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    Hi everyone  I am new today : )    I ordered my X1 in early January. There is no movement on my order, it took me ages to get my order number out of sales. It’s been three months now since order (if it went in, I have heard stories) sales are useless, they give no info at all. Is anyone experiencing the same?  How long have  you waited from order to delivery?


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    Happy new day to you 😀

    As you already have your order number/build number? you can go to the that you used to configure car. There should be a chat box on that page. ask them for a build progress report and give them your build number. They will tell you where in the build process your car is.

    Also be aware that due to covid and safe working practise has slowed builds down somewhat. Also parts shortages because of same covid rules.


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    Ordered mine in Decemeber its on the boat now.


    do as joss advised regarding thr bmw genius chat

    also there are no build delays of the x1 atm

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    Ooh glad there’s no delays at min I order mine 6th April and motorbility told me yesterday they ending contract on current vehicle on 13th may does this sound reasonable for delivery it’s x1 I’ve ordered

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    Delivery on new build car to dealer can be 12 weeks,if all goes well and no delays

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    72 dudes

    Shellie, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get a new X1 in 5 weeks, unless you went for a stock car (one already built and within the dealer network).

    In your position I’d be asking Motability to extend the lease on your current car and take it in for an MOT.

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    Yeah I know it won’t be here by then I’ve been a customer for over 10 years just never had motorbility give a date that dealership said we have had car for 5 years almost as I extended as at the time of change I couldn’t see anything on list that I wanted

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