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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I know a few of us have ordered or are looking at ordering the 2 GC.
    This thread is to monitor delivery times and specs.

    Please comment if you have ordered one, with which spec and your lead times.

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    Lord Muc

    Carl, speak to motobility,and get an opinion from them, they will clarify the situation. If it’s your first time ordering on the scheme, it can be baffling on how it all works, don’t be disheartened, mobility are fantastic and friendly to deal with and will go the extra mile to help out, it’s just the sharks at the dealers you need to be wary of, they are not called “stealers” for nothing.

    To be fair, my experiences have been very good at a dealers, especially at BMW, amy last salesman was excellent at communication, but you do need to keep a close eye on the process.

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    I ordered my GC in October managed to get a cancellation, I went for the M Sport plus pack, in Misano Blue. Got a build week 50 but this has now been changed to Build Week 2 so not sure when it will arrive

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    Lord Muc

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Courtney, it would normally be 4-6 weeks after build, but how (if any), early Brexit issues may affect shipping and customs, is unknown. Keep up contact with the dealer, who should be keeping tabs on the car. Not long now.</p>

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    Can anyone who’s already got there 2 series gc confirm if it has cruise control with auto braking?

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    Lord Muc

    Ali, not as standard, it has cruise control and speed limiter, are you referring to Active Cruise Control, there may be in a tech pack, you will have to check on the on-line configurator, keep in mind tech packs can push the price up considerably, and then you could be looking at the 3 series or a fully specced out CLA, for around the same money.

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    Lord Muc

    An in detail review of the GC, a bit dry, but comprehensive appraisal of the GC

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    Hi all,merry Xmas

    Had a call today and I collect my misano blue GC on Wednesday with private plate transferred also  👍 🚙

    can’t wait 😊

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    Lord Muc

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thats a lovely colour. My test drive was in that.  Enjoy.</p>

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    Hi all,

    collected my GC today and I’m absolutely delighted.The drive is great and incredibly smooth and have spent some time setting the car up.I had always kept my golf gtd in sport mode but I believe I had the GC in comfort mode during the test drive and it was a fine setting however can I ask other owners how I have mpg on my display please?🚙👍

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    Lord Muc

    Off the top of my head, eco pro mode displays mpg.

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    Lord Muc

    If you press the left hand stalk, I am sure it has a proper name, that changes display elements in the dash as you press

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    If you press the left hand stalk, I am sure it has a proper name, that changes display elements in the dash as you press


    Rumour has it that orange lights flash on the corners of the car when using the left hand stalk

    Never got around to finding out when we had our 3 series

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    Lord Muc

    File 28, ha ha good one. Well spotted.

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    Lord Muc

    My son says, the BC button on the end of the indicator stalk stands for “Board Computer” aka On-Board Computer.

    Learn something new everyday!!

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    Hi all. My car is due for renewal in april and I am seriously interested in the gc MSport model. I spoke to my local bmw dealer today and they said build time would be march. My question though is, I cant find anywhere where it lists everything the car has got. I’ve read different reports of what it comes with and it’s very confusing. Things like does it have a rear view camera, electric tailgate,panoramic sunroof etc. If anyone can clear this up it would be very helpful.

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    Hi Chris it doesn’t come with a rear camera, electric tailgate or panoramic sunroof as standard, but these are optional extras, however it does have quite a few things that do come as standard such as, heated seats, ambient lighting, bmw live cockpit pro, apple carplay, cruise control with lane departure warning, parking sensors. Also keep in mind that there has been a price increase on this model

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    Lord Muc

    Don’t forget, also wireless android auto, the boot opens on the key, but you have to close it yourself!

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    Lord Muc

    It’s a shame, the price rise puts the AP at near £2800, for auto, it’s a tough call now, with adding tinted rears, that’s £3100 AP, the Audi A4, A class and CLA maybe better value now, if you want to add extras.

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    By the sounds of it there has been a massive AP increase. But I think there has on most cars. 3 years ago the x1 was £700 now it’s near £3000. And what I find ridiculous is that a top of the range car doesnt have everything. I have a tiguan R Line. Top of the range and it doesnt even have a rear view camera.  I was contemplating going for the golf R line at £400 AP. But I think it would be too small for my mam.

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    Lord muc. I dont think the Audi A 4 is on the scheme

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    I never knew it had wireless android auto, that’s great for me, im due to collect mine on Tuesday, i ordered in july and since then it’s had two price rises of 500. BMW’s are no longer good value on the scheme they have removed alot of car’s and the ones left are no longer worth it in my opinion

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    Lord Muc

    Chris, yes sorry I meant the A3 saloon, finger slipped over my port and cheseboard.

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    Lord Muc, no bother lol. Are you still enjoying your car?. Would you still recommend the car even with the A.P going up.

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    Lord Muc

    Chris, really enjoying it, even though journeys are are bit short due to tier 4, would I still recommend it, yes, if you want a modern sharp looking saloon, and you don’t carry 4 or more big people on a regular basis, and is a rare sight on the roads, but the price rises make it a much more difficult choice, a few months ago, I paid, less than £1000 AP, as I added tinted rears, and that was my top budget, including a £500 discount, and £600 GCB, a fantastic bargain, today, I would be paying around 2K. I haven’t looked in great detail at Q1 prices, but if I was looking, and the GC is an entry level car, If I could spend a bit more, I would consider a full spec A class and definitely the CLA, or Audi Q3 or A3, or push to the 3 series if I needed more space. As they are not that far off on price now, On my budget of 1k I just don’t know, I didn’t want another suv, I would probably have to finance a car of my own. Test drive, a GC it’s a superb ride.

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    Lord Muc,

    I really dont know what to do. Like I say I have a tiguan R Line which now the AP is ridiculous.  As are most S U Vs. Golf R line is only £400. But like I say I think it’s too small for my mam.

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