Bmw delivery date extended again.

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    Richard hewett

    I drove to marshalls in kent to order my bmw x1 this was in June the last day of period 2 i did not order any out of the ordinary extras i was told car will be ready end of september. I then received a phone call stating the vehicle will be ready around a week before Christmas i then received another call yesterday to tell me the car will be defiantly ready  at the end of February and i may get a 2021 model ( yeh Right).

    I was not expecting  to wait this long but i understand there are issues with covid 19 and  Brexit just thought that i would give any one that has ordered a bmw a heads up on waiting times.


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    Glos Guy

    I’m sure that it will be worth the wait Iain. The GC is certainly a looker. Enjoy it! Thanks for the tip re the webcam. I will try to find it.

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    Yeah same here fir webcams that’s only downside with bmw you do t really have a tracker with the Volvo we saw it every step of the way

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    Glos Guy

    Yeah same here fir webcams that’s only downside with bmw you do t really have a tracker with the Volvo we saw it every step of the way

    VW have a tracker as well but they can be just as frustrating, as the dates still chop and change, with build dates moving backwards and forwards and, at times, completely inaccurate information! I think that I listed all the BMW order progress codes a while back, so when asking a dealer about the order it’s always worth asking which specific order code status is showing. If they know that you have knowledge of them they are far less likely to give a vague, or even BS, answer!

    If it hadn’t been for lockdown, we would have done what we did last time. Our order slot opened in March 2018 (3 months before lease expiry in June) but as we had decided on the Tiguan and we knew that they were taking around 5 months, we got the dealer to agree to order in January. When our order slot with Motability opened in March, the order was then placed on the Motability system, but we were already 2 months into the build queue with the ‘proper’ order. We ended up getting the car in June which, although was the predicted 5 months, was the lease expiry date of our previous car, so it all worked perfectly.

    We knew that we wanted a change this time but had a number of cars on our shortlist and weren’t prepared to order until we could do test drives, so we ended up not ordering until 3 months before lease end (the standard timescale) which means that we will now have to extend our current lease by a few months. As our children would say ‘First World problems’, but I’m really looking forward to breaking from the Tiguan and going back to a BMW, which I know is far better suited to my preferences. The things that have irritated me about the Tiguan are now really in focus every time that I drive it, now that I know that something better is on the (distant) horizon!

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    Yeah when we could order back in 2019 there was nothing I really liked so we decided to extend lease they did say any time during the extension we could change but Volvo only were doing the xc40 and I’m not sure if I liked it where the x1 we liked a long time ago then it was took off list so got the xc60 I must say this has been  a weird thing ordering without going to dealership and delays with delays and all the cockups at dealer not been a good experience except did get good deal on AP

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    Link to one of the webcams I used.



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    Hi Iain, what’s the link please, and how can we check the build with BMW etc.

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    Hello Darren,

    Link above, you can ring bmw customer service or email,if you email it will be next day before they respond.

    I quoted my order number and chassis number when I got it, but you must ask for status code to get correct information otherwise they will just give general info. Check back for Glos guys code list for full explanation.

    I will try to post email address if I can copy it.


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