Best car you have had on the scheme so far.

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    Just curious as the title says ,  whats been your fave vehicle you have had whilst on the scheme?

    Myself, its the volvo xc60 lux nav auto with the d4 engine.


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    Ditto – love my XC60 – am now 4 years into a 5 year lease and no idea what to replace it with – nothing else comes close.

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    BMW 318i Coupe a few years ago.

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    my 2018 Skoda Octavia vrs 230 DSG in rallye green what a great car it has been fast, good size and boot is big for my wheelchair and hand cycle and can be good on fuel did a trip to  Scotland in it and did 940  Miles and did 44 mpg. Am that happy with it think am going to keep it.

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    My Vauxhall Astra GTC SRi 2.0TDi from 2013, everything else has paled by comparison since.

    It wasn’t perfect by any standard, auto gearbox was a bit naff but it looked great, was built far better than UK Astra’s and went like stink.

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    I’m only on my second car, the first a Volvo XC60 R Design D followed by the Mazda CX-5 Nav+ auto petrol.

    ‘I was worried about changing but believe that the Mazda is a better car in all respects, drive , comfort and equipment so very happy with it.

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    @wardygtc – I know what you mean – I liked them so much that I had two.

    But I do think my Golf GT is better: not in looks – the GTC is miles nicer to look at – but the Golf is just quicker on the uptake, handles better, the gear shift is much lighter, it definitely turns more easily (the GTC turning circle was awful) and the internal trim quality is better.

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    My latest Golf 1.5 tsi dsg se nav very economical in 2 cylinder mode and so quiet and ride is amazing

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    My 65 plate Peugeot 308SW Allure 1.6 Blue hdi 130 in Tornado Grey.

    Best Looking and with 0-60 in 10 seconds and an average of 63mpg(actual) I was gutted to have to give it back 2 years early as I was then needing an auto with a higher boot and drivers seat.

    It had everything option wise before Peugeot decided the GT-Line wasn’t just a sports model.

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    My X1, fantastic to drive through the Swiss, Italian and Austrian Alps, ate the unrestricted autobahns for breakfast pity I only had it for 8 months before I was “pipped”

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    My SAAB 95 was the best car I’ve had on the scheme although the Merc CLA Sportback 220 4matic AMG line was pretty good to

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    Lee Edwards

    Only in my first car seat tarraco


    Wish there was Mrs skodas and xc60 still on

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    I have to say the 2014 Vw cc gt(White)I had was a fantastic car in every aspect such as style,economy and drive also the 118d m sport 1 series coupe convertible (2010)was fun and now golf gtd but still cc wins it?

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    I had a 2012 Passat CC just before the facelift version came out and it always put a smile on my face whenever I drove it. Been using Motability since it first started and the CC was the first car I actually regretted having to hand back.

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    Dave h

    Golf gtd quick economical and handled great went down to torquay from brum other day 58 mpg happy with that

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    Paul, you are spot on! I have had 8 cars on the scheme over the years and the Volvo XC60 D4 Lux Nav is the best car i have owned.Such as pity i can not get a new one on the scheme.Happy to keep it for now i think just about eveyone that got one at the time has held onto it for more than 3 years. Does that not show Motorbility that if they put a quality car on the scheme customers will cherish them and keep them for 4 or 5 years.

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    Helen Mcilveen Wilson

    I started with a Nissan Qashqai . It was wonderful . Spacious , comfortable and amazing on the fuel . This time I’ve had the one up from it , the xtrail . This is just everything you want and more . To be honest the only other thing they could add would be heated seats .

    it has a full roof sunroof with a section that slides open or tilts and it has a screen that will slide over as much as you want .

    The drive is so comfortable even for those in the back . It is easy to get in and out of and the automatic opening of the huge boot ( I had the 6&7th seats removed) is so simple to operate .

    It also is great on mpg . I drive to wales , a 100mile round trip ,every 2 weeks and the needle hardly moves .

    I would definitely get another one in January .

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    The Tiguan for me, just does everything well, the tech is easy to use and works well.
    just had a weekend in Norfolk and the Auto main beam and the cornering LED lights made driving on un lit roads at night a doddle.
    The intelligent cruise and lane control means the car almost drives it self on motorways. 3 zone air con means all passengers are happy.
    We did 530 miles on one fill up and the trip computer says 100 miles remaining.
    plus I can have a much needed massage on route.
    Then the self park Is great. First car I’ve had with that, never thought I’d use it to be honest but it gets used all the time.

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    Countryman Cooper SD 60mpg and go kart handling. Had the 2.0ltr BMW engine in it. Looking at the new one tomorrow…..

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    Is our current car (Seat Leon ST 2.0TSi Xcellence Lux) but the Astra ST 1.4 Turbo Elite we had last time would be a very close second….  The Astra felt better built in places but the Leon with the 7 speed DSG and 190ps is just so much more fun to drive and the tech is great.

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    Some good reads there ??

    I’ve just went onto my 3rd car ( VW Tig R Line Tech )

    Still prefer and miss my previous Car Audi Q3 S Line Plus – 184 – quattro – S Tronic with a few options added

    Was away for a long weekend there and starting to bond a bit better with the new one, but after 2k miles it’s still a slow process ??

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    What made the Audi better Winston ?

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    Only had 2 cars on the scheme first being volvo v40 r design which i loved then on to VW tiguan R Line which is a good car however since its been in the garage so many times i have fell out of love with it and now looking forward to taking delivery next week of Mercedes Benz CLA ?

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    Mines been a Golf TDi 1.9, Seat Leon TDi 1.6, Golf TSi 1.4 and now KIA Carens 1.7.

    I look at the performance and ease of use over everything else and the two Golfs were the best by a country mile however the KIA is the most practical with my disability catching up with me.


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    Out of the Astra 2.0 CDTI Elite, Insignia 2.0 CDTI Elite Nav and the Ioniq Hybrid Premium SE (facelift, MY20), it has to be the Ioniq.  Perfect for town driving and a lot of serious kit as standard

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    I had a pearlescent black auto 61 reg Galaxy Titanium X with a number of options and it was truly excellent in almost every way.

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