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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    I know a few of us have ordered or are looking at ordering the 2 GC.
    This thread is to monitor delivery times and specs.

    Please comment if you have ordered one, with which spec and your lead times.

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    M sport is more cosmetic. Its about the trim and the looks

    M versions M 3 M 5 etc are a total different animal and have a highly tuned engine and are similar to the audi RS versions

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    Lord Muc


    Here is a pic of the constant mpg indicator in the cockpit, it can also be displayed on the main screen.

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    Thanks a lot Lord Muc 🍺👍

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    Lord Muc

    Sorry it’s not showing real mpg, I couldn’t drive and take photo!

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    I’d show you all my new car but I don’t know how to add a image it just says source

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    It’s amazing. Had multiple people in public say it’s a nice car and a lot of head turns

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    Lord Muc

    Brad, if you use your phone, once you press source, it will give you options to choose, normally file or gallery. (Android),


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    Lord Muc

    You may need to move the source box along, see the file selector tab, as outlined here.


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    Nice car and colour too and an admiring germanshepherd

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    Took her out to see if she realised it’s a different car in the drive. I’ll take some when there sun on the car. Pictures don’t do the car justice compared to it in person. It really is a lovely colour. Also, my salesman said they are getting harder and harder to get. Prices on motability will again go up next quarter about spoke about 10% import charge into the U.K.

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Brad, we are car twins! Hope the weather is sunny enough in December to take some photos of mine when it turns up.

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    You’ll be very pleased I’m sure. I just took it out again and almost everyone I went past had a good look. You have to be careful of your speed, you don’t even realise how fast you’re going till you check. I might get some seat covers for the cream leather as I’ve read things about clothing from jeans can make marks on the colour

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    Menorca Mike

    That’s looks as gorgeous as Louise and Carol on bbc breakfast this morning

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Lord Muc

    Lovely mate, well done, the blue really is stunning, and does look good in the sun.

    Ps dont worry about seat covers, they are quite robust, just a light damp sponge with a bit of leather upholstery foam cleaner, from autoglym. Buy in halfords.

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    Lord Muc

    Thanks mods, I realised that, appreciated.

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    Lord Muc

    Decent leather cleaner on offer at amazon.

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    It’s a tracker,  what colour is that brad??

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    It’s a snapper rocks blue metallic. Usually £500 extra but free on motability. The colours online don’t do it justice at all. Looks a lot better in person and even better when the suns on it. And thanks Lord, will look into that!

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    Hi jan,

    What add ones you got on your 218i? Did you order the  Harmon kardon speakers with yours?

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    Jan Atkinson-Carr

    Hi Joel,

    No extras on mine as it is well equipped as is. I’m not that bothered about an upgraded sound system, as it still won’t drown out my awful singing 🤣

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    Lord Muc

    For me, I felt that that as the sound system is an extra £700 pounds, when you start adding packs, to car you don’t ever own, and a possibility, that it can be taken away if you lose your award, you are probably better off looking something with a higher inclusive AP, at least if you lose the award, you get a pro rata payment refunded. I was happy paying for the added tinted rears, so in all, an AP of less than £1000.

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