Best Large SUV (automatic) under £1000

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    Hi All


    I’m a first time poster on here! Due to a reduction of my mobility, I am having to go from a manual to Automatic car.  My wife and myself are both disabled and we usually get our own cars, I usually go for something sporty, and she goes for the more sensible one.  However this year as I can no longer work we are dropping to one car and decided for safety reasons we want a large (due to the higher viewing position) SUV.

    Our shopping list is as follows

    Sat Nav

    Reversing Cameras

    If possible a rear wiper

    and as she struggles to park, some kind of hands free parking would be desirable.

    So far we were looking at the Ford Kuga ST Line petrol at £595

    And the VW Tiguan Match at £799

    I usually avoid VW as I dont think you get as much kit as on other makes, I’m a big fan of Mazda’s and Nissans.


    Any suggestions? And has anyone heard of any good discounts for any of these?

    By the way I have called my local OMC Ford Dealer and spoke to the motability specialist twice and he has never returned my call!

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    Lee Edwards

    Seat atteca plus get a lot of kit standard with seat

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    Suggest you look at the Citroen C5 Aircross which has all your requirements at a reasonable price. That is the Flair Plus model.

    Several other SUV’s also fulfill those qualifications, but the above seems to have every tech advance you could wish for.

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    Oops sorry. The Flair Plus is NOT under £1000.

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    Have you considered the recently added Seat Tarraco?

    It’s a lovely, large SUV.

    The auto’s start at £1,749 AP.

    Its on my shortlist but I’d like to see the AP reduce or at least not rocket.

    Hopeful ?


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I’d include MPVs in the search as well. Still get the higher driving position and broadens your availability.

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    Stick with the kuga st line a fantastic drive compared to many vehicles that are far more expensive our private ford kuga went 5 years with nothing but 2 mots and some wiper blades.



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    • I have got it down to a shortlist of 2 cars the Seat Ateca, and the ford kuga, test drives next week, I’ll  update you all. And thanks for the advice.
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    The Kuga is very old technology wise and will be replaced late this year or early next.   The SEAT is far superior in every way in my opinion.  It’s good that you’ve already organised your test drives and will be interesting to read your thoughts afterwards.

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    Lee Edwards

    Ye well planned as above kuga is outdated and rather cramped in my opinion ateca feels more spacious and a lot more bang for your book

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    The seat uses tech from the latest vw’s, the kuga uses older infotainment tech so will feel very dated compared to the seat.

    The seat should also be good to drive.

    The kuga also has a small boot, something to take into account.

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    Lee Edwards

    The seats are far nicer than the kuga

    I’m picking my tarocco up in the morning and the interior and entertainment system was far nicer than the fords

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    We test drove the Seat Ateca – Terraco wasn’t released – and the Kuga. They were our shortlist, as both had 82cm or better tailgate height our hoist needs.

    We found the Seat superior in many ways – infotainment, tech, looks etc. But, and it was a deal-breaking ‘but’ for us – the ride was harder than the Kuga’s, and our knackered backs couldn’t handle it.

    We’ve had the Kuga Vignale since March and mostly love it, but the cabin/dash/infotainment feel at least a generation old.

    Current Motability car: Ford Kuga Vignale (2019-old shape) 1.5 petrol auto AWD. AP £2,395 + £199 for 4-way 80kg hoist. +2 yr lease extension.

    Previous Motability cars:
    2013-16 Ford Focus estate petrol auto. AP £95. No adaptations.
    2016-19 Vauxhal Zafira 1.4T petrol SE Auto. AP £795 inc. basic hoist.

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