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    Hi All,

    I’ve recently ordered a BMW 2 series coupe M sport. I’m told by the dealer that it will be available sometime early November. This is all the information I have for the minute.

    Does anyone know if this time scale seems realistic or is it likely I’ll be getting it later. It’s my first new car and also my first motability car so fairly new to this.

    The car was ordered on 16th September.

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    Hard to tell.


    The 2 Series Gran Tourer I ordered will have taken 23 weeks from order to delivery – assuming there are no more delays and it is ready for the agreed collection day.

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    Same as Fred active tourer ordered told 12 weeks will actually now be approx 23 weeks

    My order was not even accepted by the factory for 3 weeks.

    Best to keep tabs on progress via online BMW Genius live chat

    You will need your order number from your dealer before you can do this.

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    I did ask my dealer for a VIN today over email and whether they have an update on deliver and I got this reply.

    “The vehicle had dropped into build – I do not have a VIN yet, but delivery showing to be here end of the month.”

    I’m hoping the above is accurate I have no reason to doubt them just yet, just reading other peoples delivery times online is not the most reassuring.



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    Ask your dealer for an AG or DLR code. You won’t get a VIN till near production time.

    With the AG or DLR code you can use the BMW website to ask BMW direct the status of your vehicle build.

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    Halliwell Jones in Warrington have a Grand Tourer in stock cancelled order 2.0 diesel with xdrive.

    They will do a deal to shift it so suggest you talk to them you might save money and get a quick car.

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    My first time replying to post on here (avid reader, though, great job guys) hope pics post ok.

    Hi Adam

    I ordered a 220i Gran Tourer on the 11th September 18 and used the online bmw genius chat, for the first time on Monday this week and then again today .(was just double checking haha)



    Todays chat

    Was also told that if I check back again next week or so, it would probably be in the paint shop …fingers crossed, hope all goes well for you too.

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    Thank you for the information. The chances of matching the extras I had ordered would be spooky, plus I have had the happy news of a collection date – this Saturday am – so quite looking forward to it.


    Thanks again.

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    Flying Scotsman

    That’s me 3 months into wait for our gran tourer, 9th July ordered. Genius saying 12th November for delivery, chassis number allocated and car taking shape too. Starting to feel real.

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    Great news your cars are almost ready Garry and Flying Scotsman. I still have no update on mine although I will be visiting my dealer this Saturday so I will ask the question. I’m hoping for an early November delivery that would be great.

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    I ordered a BMW 2 Series 220d Xdrive Sport Active Tourer…

    Week 39 – Friday 29th September – Car ordered

    ———-17 days———-

    Week 42 – Monday 15th October – BMW Genius – “Your order has been scheduled by the factory, but is yet to go into build. Based on your order date, the latest that your order will arrive will be week the commencing 26th November.”


    OP, it seems your estimated delivery date is somewhat realistic.

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    Forgot to mention, @Garry, I spoke to a certain Karan, too…

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    I collected my order of a BMW 2 Series 220d Xdrive Luxury Gran Tourer on Saturday. Very different to the old Grand Picasso and great to drive.

    The biggest changes for me at the moment are:

    • It is an auto – my first for decades but very nice.
    • Although I ordered lots of goodies, I purposely didn’t order keyless entry. Got to get used to blipping the fob – but didn’t want to wake up one morning to find it gone.
    • An opening glass sunroof (an extra). Just waiting for the rain to stop.
    • Great leather.

    I hope you enjoy yours!

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    Thanks Adam good luck with yours, hope these dates we’re getting are real, I’m still a bit sceptical tbh lol.

    Hi Rapster good luck with yours too. The predictive typing on my iPad kept changing their name to Karen haha.

    Hi fred glad to hear you’re enjoying your new car , really looking forward to getting mine.  I definitely agree about the non keyless entry, bipping  the fob for me too.

    My extras are tinted rear windows, 5 spoke wheels with run flat tyres, touring fuel tank and tbh what swung my decision, was, what is an expensive extra on most cars and is standard on the BMW 2 series  is the electric tailgate opening, together with the hoist I’m having fitted will make my life a lot easier.

    How long was your wait? I know some have waited /been waiting a long time due to the new mpg  testing method.

    It’s why I say I’m still sceptical about the dates I’m being quoted, but I am hoping the backlog has cleared a bit.


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    I’ve just registered to the forum so Garry becomes garry, thanks for having me!

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    Welcome Garry, and thanks for registering. I hope your order goes smoothly and close to the time frame.

    You’ve chosen a great car. Enjoy posting your thoughts and opinions.

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    Thanks POPS

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    Things looking positive after today’s chat just now………


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    Great Garry, thanks for signing up, it makes it so much easier for yourself and others to follow comments and posts/threads, great choice of car and touch wood seems to be going to plan.

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    Thanks JS and yeah fingers crossed.

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    Welcome to the vip family garry….. really shouldn’t say that, but as JS points out, signing up does give you tools of tracking threads/posts you otherwise wouldn’t have.

    That is an awesome live chat there, very detailed as to the stage of your build – exciting times.

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    Hi Garry,

    I got the rear tints, folding mirrors, glass roof, sports seats in the front (they have extra wings and are still full leather), Debadged, no head up (although a free option, I declined it) plus some other bit I am sure…

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    Thanks Trev

    Yeah really looking forward to getting it now.

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    Nice choices Fred.  Yeah the new breed of auto boxes are brilliant my last 3  cars all had/have auto box

    I would have loved to go to town on the extras but the costs soon mount up and wifey was watching lol…


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    Fred, may I ask…are you perhaps on WPMS? Just wondering as to how the HUD could have been a free option for you.


    Excuse my personal question if it has caused offence.

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    I’ve just signed up to, to make it easier to follow posts etc.


    Glad to see favourable updates on your new P&J (pride and joy) @garry – I hope they continue.

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