that in public @Garry, as you well know… ?


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    @Garry, you still have plenty of room for shopping etc. in there.

    You have quite a big opening in the rear, don’t you mate…? ?

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    An update for our 3 series Touring.

    The dealer has told us she arrived at the port last Wednesday 21st, and is awaiting despatch to them.  He’s hoping they get it by Friday 29th.  Pick up day, December 16/17.

    When she gets to them, I’m going for a peep!

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    Looks like a reasonable size, I live just behind a bmw dealer so will go check it out thanks.

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    Update news.

    She arrived at the dealer on Nov 28th, that’s precisely 8 weeks and 4 days after being ordered.  Went and had a peek yesterday, very nice indeed!

    We’re now waiting patiently for the 17th!

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    Nice, @Art, very nice…

    I pick mine up at 1000hrs on Monday 10th next week!

    My dealer sent me 36 registration numbers for me to choose from yesterday and although it took some deciding I decided on one that’s easily remembered. Was really cool of her to do that. No standout ones since the DVLA sell those, but got an easy(er) to remember one.

    I haven’t been over to see mine as it was locked away in the compound until this week so my contact at the dealer said she’ll take some photos and send them to me. Hopefully she’ll do that today.

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    Thanks Rapster.

    It was a little disappointing to find ours had already been given its registration numbers.   It’s nice when a dealer contact does those little extras for you, I think it adds to the whole experience of getting a new car!

    Exciting for you, just six more sleeps to go!

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    Three sleeps. I’m planning on not sleeping from Friday so there are fewer sleeps which means I’ll get the car quicker! ?

    Oh, hang on… ?



    How has your contact been with your dealer, @Art? Mine has been excellent, I have a good rapport with my salesperson and she offered up the reg’s herself, I didn’t have to ask her. As an aside, this has been my 5th Mota vehicle and it’s the second time I have been offered a choice of registrations.

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    I have about 58 hours before I pick up my BMW X1.  Arrived at dealers but the Motability Specialist is away but will be back on Fridsy for when I collect the car.  Unfortunately I can’t pick it up till after 4:30 due to work so have a whole day thinking about it.

    No reg details and as I don’t work or live near dealer I’ll just have to wait till Friday to see it.

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    @ Rapster.

    Our previous 3 cars have been Volvo and we built up a very good relationship with their motability specialist.  Nothing was ever too much trouble for him, and yes, with the last two cars he offered us a wide choice of registration numbers.  Volvo have nothing suitable for my partner this time so we had to move on.  Wish we could have taken him with us, excellent specialist and a really nice man!

    At BMW, the chap we signed up with left very soon after!  We only just met his replacement when we saw the car.  We’ll be on no. 3 for the handover, as no. 2 will be away!

    & Rapster.  Not  long now, enjoy!!

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    £500.00 discount off all advance payments if ordered through myself at Snows BMW Portsmouth.

    Examples –
    118i SE 5 Door, Manual – No Advance Payment
    118i SE 5 Door, Automatic – £299.00

    218i SE Coupe, Manual – £299.00
    218i SE Coupe, Automatic – £799.00

    218i SE Convertible, Manual –  £1,199.00
    218i SE Convertible, Automatic –£1,799.00

    218i SE Active Tourer, Manual –  No Advance Payment
    220i SE Active Tourer, Automatic – £249.00

    218i SE Gran Tourer, Manual – No Advance Payment
    218i SE Gran Tourer, Automatic – £499.00

    320i SE Touring, Manual – £1,999.00
    320i SE Touring, Automatic – £2,499.00

    BMW X1 sdrive18i SE, Manual –£399.00
    BMW X1 sdrive20i SE, Automatic – £999.00

    Email –

    Call – 02392657500

    In time for christmas offer….

    I also have 5 BMW X1 sdrive18i SE, Manuals in stock – Black Sapphire, Metallic – £299.00 Advance payment – £600 OFF!


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    Thanks for the offers, @kellyhare. 🙂


    Thanks @Art. Shame that you haven’t got any continuity, you do end up valuing a good dealer rep. I was actually sad to leave my peeps at the Vauxhall dealers but as their new cars didn’t suit me I looked elsewhere leading me to BMW. However, I luckily found a very good rep at the dealership and haven’t looked back.

    , I heard your mota specialist is away till Monday so sadly you won’t be able to pick up your car until after I have picked mine up… ?



    P.S. No, you can’t slap me silly side up.

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    Hi @Rapster


    You we’re very close to bring right as he was away at the beginning of the week and off on holiday next week but was around today so picked up my new X1.  I will add pictures to the owners car thread tomorrow.  It is lovely and not very good to take a picture in the dark, wind and rain so this will have to go for now.

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    Phil, I am as equally jealous as I am happy for you! Good for you, my friend – glad you managed to get it in time before his disappearance!

    Happy with it, the way it drives, etc? Auto wipers okay? I was really happy with the auto wipers on my BMW 2AT loaner. They swept at exactly the time that I would manually in drizzle. Something that I’ve found can be hit and miss in some cars.

    I’m so waiting for Monday!! Roll on 1000hrs Monday!!! ?


    I so wish I had a drive…gotta keep mine on the road even though I live at the end of a normally quiet close. ?

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    That looks well nice, even in the dark Phil – well done mate. Those alloys, and that bottom trim really stand out – look forward to the daytime pics, we have a dedicated section for forum members cars here –

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Simon Collins


    Ordered my 218i Gran Tourer pre lock down (early march 2020).Northing fancy like the lovely card I am reading about on here. I to am still waiting . I am absolutely disgusted with B,m,w. If at the time of ordering I had realised what a S**t show I was getting involved with I would never have entered the showroom.

    .    When ever I ring the showroom to go find out any details which since march has been 2 phone calls and 1 e mail, I feel like I am inconveniencing them. Which is probably wrong but all I get is covid thrown at me as to why it’s taking so long. If I ask how long they are going to use that excuse I am in the wrong and insensitive to a world crisis. I should have had my car the end of may 2020, but like so many on here last I heard week 42 was when it was being manufactured and I would take delivery the end of October 2020 . Mmmmmm smells like bull to me. Spoke to mobility this week and was told when they spoke to BMW they where told 1st December 2020. 

    I thought I was upgrading going to BMW even willing to pay an Advanced payment. But if your all honest behind that lovely badge are people who should not be representing it .  Have not taken delivery of the car and I hate it already, not looking forward to the next three years in fact am 


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    matt rose

    I ordered a bmw 218 m sport but with many extras so built to order and I ordered it June and told October, then  November then December and now March 2021 at the earliest due to a problem with parts supply for the engine

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    Ordered my 3 series saloon in June from Marshalls in Grimsby. Firstly told delivery would be end of September, then October, then December and a few weeks ago told it was on the ship and delivery would be middle to end of November. As I’d heard nothing since the last phone call and presumed the car would now be at the dealership I have them a call this morning to be told the car was still in Mexico.

    Seriously now considering cancelling with these jokers as I don’t believe a word they are saying.

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    Atiq Urrehman

    Elliot they lied to you from the get go, i went to marshalls scunthorpe in July and was told delivery times are 6 months on the 3 series

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    Chris BMW

    Hi Adam


    email me your order number an i will give you accurate date for delivery.



    BMW Sales

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    Elliot they lied to you from the get go, i went to marshalls scunthorpe in July and was told delivery times are 6 months on the 3 series

    I would agree with that except for the fact that posters on here ordered after me and have already taken delivery of their cars.

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    Hi guys can I have a bit of advise please.  We ordered an X1 early September and was told delivery December or early January.  I sent an email yesterday to the dealer asking for an update and the have said the following “Still currently scheduled to build and awaiting next action. There unfortunately is a delay with the recent lockdown by a couple of weeks so now estimating Feb/Mar. Now in all honestly I do not believe it will take this long I think the dates have been over estimated as once the cars are built these delivery times are shooting forward”

    1 can I cancel my order (I haven’t paid a deposit)

    2 does anyone know what delivery times are like for the Mercedes GLA


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    Recently been mercedes and was told jan for the gla b180. Ended up ordering an in stock car from kia .pick it up friday.

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    Hi Stav enjoy your car on Friday.  Mite give Mercedes Cardiff a ring tomorrow to see what they say

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