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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I know a few of us have ordered or are looking at ordering the 2 GC.
    This thread is to monitor delivery times and specs.

    Please comment if you have ordered one, with which spec and your lead times.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Honest points? The inference that anyone who orders a BMW is a badge snob is hardly a honest point. Sour grapes, maybe.

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    Let’s all keep this forum a happy place for everyone to share mobility and car experiences.  Love and peace to all ❤️

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    Well said PG, I wish all of you safety in these covid ,stressful times stay safe.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Carl, agreed.

    Just beyond the pale for one person to hijack the thread to complain that if you order a certain marque you are a snob.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I think Admin ought to take a look at the said person’s contributions on various threads recently.

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    I think they are looking at you ,but your a lovely person stay safe

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Admin, please intervene.

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    He should be banned from here Jan

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    I have ordered the BMW 320i and it’s nothing to do with badge snobbery. It’s like most things in life you get what you pay for and after something like 11 BMW’s in the past I find them to be an excellent car. Not a single one has ever let me down unlike other brands I’ve had. My son has an Audi, yes another brand associated with snobbery. He also has had no problems and finds it really comfortable. I’ve driven it many times and will agree. My company car is a Toyota which is the most uncomfortable and noisiest car I have ever had and I would gladly swap it for a premium brand. If I have to drive it for much longer I can see myself requiring regular visits to the Physio.

    Jan take no notice, you will love your new car and will find any excuse to go out in it. I know I will.

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    Whilst I’m in complete agreement to the statement that a lot of people who drive certain cars aren’t snobs, I myself drive a c class, it’s just that OP has stated that the she ordered the car for “badge reassurance” and proceeded to get really defensive when the other user said that some people look at the badge. Doesn’t seem like much issue here.



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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Erm, excuse me. Badge reassurance is not badge snobbery.

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    Can you show me where used the phrase “badge snobbery”? 🥴

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    It was strongly inferred, as I have previously said. Read the thread before you comment.

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    I have read the thread?

    solent60 asked why would you order a car on looks alone, a perfectly reasonable comment, as the person he was replying to found out that he had trouble with getting in and out. Don’t see how this infers badge snobbery

    Also “badge reassurance” infers to the idea of badge snobbery just as much “being blown away by the badge” albeit in a different manner


    youve just become very defensive for no reason calling for Micky to be banned because he disagrees with you. I’ll say this, some of his comment are very “colourful” but calling for a ban? Silly


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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I think you’ll find it wasn’t me who said he should be banned. You obviously haven’t gone through the thread with a fine tooth comb.

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    Menorca Mike

    Jan only asked who has ordered one and doesn’t need this stress etc

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Well very interesting enjoy life you lovely people relax ,everyone has their point ,me I’ve had enough ,stay safe lovely people

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    1. Keep safe PG .
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    Dave G

    Mickey, stop trying to be a troll. I’ve been monitoring you and your responses in the past few weeks and you really need to stop behaving in a childish manner. Also, for goodness sake, stop using different names and different emails to respond to yourself, anyone can tell by your tone and timing, it’s very foolish.

    How about you learn to be nice. If Jan likes the vehicle she ordered she has every right to, as well as every other participant who share their experiences. Also, it seems like you’re taking your frustrations out on the members of the forum here, if you have a problem with Motability then I suggest you raise your concerns and complaints over to them! Be nice!

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    I too have ordered the 2 series grand coupe…. should be here by christmas, really getting quite excited for my christmas present!!   Good riddance to this covid ridden year and hello to the start of a glorious 2021 🙂

    I’m still getting urges to save the planet and go for an electric vehicle, it’s been an ongoing dilemma forvthe past few months!!

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I should have mine in December too Carl, must be in the same batch!

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    When did you order yours Jan? Have you had an actual date for collection??

    I ordered mine in early july, I was trying to source one for September and rang around quite a few dealerships without success.  So ordered one with my local dealership,   I’ve bern told it will be ready by Christmas or a few weeks earlier??

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I actually placed my factory slot in June, according to BMW genius it’s being built November 9th with an early December pickup.

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    That’s a great time for Christmas.

    I hope mine comes over in the same batch, that would be fantastic to get it early december. I’ve got everything crossed.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Have you got an order number from your dealer, Carl? The live chat folk will be able to update you 🙂

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