BMW Live Cockpit Plus IDrive 7

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    Dave G

    I came across this link: that I wasn’t aware of (thank you @BionicRusty).

    For those unaware, orders on the 3 Series Saloon/Touring from July 2020 onwards, BMW have decided to apply the ID 7 software as standard on all models. This also gives the instrument cluster a complete makeover as part of the Live Cockpit/Live Cockpit Plus.

    I did come across a few members and reviewers being put off by the instrument cluster as a anolog dial but this is now not the case. It is now a digital analog (not like the one in the article). This adds further satisfaction and added bonus into BMW’s Sport spec where most features are mostly standard compared to other brands charging so much on “extras”.

    The infotainment screen is still the standard 8 inch sadly (smaller version). For anyone placing an order or has placed one, I have come across a close up picture on the bimmerpost and I think it looks fab:

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    Dave G

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    Hi Dave G, I agree the new update looks better then the older operating system 6 which was prior to the July 2020 built. Received the 3 series sports and it has the updates cockpit along with the new operating system 7. Looks much better. PS

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    Dave G

    PS, Great to hear you have received yours, how you finding it? Do post a picture if you can please! A night time look would be appreciated.

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    @Dave G, thanks for the update. I have to admit the old analogue dials were looking very old technology and almost made me plump for getting a M Sport privately. I now think that these dials are better than those on the M Sport models.

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    Hi Dave, I am due to collect next week as the dealer needed the fan to be fixed (recall).  Once I have got it I will post some night pics of the cockpit. The dealer did say that the cockpit will be white colour at night instead of the old orange.     @ Elliot: I agree I think it looks better then the m sport digital cluster.i do have some pics of the outside of the car but don’t know how to upload pics on here. Happy to do so. Got the 320i sport AP 3250 when it came to the scheme with laser lights in  black colour. I prefer the 3 series over the gran coupe as the gran coupes back bit looks abit too small to me like a small hatch back.  PS

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    Dave G

    @Elliot, No problem and I agree! I mean I would’ve bit my tongue and still went ahead as it is the classic look of BMW. Now seeing and discovering this new addition is something which appealed me even more and it looks much better than the one you get on the M Sport which is called the Live Cockpit Professional. Alot of the reviews about it did come back negative saying it lacks colour and too dark which I agree. The one we will be having looks perfect!

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    Dave G

    @PS, No problem! Hope it goes well, bit strange it’s already having a recall considering we’re in the 3rd year since its launch that alot of features and glitches should be rectified by now!

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