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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I know a few of us have ordered or are looking at ordering the 2 GC.
    This thread is to monitor delivery times and specs.

    Please comment if you have ordered one, with which spec and your lead times.

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    I foolishly believed rear tints were included it as I on occasions place prosthetic equipment on the back seat is aftermarket tints not allowed as I would be doing it for security rather aesthetics ?

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    Lord Muc

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Footloose, the honest answer, no they are not allowed for insurance reasons,  you have to speak to motobility, regarding your circumstances, however many, just have after market tints done, and no issues. I think I was quoted around £200.</p>

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    Dave G

    My dealer mentioned I was allowed to put privacy tints at a cheaper price if I knew anyone who could do it professionally rather than getting the extras which wasn’t worth it. I said would this be a problem and he said no. Same goes for badge removal, he gave me the option to remove it at handover time as my current Golf TDI, one of the letter fell off!

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    Lord, if you’re about is there anyway you can tell me your reversing lights? Earlier I had one rear white light on the left side at the back and the right hand side one wasn’t lit. Now when it’s in reverse, neither light up. Just wondering if I should contact the dealer about it?

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    Which Mobility Car

    I foolishly believed rear tints were included it as I on occasions place prosthetic equipment on the back seat is aftermarket tints not allowed as I would be doing it for security rather aesthetics ?

    From memory if you go through the dealer, aftermarket tints should be okay, last thing motability want is their car being pulled for over tinted windows.

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    Lord Muc

    Brad, I think it’s only one reversing light is lit, you would have a warning if a bulb is out, they are all LED, so unlikely a failure, but it’s possible a loose wire.  Check again, if both out, time to contact dealer.

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    Lord Muc

    Footloose, if your car is not locked for production, you can add the tints, so don’t delay, if you want them, but you will be ok with after market, especially for your circumstances, just make sure they are not too dark, and legal.

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    Lord Muc

    Brad, I just checked, put the car in reverse with the handbrake on, and there were no lights on! I have no one else to check, but may be a safety feature, I will test further, I know the light works as I backed up the other day, and saw it lit in a window. I am sure there is a simple explanation.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>A lot of vehicles have only one reverse light (nearside) and one rear fog (offside)</p>

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    Richard hewett

    You must leave front lights on and  ignition on I but not running loL

    place in reverse get out and check,my focus st has only one reversing light most vehicles do these days.

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    Thanks to everyone for their replies and advice I may at some point add tints but a legal tint to give some privacy 👍

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    well i have rung all the main dealers trying to get a gc before my build date.if they have any stock cars in and none anywhere.,most said to me that  bmw are having trouble building the engines fast enough.they said they have loads of the diesel one coming in lol

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    My dealership in Carlisle said they could only secure 3 for December. Motability told me they’re the 2nd most popular sale in cars on the scheme atm.

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    Lord Muc

    Directions using Satellite view on google maps, you can pinch and zoom in. Amazing since its wireless connection.

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    Lord Muc

    This is for footloose, I didn’t realise, that if you select the eco pro mode, the rev counter disappears, and is replaced with a real time fuel display, it turns blue and red depending on acceleration,  gives average fuel and a real time use, which is 0 as the car was off.

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    Thanks lord Muc

    The technology seems impressive and makes me more excited as each day passes and the updates from yourself through ownership tells me I made the right decision 🍺👍

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    well i have taken the hard decision and cancled my gc.i went in to mercedes sheffiled and they had a cla 200 amg line premium plus in stock in the right colour.i was just to fed up off waiting for bmw as my build date has gone for 4th jan to mid feb now

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    Lord Muc

    Matt, I agree, if had to wait 5 to 6 months for a car on motobility, i would be looking elsewhere, i take it you were adding packs to the GC, and when you do that, the price starts to come in the crosshairs of other models, like its big brother the 3 or the CLA. I really fancied the sunroof, but that was adding 1k, I may have got a slight discount, but with paying an AP of over £3500 for the X1, I had to consider for myself, if it’s worth it. The CLA was my first choice, for many months, but at the time of my changeover, there were hardly to be seen or even test drive, and then lockdown. Quite happy with the GC, with an AP of less than £1000.  I do think the CLA trumps all over the GC on its interior, and especially the fantasic dash screens, and illuminated vents, and you will get a more powerful engine. I like the rarity of the GC and its looks. The ambient lighting in the GC, is just Ok, in comparison and the dash is not so configurable, but otherwise, I think they are very similar. Enjoy

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    yes i added the tech pack and the better sound system to the you say the interior is very nice and the screens for the dash are amazing.its a lot of ap at £3749. but he gave me £500 off .i was just so fed up off off waiting for the gc and when they said it was moving from jan to mid feb my hart just sunk 🙁

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    Lord Muc

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Matt, that’s a very, very good deal, add in the GCB and and that’s over a grand off the AP. Out of my budget, but would have had to think twice.</p>

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    Mrs kipling

    Hi everyone. Can anyone tell me how to get a build date.

    ordered my Gran Coupé on 27 July and all Zi am getting from dealer is on course for first week in a January but schedule she sent me shows on order, not scheduled or in production.

    was reading paperwork and it shows agreement starting 3 Fabruary 2021.

    puzzled! Can anyone shed light on why paperwork issued July 2020 shows 3/2/2021 when she originally told me delivery would be Nov , then moved to end Dec, now first week in Jan




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    they should have given you a number you can go on live chat on bmw uk and they will help you with it


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    Mrs kipling

    Matt. Thank you. All I have is a motability order number. Is this the one you mean? Thanks

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    Mrs kipling

    Sorry Matt. Had a look again and all Ihave is customer number.

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    i think its a 5 or 6 didgit code ring your dealer and ask them for it then you can track your order on live chat

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