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    Hi All,

    I’ve recently ordered a BMW 2 series coupe M sport. I’m told by the dealer that it will be available sometime early November. This is all the information I have for the minute.

    Does anyone know if this time scale seems realistic or is it likely I’ll be getting it later. It’s my first new car and also my first motability car so fairly new to this.

    The car was ordered on 16th September.

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    Adam……..Tis a beauty! Enjoy 😀

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    Those red seats are stunning!

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    And with the benefit of hindsight the answer to your original question is …….Yes very realistic! 😂

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    Haha yes I’m surprised my post gained enough traction where it’s still on the first page and I can now answer my own question!

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    What a lovely car, @Adam. Glad to see the time scale was realistic.

    Didn’t fancy a de-badge…?

    (You have no idea how long it took me to make my mind up on that one aspect alone! 😆)

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    It’s a little beaut Adam! Enjoy.

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    Rapster it took me so long deciding on the colour of the seats I completely forgot about the de-badging, not a big deal to me though but probably one thing I would have changed if I could.

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    It can sometimes be a right pain; choice… lol

    I too agonised over colour, but of the car itself, and then the seat stitching colour.

    My BMW dealer, when I was mulling over whether to de-badge or not, said that I could order with badges and they would take them off at the dealership free of charge if I decided it would look better without on delivery. I just decided to get de-badged at the factory there and then. Maybe ask your dealer if you’d prefer without…?

    To be honest, a hair drier/heat gun (on low!) would be all that you’d need to get them off yourself.

    However, I sometimes (still!) think BMW’s look better with badges… D’oh! lol

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    Might give that a go, thanks for the tip

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    I’m meeting Jeff Gosling’s hoist fitter at the BMW dealers tomorrow, a quick lesson on the hoist then handover 😀

    edit: Ordered 11/09/18 that’s 8 weeks for a factory order to handover. I’m well impressed to be honest.

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    Nice, @garry!

    A few pics would be nice mate…? If you can tear yourself away from hugging and stroking it, that is…. 😁

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    I’ll try haha 😂

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    Hope you enjoy your 220i as much as I do

    Would love some details on the hoist/cost and perhaps a pic of it

    It is something I should have already considered but failed to do so.

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    You’ll very much wish you had considered it prior to order when you learn of the price of adding that equipment post collection of vehicle.

    (I was in your position a few years ago and had that nasty surprise.)

    Here is the price list for adaptations as ordered when ordering new vehicle:

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    Picked up our 220i yesterday, sadly son was sent home from school sick and I was puking left and right as well.

    Initial impressions are that its stunning inside, drives so effortlessly and there’s so much power if needed.

    I’ll post some pics when I get out my sick bed lol

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    @flyingscotsman, sorry to hear about your illness – hope you’re (and your son) better soon!

    The interior quality is a league above that of the mainstream, such as Ford, Vauxhall, et al. I even prefer the interior quality of the 2 AT over the last 5 series and definitely nicer than Audi’s offering in the Q3 (2yr old – I haven’t seen latest).

    Now, you’ve got enough strength to post on here so taking a few photos shouldn’t be beyond you… 😜

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    I’ve just had an update! OMG…

    Week 45 – Wednesday 7th November – BMW Genius – “Your BMW Series 2 Active Tourer 220d Sport xDrive has now left the factory and is being prepared for shipment using our preferred partner. Based on your order date, the latest that your order will arrive will be week the commencing November 19th”

    It lives! 😲

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    Very exciting! Hope the handover process goes well for you!

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    I spoke with BMW genius yesterday and our BMW X1 xLine auto is “at sea” and should be with your dealer by late November.  Exchange date is 7th December.  Just 4 Weeks to go.  Can’t wait. Yes

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    mine is ‘At sea’ also! Our cars must be on the same ship!

    Sadly, my collection isn’t until the 10th December so not long to go but ages away…not long…but really loooooong…

    You get my drift. 😁

    You’re not using a certain dealer in Solihull, are you…?

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    And I have just received an email from my dealer informing that they are expecting the vehicle on the 20th of November!

    I might get myself a tent…find a little spot of grass close to the dealer…maybe with a view of my car in the compound…and camp!

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    Your are going to get cold

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Mine will be winging its way to Blackburn and will pick it up 3 days before you but because it’s our staff conference day I can’t pick it up until the evening.

    Just hope that the transport driver doesn’t take any short cuts and make our cars convertibles like the Range Rovers in Scotland.

    Will post some pics on the Saturday just to wet your appetite.

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    We ordered a 320d SE Touring in Platinum Silver on September 29th.

    According to BMW Genius its current status is “Assembly Start for week 46, November 12th.  Delivery week 48, November 26th”.  Hand over due December 17th.

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    @oscarmax – not thought this through, have I… Cold is for wimps! lol

    @phil – those poor Range Rovers… A whole three days before me, damn you Dec 10th…why can’t you come before Dec 7th in the calendar!

    @art – I ordered my 2 AT on the same day, 29th September. Not long now, Art, not long now…

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