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      Hi there fellow motability alliance

      my first time creating a topic hoping for some useful information

      thanks in advance

      Can anyone suggest a BMW dealer in London that has given you good customer service and support please

      as I’ve seen on other topics seems like most are uninterested as soon as you mention motability which is so down heartening



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        Hi Jack.


        Have you had any updates on your order? I’m seeing orders being cancelled, and dealers suggesting it shouldn’t have even been on the scheme.

        (I’m hoping they honour your order)


          Was in the area so popped into Park lane bmw, wasn’t really happy with the service there, didn’t even mention that I’m a motability customer. This is why even tho I’ve lived in London my whole life I tend to order out of London as service is better / easier to get discounts on APs

          anyway before I left I spoke to a motability specialist and asked what happened with the x2, didnt seem like they knew much, she thinks motability put up the old x2 not the new one which I don’t think is right. The dealer I visited the other day outside London hasn’t got back to me yet, he just said he’d look into why it’s been removed.


            Thank you for the update, SUVGUY.


            Part of me was hoping  they put the X2 on by mistake over the petrol X1. But that doesn’t look like it. Haha.


            The new Tiguan is being released next month. Be interesting to see if it’s brought back on.


              Dissapointing if the x2 isn’t coming back on.


              I’ve been looking at Q4 but also the xc40 petrol which seems v good value at 1500 but when the x2 came on It quickly went to the top of my list


              anyone else got any inside info on whether it likely to come bk on or do we have to wait until April 1 by which time other prices may have changed upwards ?


                Has anyone had any updates on their x2 order?and is anyone’s crystal ball predicting whether the x2 or x1 will rejoin the scheme next quarter? I went to have a look at the new mini countryman yesterday and thought it looked really good in the flesh so will arrange a test drive soon. It was only a flying visit and forgot to ask about wait times. The dimensions would suit our needs perfectly my main concern is whether I’ll miss having a proper drivers screen in front of me as it only comes with a heads up display. The only other car I’m curious to see is the new Tiguan and if that joins the scheme or not.

              Viewing 5 replies - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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