Bloody hell now a dodgy heart

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    I found out today I’ve got heart problems on top of my spinal troubles and and osteoporosis.

    So what are some advised big cars I have 4 kids and a bulldog a wheelchair.

    But although I can still just shout drive a manual is prefer auto but I need comfort comfort and comfort

    any short lists.


    Thank you phil.

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    Tony D

    You will need to give more information.

    Estate, MPV or SUV ?
    2 or 4WD ?
    5, 7, 8, 9 seats ?
    fuel type ?
    Maximum AP ?
    Running costs (mpg) ?
    Engine size ?
    Emissions ?

    Or, no preference.

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    Hiya Phil, sorry to hear of your new found woes, hopefully it can be contained and not cause you too many additional problems.

    May i ask what your budget is?

    Initial thoughts, just going for one of the biggest, would be the Skoda Kodiaq.

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    Hi Trev

    Ap is not a problem as I sold our mx5 for good money and also have the touran to px/ trade.


    Kodiaq is is on my list

    just wondered if anyone had any other experience of comfortable large cars, might go back to another dealer and test drive another as the dealerput me off.

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    Thank a lot btw

    it all cane as a shock tbh surgery is looking likely.

    I did think about seeing if the Tiguan all

    space comes on the list and try one.

    But then I thought my daughter may well have to drive me about soon anyway as my neck is also effeceted/ fusing.

    So looking left and right is becoming a problem on bad days then I don’t drive.

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    Well if surgery is needed Phil, it will hopefully see you right. Looks like they spotted the problem in good time, better than not spotting and to have to react to it in an emergency.

    VW are still playing catch-up with the introduction of this wltp emission test, I would hope we see more of a range of vehicles on the scheme next year. Last year the price cap was raised, unlikely but i hope they conclude it wasn’t raised enough and do the same again this Q1. There are so many suitable vehicles for disabled just not able to be on the scheme due to the cap, which i think is wrong – every car suitable for a disabled person should be made available.

    When are you looking to order?


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    We test drove nearly everything, comfort was the priority, it came down to the Kodiaq or the S-Max, the Kodiaq was slightly comfier in the seat, but I did not like the central console/trans tunnel right up against my leg (was used to the C4 Grand Picasso where there is no central console).

    For 4 kids I’d go for the Galaxy over the S-Max, more room in the back. The refinement in the Fords was markedly better than that in the Sharan/Alhambra, showing how things have moved on since 2010.

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    Phil, it’s the Kodiaq all day long.  I know I’m biased as I’ve got one, but believe me its the most comfortable car to drive. Easy to get in and out, and if space is a priority, it’ll swallow the 4 kids and dog, no trouble.

    I did a review on the forum, its in members cars if you want to take a look.  If want anymore information, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

    Hope you get your heart sorted quickly, as Trev says, its good that its been found early.

    Take care

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    Ben Stewart

    Kodiaq if need the higher seating.

    Galaxy if prefer a more car like driving position.


    I loved the kodiaq and I utterly detest SUVs alas due to my little one who’s on the scheme enjoying the taste of face 🙂 we need sliding doors in case of a quick back away.


    If we didn’t I’d take the kodiaq in a heartbeat a TARDIS of a car.

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    Thanks all


    I’d been feeling unwell for a few years this was an emergency referral from early 2007?

    my blood pressure was 200/98

    So it’s not exactly been caught to early  but I’ve always just put it down to my other diagnosis and so have my consultants?


    So it was a massive shock, my big bro had a heart attack at 50 but he’d always known he was born with a heart dffect, I thought mine and my other two older brothers were fine?

    I need suv hight front seats with forward adjusting head rests like vw do

    with a low big boot so out bulldog can jump up and I can fit my and my wife’s fold up chairs and my crutches and her stick


    we have had 7 seats in our touran but our kinds have all but flown the nest. But we have three little grand kids.


    plus I want it to be  a Ferrari or Lamborghini if possible.


    I dont care ptrol or diesel but need an auto.

    Must be very soft ride for me.


    Thabks all.




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    Damn, that’s the Maserati out of the question! Oh well back to the drawing board….

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    Thanks Markymate


    i did try a base level level I think it was the smaller version as he said all had been sold?

    but the dealer basically took the key back and walked off.

    So we waited 20 mins in the baking sun and then we went.


    It was like we were motability scumbags?


    Ill have to try another dealer.

    I was really interested in a is it the vw tourage but I don’t think our bull dog will jump it unless a female on heat was in there too.

    hes 40 kgs and I can’t lift him

    Apart from that it was comfy and the headrests adjusted forward 👍🏻



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    Ben Stewart

    Time to get a wheelchair hoist Phil sure they can manage 40kg

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    Ben Stewart

    Although not sure your bulldog will adjust to its new name of “wheelchair”

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    If there is food you can call him what he wants



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