BMW i3 Hidden Features and tricks

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    The BMW i3 120ah car has lots of HIDDEN features, theirs a secret idrive menu, a secret console menu also talked about a lot on forms is a hidden cigar socket. I also show some useful features like finding the emergency boot pull and charge flap release. Oh almost forgot i show you how to preheat the bmw i3 by the KEY!

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    Good to hear it Minorca Mike ?

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    Ian 2 of our grandkids have something called duchenns disease don’t have a life expectancy past the age of  10.

    They live in a purpose built bungalow in a beautiful village in Scotland my son and daughter in law built it themselves with my brothers help.

    My wife is a retired specialist physio so we visit a often as possible. We stay over quite a bit.

    An Ev would only save us money, not something I’m worried about tbh, this is by far the cheapest car to run I’ve ever owned , an Ev like the BMW iwould add a lot more inconvenience and time and stress if we couldn’t find a charge point, to journey, time I’d rather spend with my boys.

    Our other grandkids live over 300 miles away, not our choice.

    I like driving it actually clears my head in fact.

    Our car has massage orthopaedic seats so I can take less breaks as I feel comfortable for longer periods then in regular car seats.

    I appreciate if your not used to driving long distances it sounds scary, but once you get past Birmingham it’s nearly always empty.

    I have always driven long distances for work and it’s never bothered me, I’ve had no choice.

    lots of disabled people drive long distances, with the correct adaptions it’s not a problem.

    EV’s are not suitable for everyone, in the same way our car won’t suit you.
    That’s the beauty of having choices.

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    Phil gutted to hear of your grandchildrens condition, I don’t have the words to express how sad I am.

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    @bigdave In answer to your question yes I am a WP with a Tucson. Are you the pilot who flew over to France? Mike

    Er, yes – last year.

    Great. I thought it was your good self who posted on here about your trip. I also read your TR on Pprune and put two and two together. I know it maybe off topic here, but I really need to pick your brains about disability adaptions for PA28/30 as I understand your aircraft is so adapted. Who designed and installed the adaptions and who did the certification? We have a LAA Inspector in our FC but he has no experience of adaptions. Sorry to contact you via this means, but I couldn’t think of any other way to contact as you are no longer active on Pprune GA forum. Mike


    I will try to re-activate my Pprune ID if I can remember my p/w.  You can them PM me on there. I can’t PM you as I don’t know your foum name over there.  – a pity there is no DM/PM facility here. As you may have seen I am also on the LAA forum as well as we have the 2 Microlights on the farm as well as the PA28 and 30 at the club. There is a PM facility on that site if Pprune fails.

    Just briefly, designing/fitting the adaptations for the Cherokees was the easy part. Obtaining the EASA CofA a totally different ball game but not insurmountable as I will explain when you DM me. It saves taking the thread waaay off topic.

    Perhaps we ought to start a website!


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    Thanks Bri yes it’s sad if you think of it that way, but they will have the best lives they can possibly get, they have masses of space inside and out, they don’t know any different and to see their faces each time we visit makes my problems seem tiny and and who knows what could change in the future.

    Im lucky I can share the driving if I have to, I have 2 other daughters at home both of whom only need a lap top and WiFi to work, so they come with us and the dog most of the time.

    I can see in the future it may be possible to drive to see my grandkids and children with my scooter, med pack 3/4 adults luggage all for £2.50 even if I couldn’t open the back windows or have aircon on? Mind you I’m sure one day rear windows will be able to open. (Joke)

    But for now I have believe it or not the best option.




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    Guys, I’ve watched this thread over the past couple of days and a few times I’ve been tempted to jump in when things have become fraught, but then someone shows a bit of empathy and it’s back on track.

    Can I just say this ….. We are all different people with different personalities, beliefs and interests, brought together by the fact that in some shape or form we deal with problems arising from disabilities on a daily basis.

    We are obviously going to react differently to things that are said on here, because we’re led by our own experiences and upbringing. The one thing that has kept this forum running is the willingness of each of us to respect each others right to hold their own opinion.

    My parents taught me that the greatest quality anyone could have is ’empathy’ …. the ability to imagine yourself in another person’s situation, in order to understand how your thoughts and deeds affect that person.

    Let’s keep it friendly guys, even when we think we’re right and everybody else is wrong. Thank you.

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    I concur @pops and well done All


    im sure many on here would find it an interesting read and inspiring to what can be achieved, we are more used to hearing adaptions on Cars and a thread on adaptions on a plane or any adaptions others have had done to houses or gardens etc alike would be very welcomed, there are some ingenious ideas and adaptions out there.

    we have recently Opened the Off Topic Forum to Non Signed in users so everyone can join in if Anyone would rather post there where it’s less likely to fall of the front page for a while.

    As a Forum we have discussed a Dm/PM and often revisit the notion, overall it’s been decided for now due to the wide spectrum of users and being an Open Forum with some more Vulnerable than others the Facility could be open to abuse, and we would have no way of safeguarding our valued posters




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    Wow Philjb so sorry to hear your story and I’m very humbled and slightly embarrassed into getting drawn into the benefits of one car vs another when we don’t know each others situation.

    I have just returned from Canada where long drives were normal and actually it was ok, but the roads were much quieter than here, I would also suggest that you need to get passed Manchester before the roads quieten down here.

    I guess you drive close to my house on your Scottish trips if you go on the  M6? I’m junction 36 just as the hills start to appear.

    Reading your Joke your car is already here (Tesla or IPace) lol!

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    Yes every post comes down to choices, we are joined on here by the fact we use the same scheme.

    Myself I don’t read driving stats and tell others I bet you do or don’t confirm to those figures. Why would I.

    If we were all the same we would still be driving the blue three wheelers and still discussing mpg. lol

    Thank god we’re not all the same.

    But it’s still interesting reading folks experiences with other types of vehicle, even if they wouldn’t be for me.

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    Ian yes we probably do pass nearby, tbh I tend to still just follow the sat nav if I’m driving.

    But the scenery is so fantastic it’s better when I’m not.

    No need to feel humbled, we all have our own problems to deal with.
    I just wanted to make a point I/we spend most time driving outside London. So even a Tesla wouldn’t convince me to swap just yet.

    The main reason I don’t want to move closer to them oop north is my condition gets worse with cold ?, now if global warming arrives with 30c north of the boarder every day I’m there.

    Im sure you BMW will turn out to be the best choice for you.
    For me too one day? maybe  if they designed one with the old shilling meter on the dash? ha ha

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    Thanks Philjb I am so lucky to live here, but you are right the weather is not brilliant, I managed to get out in those hills this morning and I got very wet. 

    I’m hoping the Bmw works, I’m swapping a very nice XC60 for it so quite a contrast methinks. I’m sure there will be some stuff that will really work well for me and then other stuff that might not be quite as good!

    Look after you and yours and I look forward to the continuing car banter! My line of work is building nuclear submarines so maybe that’s our next power plant source!


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    Ian, I’m not sure nuclear powered cars would catch on in London?
    But think of the range? It might even  be enough for me.

    I’m a fine art restorer, or was for 47 years. now I just travel round doing insurance estimates and probate for my rich ex clients.
    Most happen to be in and around London.

    But that also means I get a lot of free time, which in the last year or so is mostly driving or being driven oop north.

    Ive got to say it has some stunning roads to match the scenery.

    Once we all have to take the plunge into EV’s by 2040 or whatever it is,  I’d like to think disabled folk like myself will find things much more straight forward to use, or an autonomous large comfortable vehicle  from London to Scotland while I just have a massage and listen to black sabbath or AC DC would do me fine.



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    Has anyone found the original thread useful hahaha ???

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    I did! Lol

    Fine art restorer now that’s a proper job and with some great stories I’m sure.

    Nuclear power = 25 years power without having to switch it off or fill it up anywhere. Scrapping process might be an issue though….


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    LOL Phil, one of my greatest pleasures is pulling into car parks with Ozzy, Geezer and co blaring at full blast. I love the looks I get from the ” older generation”.

    Totally off topic


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    Ian that’s the understatement of ………………… we’ll ever.

    Cost of build, cost of electricity and cost of getting rid. Not to mention the safety issues.

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    The scrapage scheme would be interesting thats for sure. ?


    yes lots of stories and worked all over the world when I was younger, but no Rodney and Del Boy moments though with the chandelier.

    But yes The topic has been a bit lost  lol

    Do keep us updated with your experiences Ian, my brother has a Tesla type x but when I ask him about it, he just says it goes well, has a decent stereo, but he misses the engine noise.

    Hes an architect and cycles and uses cabs and the tube, the car was a badge snob thing. It used to be the Prius until Uber drivers made them common as mud here in London.






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    I’m paraplegic and on one of the motability events sat in numerous vehicles. The i3 was by far the most comfy seating that day. I’d have one in a second if it was big enough to take wheelchair, wife’s bike and my handbike. The interior is lovely.

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    ian hi you moved from xc60 to bmw i3 ,( iv got xc60 and need to change) that a big diffrence in size how do youu find the change

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    Hi there my i3s arrives Oct 23rd will let you know how I manage vs XC60!

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    Nick T


    I have an urgent need right now. My 12V battery has died (I have recently had some issues with the charging of teh car – I had to by a new part where you lug into the car as the pin wasn’t dropping in)

    Yesterday it died on me again. Hey ho it can happen and the car is 4 years old (and I love it).


    My problem today is that if I wanted it towing it won’t happen. It is stuck on my drive and the cable is still stuck in the car. I don’t want to yank it out as that will break the new pin and I’ll be hit with another £450 bill.

    Any tricks out there to release the cable?

    Also, any ideas if my problem might be the age of teh 12V battery? If so, are they easy to buy and replace in the UK?

    Thanks in advance people.





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