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    Hi All,

    I’ve recently ordered a BMW 2 series coupe M sport. I’m told by the dealer that it will be available sometime early November. This is all the information I have for the minute.

    Does anyone know if this time scale seems realistic or is it likely I’ll be getting it later. It’s my first new car and also my first motability car so fairly new to this.

    The car was ordered on 16th September.

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    I agree, re. KESSY (Keyless Entry & Keyless Start). I like and am totally behind the keyless start but they really need to work on the keyless entry part of the technology. Therefore, I too am glad NOT to have keyless entry but happy to have keyless start.


    I see you have the 220d engine which comes with the 8 Speed Sport AT ‘box, how do you find the gear changes at slow speeds, such as creeping in traffic in 1st/2nd/3rd/etc.? Are they smooth or a little hesitant/choppy?

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    Thanks Rapster, so do I.

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    Hi Flying Scotsman, sorry I somehow managed to miss your reply.

    Hope all goes well, I know what you mean definitely starting to feel real!

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    Interesting question!

    I haven’t had an auto box since the late 1980’s/ early 1990’s. I doesn’t seem want to creep from stationary as much as the older boxes did. A bit strange when the auto stop has kicked in and the engine starts and the auto box kicks in at the same time.

    It is very smooth – in my limited experience – and the kickdown is superb! It even has the paddles on the steering column for up and down but all I haven’t worked out how to use them yet; not sure I ever will TBH.

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    NO offence. PIP.

    The “HUD” isn’t quite a HUD, it is a plastic screen between the steering wheel and the windscreen that is projected on. Comes up as a free option on the 220d Lux x drive Gran Tourer (not sure about other models), if you tick the free BMW Navigation Plus box. The option is “Head-up display”.

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    I hate the stop/start with auto boxes, my last two cars Volvo V40 and Audi Q3 both have it. Literally the first thing I do before setting off is disable it.

    It really has caused me some anxious moments when slowing down and nearly stopping  enough for it to just go in shut-off mode,  then lagging before restart kicks in when I want to re-accellerate quickly again at a roundabout for instance.

    I suppose it depends on driving style though.

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    Great to hear your updates Garry, I still don’t have any codes yet to follow up on mine, but my dealer is now saying I’ll have the car “very end of October”, which will be great if true!

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    Fingers crossed for you Adam that is terrific news!

    Just ask your dealer for the 7 digit  bmw order number they definitely have it, tell them you want to track the stages of build online with it.


    (edit corrected.6 to 7 digit)

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    JS (justsaying)

    Thank you rapster.

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    Update on my vehicle. It is at the docks! haven’t confirmed if that’s in the UK or Germany, I’m guessing it’s UK as the car is due for delivery end of October!

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    Yayy that’s great news not long now! 😁

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    Adam, I bet you’re getting excited now!

    I would’ve loved to get the Coupe but have to be all sensible this time round so I ordered the 2AT.

    (Part of me wishes I’d have said to hell with it and ordered the 2 Series Convertible. That’s the part which always gets me in trouble though… 😂)

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    I never even test drove then bmw 2 series grand tourer as they didn’t have the spec mobility offer or the seats? Or the new engines and digital dash lay out on there rest car, so it was a waste of time, but as you’d expect from a bmw it drove well.

    But I like to try the car I’m buying before ordering, not take the salesman’s word.

    Without doubt the best info tainment system and general lay out though


    let’s hope they stay truer too there word over delivery times, mine said 12-14 weeks  for the 2.0 petrol lux auto

    But as said they only had an m sport demo ?





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    I was under the impression that the HUD was part of the Tech Pack… 🤔

    Might be different for the Gran Tourer as I only have experience of the Active Tourer. On the Active Tourer, the only way to get the HUD (code 610) was to have the Tech Pack (code ZBT), which would’ve been an extra cost of £1,260, which was a little too much for me on top of the £1,499 AP. I thought it was expensive for what it offered…or I’m too cheap. lol

    Thanks for the info though. 👍

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    The older Start/Stop (S/S) system on VAG’s was horrible from the standpoint of the engine would only restart when you pressed the accelerator, which as you point out, can be quite frustrating and not to mention scary at roundabouts or junctions as it took a moment or two for the engine to start and transmission to engage.

    Thankfully, things have changed and most manufacturer implementations of S/S with Auto ‘box (I’ve personally tried: BMW, VW, Skoda, Mazda, Toyota and one or two others) now have the engine start as soon as you remove your foot off the brake, which means the engine has started and transmission engaged before you press the accelerator.

    This has made the S/S much safer and intuitive and I believe behaves as close as possible to the manual version of said system. I tested an Audi which had the annoying (and less safe) S/S system where the engine restarted when pressing the accelerator and it was awful. I’d never understood why a friend complained about it until trying it for myself. The new way S/S works is perfectly acceptable and performs exactly as you would not only expect but also safely and reliably.

    Then again, some people just hate S/S. Like my friend. 🙂

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    Love reading everyone’s updates on their cars, helps the time fly by.

    I’ve prob spoken to Karan more than some of my close family recently.

    Latest update is

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    Agree about reading the updates and speaking to Karan too FlyingScotsman.

    I notice We’ve  been given the same delivery dates hopefully will be on the same  boat 😀

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if you get yours a week late due to calling that bloke ‘Karen’… 😉 lol

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    Congrats guys, @flyingscotsman and @garry! Not long to go now…

    Remember to keep us updated and when you get your new cars you can pop down to Bromsgrove for a cup of tea and allow me to look over your P&J’s…

    (Damn, I’m feeling a little jealous… 🤔)

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    Haha 😂 Totally innocent me ………..that predictive typing gets me in all sorts of trouble though, especially when I try to type without my bins on. 😗 lol

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    Car built on the 1/10/2018

    Sat at E.U dock till 19/10/2018


    Dealer handover WEEK 44 …  31/10/2018

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    Nice @boomarang not long now nearly with you 😀

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    My latest update………I’m getting less sceptical by the update lol


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    Checked mine an hour ago and got exactly same update.

    My dealers on course this week so can’t get vin number until he comes back.

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    Great news Garry. I finally have a VIN for my car, I’m told it’s in Southampton at the moment! Getting exciting!

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