Best Self Driving/Adaptive Cruise & Lane Keep Assist?

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      Hi All

      I am new to the Motability scheme, so I am looking for my first vehicle.

      I was wondering if anyone has done any research or has any experience with cars with the best self driving system?
      I am mainly talking about adaptive cruise, with nav integration that slows for bends and lane keep assist.

      I 100% need an automatic and am currently thinking I will go electric and am considering these cars:
      Audi Q4
      Skoda Enyaq
      Hyundai Ioniq 5
      Hyundai Kona
      Kia Nero
      Nissan Ariya

      Thank you for any replies

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        Well for what’s it worth my VW Tiguan does that as it has the “Traffic Plus” option in it that adds the line assist, adaptive cruse and stop/start together along with steering around the bends however I don’t think you can call any of these systems “Self Drive”.

        If I take my hand off the wheel I get nudged to take over the driving and as we now have third world roads it hard for the car to see the white lines on the road anyway though Motorways are generally OK. I have to admit its a very nice option to have and has made driving for myself, one handed, very easy regardless of journey length but no, there not self driving, just assisting.

        What I would call self drive is when I can program the satnav to take me a hundred miles then wake me up when I get there but that’s IMO is still a couple of decades away.



          Most cars on the scheme will have an automonous driving level of 1 (Driver assistance) or 2 (Partial driving automation) Level 3 (Conditional driving automation) is currently on better vehicles, than we are priviledged to!


            What you seem to be describing are driving assistance systems to aid with safety – they are nowhere near ‘self driving’.
            Some people love them (me) others hate them (my wife).

            My Toyota CHR (not electric- so outside your list) has what I consider to be excellent Adaptive Cruise Control & Lane Guidance / Lane Keep Assist. It will get very cross if you take both hands off the wheel (and there’s a heated steering wheel to encourage you to keep them there too!). I’m not aware of navigation systems that slow the vehicle for bends – which sounds like a step too far for me!

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              We ordered the Nissan Ariya for my mum and one of the main reasons we got it was for its pro pilot assist 2, check it out, it’s really cool

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