Best cars to own: Driver Power 2019 results

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    Thousands of you had your say in the UK’s largest car satisfaction survey. So here are the best buys
    Welcome to Driver Power 2019 and, first of all, thank you. Seemingly every business and service asks for feedback these days, so we’ve been truly overwhelmed by the thousands of you who took the time to complete this year’s new car ownership survey.

    Driver Power is the UK’s largest, most comprehensive car satisfaction poll, asking myriad questions on life with the models you’ve bought over the past 24 months. We get down to minute detail like infotainment screen sensitivity and levels of legroom. As well as compiling quantitative scores for those areas and 29 others, we add your subjective comments on life with your cars.

    The big question will be which model is this year’s Driver Power winner; can Peugeot’s 3008 retain its 2018 crown? Beyond that, we list your category kings – the cars rated cheapest to run or the best handling. You’ll also find our 16 class winners; vital if you know you want, say, a city car or a premium mid-size SUV.

    Whether or not you took part in Driver Power this year, we hope you’ll find the results useful. And if you didn’t complete the 2019 survey, there’s always next year.

    Below are the full results of the 2019 Driver Power new car survey. This includes details of how the rating system works, an interactive table and full details on the top 75 best cars to own. Click on to page two for the best cars to own in each market segment, from city cars to SUVs…

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    You’re right moggy . I was merely pointing out (again) that old perceptions should be discarded.

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    The market is ever evolving, and i believe VW rely heavily on the perception that they are the mid-market leader, basically due to past successes with the Golf. But if/when you look around and see what the likes of Peugeot are bringing to the table with their 3008/5008 offerings for example, you relaise it’s not quite black n white as maybe it once was. I wonder how many who dished the French would love the chance to lease one of these if it was in their budget. Coincidentally i owned a megane coupe, and loved the thrill of the drive it gave me… owned 4 infact!

    And of course choosing a car on a 3 year lease is very different to buying a car outright – warranties have basically zero importance on the scheme, where as buying privately would be in the top 3 of things to consider.

    I’ve never owned/leased a VW, I have leased a VAG though (Seat), and at the time swore-down i would stick to VAG, but here i am next car, in a Mazda with zero regrets.

    Of course there is nothing wrong in choosing what you are used to, but unless you look around, you can’t expect to have the best that’s available for your needs.

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    As a SaintsMan I love pulling Tiggies tails. Rugby fans will understand.

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    I’m a rugger man played for cobham till I was diagnosed ?and told to give up all contact sport.

    Now even fishing and holding a rod is too rough. ?

    I agree trev I tried for over a year till the best car for me and the extended family came along.

    Im glad now I didn’t get the Honda this vw is far more suitable for us. ??

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    I believe top gear.

    The best car ever is the old Ford mondeo ST they never go wrong. ?


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    Btw I forgot to say, we test drove every possible car that might suit me. Originals a Honda CR-V but the dealer sold it the week i was supposed to collect it?

    The new one wasn’t on the scheme plus I hated the wood trim.

    After that nothing gave me what I needed better then what happened to be another vw.

    Plus they offered an amazing px deal on our old one.

    Ive never got a brand new car before and came away with money in my bank account?

    The harsh thing with disability is you can’t alter it to suit a car maker.

    At least not with mine.

    I may have gone for an allspace or tarraco but it wasn’t on the scheme and the bs dealers told me it never would be?

    The 3008 interior looked quite cool from the outside but that steering wheel sat so far back and cramped cabin, plus the info system looked modern but was slow compared to my 10 year old car, so was a no no, the 5008 had no headroom in the middle seats? Odd.

    The Skoda too expensive in the spec I wanted, plus they offered a laughable px and wouldn’t budge.


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    I myself have had a number of smarts for two’s and they have been really good and the new renault input smart is classy with great twin clutch automatic leather heated seats its a great car and no worries with rusty paintwork,also suzuki dealers seem to get good reports better now than toyota there cars have improved big time.We know that skoda seat are vw’s in disguise as well.



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