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    I’m interest in trying to buy stocks and shares , I don’t have lots of spare income I just thought I might be able to make some profit over time.
    I’m looking for advice from more experience members that knows about buying stocks n shares cost and process

    what’s the best cost effective (cheapest) way too buy them

    what’s the best app / website to use

    living in uk can you buy shares in America and China

    I have a few companies I’m interested in

    any advise would be great

    thanks Martin

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    Mike 700

    This week, is potentially a reasonable time to buy ( if the price is right ) stock / shares in UK Companies that trade heavily with the EU , as the uncertainty of a Brexit deal may have made them more affordable , and if there is a deal done, their value may rise rapidly, , giving you the opportunity to sell and make a fast buck.?

    But there again, the stock value of these companies may not stop dropping , even with a deal, so you may be putting your investment at very high risk?

    Clearly it is a gamble , and it always has been, and one which you may not wish to take, especially after taking essential professional advice.

    All I would say is, if you want to gamble with your savings, spread your bets, so that any losses are diluted- a wide portfolio is probably the best for a first toe in the Water – and be prepared to make losses.


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    Martinod buying shares is, to all intents and purposes gambling. Shares have in the past trended up but we have had the banking crisis and COVID within twelve years of each other so you can certainly lose money, it’s not a one way street.

    Hargreaves Lansdown are the brokers I use and you can check out the costs of their services on-line.

    If I remember correctly you can have an isa where you choose your own companies to invest it used to be called a self select ISA , I think.

    I however invest in funds, mostly income and high income funds. This is where you let the fund manager choose the funds he thinks will achieve the aim of the fund. In my case an income.

    These funds allow you to invest modest amounts every month so they may suit your investment interests.

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    Mike 700

    Well said Brydo.

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