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    Hi All,

    I’ve recently ordered a BMW 2 series coupe M sport. I’m told by the dealer that it will be available sometime early November. This is all the information I have for the minute.

    Does anyone know if this time scale seems realistic or is it likely I’ll be getting it later. It’s my first new car and also my first motability car so fairly new to this.

    The car was ordered on 16th September.

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    It’s rained ever since I picked it up on Wednesday so not as shiny as it should be!

    Pics taken this afternoon at Thornton-Cleveleys near Blackpool.

    And best of all my scooter fits in the boot without the need to either remove it’s seat or fold down the middle row of seats in the car.

    The hoist and electric tailgate work superbly meaning I get my independence back! 😀

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    Lovely car Garry, glad you happy with it and great news you’ve got your independence back.

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    Lovely car Garry, glad you’ve finally got it! Enjoy!

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    Oh @garry, that is a lovely interior, beautiful colour scheme going on right there. Lovely car mate, really lovely and I am truly happy for you that little stuff such as an auto tailgate make such a big difference to your mobility. Cool, very cool!

    Now, if you don’t mind…a few pictures with you draped over the bonnet? Too much to ask, huh…? 🙄


    Kidding! (Unless you want to that is… lol)

    As an aside, how do you like the velour mats that came with the vehicle; durable enough, etc? The dealer I’m getting my AT off has said they’ll sell me rubber mats for £81.01 (normally £90) but I’m not sure I’ll need them if the included velour mats are good quality.

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    Hey @garry, how do you see your dials with your steering wheel upside down like that? You should probably get your dealer to look at that…


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    That’s funny Rapster, like your humour.

    Garry, though I am not a big fan of BMW, that is lovely and the interior, looks really, really nice. Hope it is not difficult to clean when you get the odd bits of debris and inevitable drops of beverages and such.

    Do you like the central screen/Infotainment, does it ‘pop-up’ or is it fixed?

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    Thanks guys.  The Mineral grey paintwork and Oyster leather interior does look good together.

    Haha @rapster made me laugh 😂

    We’ve had light coloured leather before, both at home and in car, baby wipes are key to keeping it clean.

    The central screen is fixed. The system itself is very intuitive an easy to use, it is both touchscreen and knob controlled (I’ve already done that joke in my mind Rapster, lol).

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    @garry, why do you have to spoil it for me…huh, huh? 😂

    What do you think of the mats, Garry? I’m not hard on vehicles in any way but am inquisitive as to the durability/quality of the included velour mats, is the durability/quality up there or would I be advised getting rubber mats?

    (Mmmmm, rubber…)

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    @rapster Actually the supplied mats look quite good and fit for purpose to me.

    unless you have a particularly extreme mat rubbing/wearing frequent activity planned, 😂 they should outlast the lease period.

    Not worth paying for the rubber ones in my opinion.

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    Well that didn’t take long!  The car has left the factory, now in the process of being delivered.  Expected delivery date, week 48 commencing November 26th.

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    That’s great news Art.

    BMW really seem to be getting them orders out mine only took 8 weeks from ordering to handover.

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    Thanks Garry.

    If it gets to the dealer on/by Nov.26th it will be 8 weeks too!    Although, we’ll have to wait til Dec 17th before picking her up.  Five weeks today and counting.

    By the way you have a lovely car there, nice pics!

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    My car is in now on dry land in the UK! (@Phil, I reckon yours must’ve landed with mine.)

    Tuesday 13th November – BMW Genius – “Your current order status is awaiting Despatch to BMW Centre for your BMW 220d xSport Active Tourer. Exactly one week away.”

    Even though I can’t pick up until 10th Dec, at least I know it’ll be ready. 😁

    Only 27 sleeps to go!

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    Looks great Garry

    I found the front seat belts on my 2018 220i sport tourer a bit fiddly to find and to clip on/off and also had to raise the arm rest each time to do so. ( is it just me?)

    Problem solved no more lifting the arm rest 1st as just fitted these 2 extenders

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    I had the AT on Test for 3 days (thank you BMW) and didn’t even notice anything regarding difficulty finding the buckle or inserting the the tongue but that doesn’t mean much as you and I are different people. I do have shoulder problems though and usually find that sort of stuff out straight away but didn’t with the AT.

    Although I have no evidence of seatbelt extenders being unsafe, they do change the geometry of the seatbelt which could in an accident make it behave unpredictably. My sisters baby/child seats have specific warnings against using seat belt extenders, if that helps, but probably doesn’t. lol

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    I’ve just had a quick look on to look for seatbelt extenders and check the reviews but I can’t find a single seatbelt extender. I think that speaks for itself.

    I also think it would add another point of failure to the belt…

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    I’ll  be on a beach in Mexico when you pick up your new car @rapster so we’ll both enjoy that day 😂

    Thanks @boomarang. Hope you are loving yours as much as I am mine😀

    Regarding the seatbelt I have the standard Luxury not Sport seats in mine and have no problems with the fasteners. Are yours the sport seats?


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    Hi Garry, could you post a piccy or 2 of the boot please?

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    Hi yes mine are the sports seats and as nice as they are

    I feel the seat belt buckle should have been extended on this model

    The extenders are great and overcome the only slight niggle with what is otherwise a great car.

    Its a shame but I now have to face/admit due to my health conditions that after 43 yrs of accident free driving it is now time to hang up my keys and leave the driving to my wife.

    So glad I was able to blast the 220i before having to do so.

    Still a great car to be in even as a passenger.

    Bye all as I am now signing off from the forum for good.

    All the very best wishes to you all

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    Bye @boomarang it has been a pleasure to virtually meet you, take care of yourself.

    Hi @vinalspin, yes, when I get a min in daylight I’ll post some for you.

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    Cheers Garry, I’ll look back in a while, crocodile! 😉

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    Boomerang, I’m pleased that you’re happy with your new vehicle, but disappointed that you’re leaving us.

    We’d love to hear from you occasionally about the real life 220i experience or anything else on your mind. We’re here for you if you ever feel the need to chat.

    All the best, POPS.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Indeed Boomarang with new people everyday your experience and knowledge will be helpful to many, it’s been a pleasure to have you part of the Forum.

    thank you


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    Don’t be a stranger @boomarang your input in the forum has been invaluable, thank you so much for your contributions. Sorry to hear you’ve hung up your keys, but it doesn’t mean you have to leave us. Good luck to you my friend.

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Good to here.  Will let you know when I find out where mine is.

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