Best e-bikes for every category 2022

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    Which Mobility Car

    Im not surprised they are the best at those prices. One of them is over £7k!

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    @wmcforum, you can’t put a price on all that fresh air 😂

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    I’ve got an ebike, cheap Halfords carrera model £1100 ish). Love it, it really does flatten the hills. I joined British cycling for a year and got 10% off the already discounted price for the bank holiday sale they always have, then I got it on interest free credit for 1 year.

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    I’m thinking of asking for a charge point at the bike shed/area

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    Being surrounded by woods, heaths and general countryside (i.e. out in the sticks) I used to cycle a lot before my back packed in, both on and off road.  Since I had to give up on a regular bike DH and I have looked for a reasonable alternative that my spine could cope with, but it’s not going to happen.

    Which is a pity, because back in 2012 Jeremy Clarkson had a chat with Richard Noble and come up with this – and I want one

    And if you don’t love that sound (from 2 minutes 15 seconds in) then you have no soul! 🙂

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    Great vid Georgie, love how Clarkson always gives off the impression of total lack of knowledge & quite daft behaviour only to turn his back to a very comfortable lifestyle, very clever, only show what you want them to believe 👍..

    Great thing about these folding type elec bikes, they fit in to boot, drive to where suits, then whooosh or simply go easy…


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    Maybe have a self folding/unfolding electrically controlled with a remote fob…


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    Oh, I so want one. Just for the RR Avon-like blue-note sound. Moreover, just think how much quicker one could do normal pedal-bike things like go wrong way in one-way street, ride on pavements, and jump red traffic-lights.

    Do you think one could add afterburner/reheat to it?

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    Tharg I tend to keep althose things mentioned for in the Volvo 😄, then pull up some where like this place pictured, position myself on the the electric contraption and electrically move along, reprogrammed now don’t even need to peddle the thing just press and go🙂.

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    What a cracking spot, @ajn When I get my Avon-powered bike, I’ll not disturb the peace there. Wouldn’t mind taking to the water in a nice launch though. One of those slipper hull types would go lovely on that stretch. 🚤

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