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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I know a few of us have ordered or are looking at ordering the 2 GC.
    This thread is to monitor delivery times and specs.

    Please comment if you have ordered one, with which spec and your lead times.

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    mine is came off the ferry on Friday into the U.K. and has been waiting at the U.K. ferry depo over the weekend waiting to be sent to the dealership!

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    I think I have the same spec, colour and interior as you jan. Only thing I added was privacy glass

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Yeay, Brad!

    Yes, we have the same spec apart from the privacy glass. Sprog gets car sick in the back in my current vehicle and I think the privacy glass on that doesn’t help.

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    I have only one name & one email ,check it out

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    Mickyll is not me .


    Bless you all.

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    Which Mobility Car

    I can see that Micky. It’s all okay. Are you still in the Mondeo estate?

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    WMC forum have you saw his other replies ?

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    Thank you yes , as you say i have one name one email ,because of the hostility now, on this forum I have emailed forum organisers to remove my one name one email,I can’t quite understand why this forum has become so negative, I thankyou wcmforum but will take no more part in it ,stay well stay safe ,

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    Which Mobility Car

    Micky, Thank you for your contributions over the years.  We all need to be more tolerant and understanding of other posters, we are all touched by disability, some directly and some as carers. Some have suffered injuries that mean they are not as fluid or compassionate in their written communication as they would like to be or used to be.  Micky has been away for the forum for a while and those with long memories will surely remember his infectious and unbridled joy announcing the new Mondeo:



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    Joan Farquhar

    Hi All.

    I ordered my 2 GC on 27 July. Was told should have mid Nov but if pushed back, should be here for Xmas.
    now I am being told, no build date as yet and mid January.

    How do I get an a. Irate date please? My original handover date is 23 October but I am happy to drive my current car until GC is available , provided there aren’t major delays.

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    What specs did you go for Joan?

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    Joan Farquhar

    Brad. It’s m sport snapper rocks blue with black interior and blue stitching.

    no extras

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Joan, did the dealer give any indication on which way the AP prices are going?

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    Mrs kipling

    Haven’t spoken to the dealer since early September Jan.

    at least our orders are in under this ap.

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    Dave G

    @Elliot What’s the update on yours? Has any build slot been assigned yet?

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    Mrs kipling

    Still specified as on order. No build date.

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    Richard hewett

    I think the price will rise as it was a serious bargain as it stood.

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    i just contacted bmw and my build due is still the same at min 4th jan orded 11th aug

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    Anyone know how long it takes for the car to be transported from the ferry depot to the dealership. Mines been waiting there for a few days now

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    If the prices stay the same im joining the BMW 2 Gran Coupe gang rather than going for the Leon FR/Focus ST-Line X

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    I think anyone who orders a car without sitting in it first and driving it is bonkers. Cars are designed around certain parameters, being disabled is not one of them. Its harder to get the right car when many a disabled person has less flexibility and appetite for making their body fit the car rather than vice versa. Devour those images and imaginings  with haste, repent at leisure.

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    @Dave G no I’ve not heard anything lately. Dealer told me a while ago that it was probably going to be December. Will probably contact him again around the middle of October to get an update.

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    Mrs kipling

    Elliot, when did you order your GC? Have you had a specific build date?
    last contact with my dearly (start of September) said no real delays but no build date offered and delivery date pushed back from at order(27/7) mid November,to confirmation of order v(early August)to be mid to late December, to now mid Jan.



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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I just checked, mine is still on track to be built early November.

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    It’s no good.  The M has the whistles and bells as standard, but the Sport model in Seaside blue is a Thing of Beauty at a time when most car colour options are so boring and predictable e.g. black, white, red, cobalt blue for the bold, and then five shades of silver/grey.

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