BMW 2 series gran coupe- delays times

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      I ordered my first motability car at the end of July and I was told delivery times were 3 months for the 2 series gran coupe and I was looking at the start of November, November came no delivery date.

      I was then advised end of November.. still no delivery date.

      I have now been advised end of Jan/Feb but they cannot give me a date and could take even longer.

      As this is my first time ordering through the motability scheme I’m not sure if I’m being messed about.

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      72 dudes

        Yes ….. and no

        3 months sounds very optimistic for any car at the moment, let alone a BMW.

        What you need from your dealer is a build slot and the reassurance that he has actually placed an order with the BMW factory and not just on the Motability system.

        Build slots vary between different dealer groups, so you may sometimes find that by visiting other dealers you can secure an earlier build slot.

        Once you have a build slot you will get an order number and then you can chat to BMW online genius and get an estimated build date.

        For perspective, we have an i4 on order and currently it looks like we’ll be waiting a total of at least 8 months.

        Not an issue if you are expecting such a delay but miserable if we’d been told 3 months.

        The answer is to go and see your dealer and ask him to be up front about when their next build slot is for a 2 series Grand Coupe.


          Yes ….. and no

          Exactly this!

          It’s worth asking for the order number however you play it, an order number makes sure they’ve definitely put it on (they probably have, that delay sounds entirely plausible). Plus you can then track it elsewhere, as 72 says 🙂

          "Come on BYD Seal!"

            That makes a lot of sense, as it’s my first time ordering a car on the scheme I was really unsure what to do.

            I was never given an order number so I think it’s best if I do pop down tomorrow and get some answers and at least leave with an order number!

            Thanks for your help, much appreciated.



              Did you get your car yet?

              I ordered one on dec 7th was told it would be built in Jan delivered march/april. But reading your post I won’t hold out for anytime soon

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