Bmw 320 i sport ordered!

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    hi just to let you know that ive been able to order a car ,i get message from the dealer that motability approved application so he ordered a car and the waiting time is end of September so it will be on 70plate and plus i get harman kardon sound system for half price which is £410

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    John Morris

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>£25,304.81.  That’s the price my dealer has charged motorbility for my ateca fr 1.5tsi manual. I have seen them a lot cheaper to buy and also SEAT are paying the £2500 deposit as well as the first 3 months payments … Worth over £3500 of the already reduced price. I will let you make your own minds up who is getting ripped off but I think its motorbility who are being overcharged</p>

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    As long as Motability can keep it’s monopoly status the more they couldn’t care less.

    They are making massive profits and that suits them and their shareholders.

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    Guys i just realised that bmw dealer said the car gonna be here end of September but when I checked my paper works its saying 1.september .so I am little bit confused 😕

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    @JohnMorris, Great deal with the full AP with paid. What a bargain. 👏👏 Your dealer says it is paying the first three months but how is this possible on a Motability lease? Surely your PIP payment will be paid?


    @Vlad, talk to your dealer to clarify. It’s the only way mate.
    Sadly BMW don’t have a customer order tracker so we have to rely on dealer info. The paperwork will be correct at the time it is printed but so much can happen after that to change that date. And given the current situation, I’m sure planning is an absolute nightmare for manufacturers and dealers.

    Good luck.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    @BonicRusty(Wayne)  the Seat deal is only for customers taking out hire purchase agreements ,i had this conversation with our dealership when we went to order ours

    managed to get a 4 drive for the same AP as a 2 wheel drive so got a bit of a deal

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    I’ve heard back from Marshalls today. Motability were insisting that the extra £650 on the AP had to be paid despite them saying it was Motability’s mistake. Marshalls have agreed to meet this cost and the same for the others that were affected.

    Well done Marshalls.

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    So guys ive got update on my order bmw 320i sport with option H&K sound system…

    Yesterday i get call from dealer that they got issue with my order so it will be delayed untill he gave me option car without H&K sound system delivery in september or with sound system delivery in december for whatever reason….he said they have some issue so it has to be made in Mexico…so i picked without sound system in september

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    Dave G

    @Vlad and @Elliot, did you guys manage to get your order or any updates on them? If so do post a picture! I’m awaiting for my Touring, says estimated delivery end of November!

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    ha ha ha, issue made in mexico, you sir have been blagged lol they made a mistake in your order and dont want to admit, it… i would ring up and say ill wait until december, unless you compisate me.

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    Dealer is telling lies, they’ve sold your car to a private buyer and are fobbing you off!

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    Dave G

    @Rico and @Vinalspin, I was assuming the same because my dealer said it would arrive from Germany and it was definitely denuine. 🤔 Never knew they started making them in Mexico also, interesting.

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    I would not day they sold his car as the have same spec without he, I would say the made a mistake, but i would leave them with that mistake in showroom and wait for your order tbh

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    @Dave G

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    You can do an online chat with BMW and using your order number they give updates on when it’s due to be built. I done it with my X1 and they told me November 7th so expect it end of November.

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