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    Which Mobility Car

    Having been through almost every price, every price list and every detail.  I just can’t see a better value car than the 2.0 litre diesel VW Tiguan in Match trim, £849 Manual / £1049 Auto. (Particularly with up to £600 off this price)

    Long time fan of this engine. It just delivers in every area, apart from environmental.

    The Seat Ateca is from £299 with this engine but with the massive discount, I just can’t see past the Tiguan.


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    We get cars on the scheme that suit us, always try them back to back if you can.

    Then you get a better idea of how they’ll be to live with.

    Long gone are the days I buy a car for bling.

    Comfort and practicality now take over.


    Forgot to add add you also used to get 3 years free vw car net app, meaning you can lock/ unlock, know where your car is at all times or if someone opens it or sets the alarm off.

    Useful if you have others people using the car too.

    living in London like I do I can look and see exactly where my kids have just parked it.

    You can remotely make the horn or flashers work, you get mpg since your last fill, long term and per journey and loads more info.

    Plus 6 months free Apple Music.

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    Hardly wow factor it’s a disabled persons suv. lol

    my wow factor days went when my disability took over.


    Id call lambo or a veyron etc. Wow factor.

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    If I had to choose between the SEL and the R I’d 100% choose the SEL. More comfortable (never driven one so I can not confirm this myself. Only what I’ve read), more powerful, and the option of 4wd. I agree that it hasn’t got the same presence as the R but that doesn’t bother me anymore. The SEL is a smart looking car. I’d also have to seriously consider an Ateca too as it’s a very similar car with most of the same kit but for half the AP. Just think of how much fuel I could buy with all that money saved

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    Sensible way of looking at it, don’t forget waiting times too.

    Sporty doesn’t interest me anymore. I’ve done the mid life crisis convertible sports car.

    My kids just wanted to use it. lol

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    I’ve got to honest I think the Tiguan is a really good car, better than the Audi q3. I’m coming from the current Audi Q5 with air suspension and was pleasantly surprised by the ride.

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    I currently have a Qashqai Tekna it is full of tech and has some very comfortable seats.

    Its a nice car and the first “Japanese” vehicle I have ever had, I want to make sure that if we get another I have done my due diligence and not just taken the lazy option of more of the same. Most of my previous cars have been VWs or Volvos.

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    Dragonfly my son has one and likes it a lot.

    The last Nissan I owned was a cherry. Before that a 160j sss.

    My trouble is my mrs is disabled with a back problems and general mobility problems and she doesn’t drive.

    So whatever car we go for has to be a compromise for us both the Tiguan offered us the best, although we spent months trying cars on the scheme and originally was going for a Honda suv, the last shape, but the dealer sold our car to a cash buyer?

    so Honda put us right off the scheme for months.

    The best thing for me about the vw is she likes it as much as me.

    But I wouldn’t say one day I wouldn’t go to a Japanese maker.

    It just depends what’s on the scheme at the time.

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    Try having a look at the Honda CRV, the AP is not the lowest but you get a lot of kit and in my experience no outrageous waiting time like the Tiguan. I was lucky in picking up an EX on the outgoing model and cannot fault it other than a slightly lower mpg than expected but I am putting that down to the fact I am only doing short journeys under 15 miles. I have had four Hondas  now covering about ten years of driving and other than servicing and tyres the only thing I’ve had to replace is a headlamp bulb.

    In another post there was a thread about the length of time tyres lasted. I had an Accord with 55k on the clock still with the original rears on, l had to replace them as the tyres were perishing albeit the tread depth was still within legal limits.

    If I was to level any criticism you have to thrash the VTEC engine to appreciate what it is capable of.

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    Like you I started my driving life with Datsun a 160J followed by a 180B SSS. I loved that SSS, I got rid of the it when the bodywork started to deteriorate but the trade in price after owning it for three years was only £100 less than I originally paid for it, if only these sort of deals were still achievable now!

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    As a 5 year owner of a Nissan Tino, I have to say a very impressive car, reliable too.

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    Had a Nissan stanza for years, felt like a toff in it lol. Great car.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Theres not a wrong or right answer or opinion for that matter on this subject

    We all have our own needs, our own budgets and our own tastes from wide age range of members, we are not all ready for the pipe n slippers ?

    In an ideal world id love to have the R line tech in 4wd 190ps but despite my best efforts it wasn’t an option. I even asked if I could buy these as an option but that wasn’t possible

    So for me it boiled down to what I could live with more

    A: much nicer looking car with some good relevant extra tech with slightly less performance and 2wd


    B: 4WD, bit of extra poke but a car that I really didn’t like the look of and was lacking in some tech that I’d want and find useful

    So it was a no brainer for me tbh

    That’s just my opinion and what works for me ? I can’t criticise others who feel differently and vice versa

    But i stand by what I said, I think it does have some nice kerb appeal and wow factor, let’s keep it real here..  None of us is driving an Urus or Bugatti… Ever… ?

    And it’s not a disabled Suv, you make it sound like one of those 3 wheeler fibre glass cars from back in the day

    it’s a brand new  good quality, high spec car that happens to be driven by a disabled driver ??

    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    It’s not a wow! car it’s an SUV, no car on the motability scheme is a “wow” car in my opinion. It’s a means of transport that suits our needs as disabled folk.

    But whatever floats your boat.

    You decided to go for a model I didn’t like and ordered the one I did.

    I’m not going to say “wow”as you drive by in your suv with some added plastic bits, but the same model I don’t want. ??



    Same here that sss was my first properly fast car. ?

    mine ended up bent in some farmers field after I took a hairpin bed at night, not knowing the road and thinking I’d make it. Ha ha.

    Mine was bright orange with a black vinyl roof. Really miss that car, it had a dog leg 1st gear just like exotic cars of the day. ?

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    My SSS was chocolate brown on the top and gold on the bottom half, l added gold pinstriping and Datsun side stickers I thought it looked the bees knees. The upholstery was tan corduroy which suited the car but would be really naff these days. I remember the dog leg gear box it was just as well there was a warning buzzer when you put it in reverse otherwise there would have been a few prangs in traffic queues. I can honestly say it was one of the few cars I was sorry to part with.

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    I had  a Datsun 140j fastback and also loved it, back in the day it was a cool car to drive and never broke down.

    Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

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    Well Philjb

    All of the cars available on the scheme it sure floats my boat, and my boat is the only one that matters ? I couldn’t give a monkeys what anyone else thought of the car, whether they said Wow or That’s Horrible if I drove by, the car is for me and my enjoyment only ?

    That’s not something I ever spent time thinking about tbh, But I  understand that there are some saddos out there who think that way

    There’s always someone out there with a bigger, faster, more expensive motor out there

    You obviously must have been a very well to do man in a previous life driving about in your lambos and bugattis ? such a shame for you now that you have to drive about in a lowly disabled car ?

    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    Totally agree Winston, in the end, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks its your own opinion that matters. Sure come onto the forum and get as much expert advise that you can but if anyone decides to spend £3700 on the AP and another £3000 on extras then they should do it if that’s what they want to do.

    For some a car is just about getting from A to B but for others a car is so much more, its their pride and joy and for others it’s a status symbol and others really enjoy driving and want a car they can really drive.

    So in the end spend as much or as little on your car and never let anyone make you feel you have made the wrong decision because only you knows what is right for you.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    I bought my son his first car it was a 3rd hand chocolate coloured  Morris Mariner, he now drives around in his new Jaguar. We had a laugh about the Mariner the other day  but then found that they are now collectors items. When he got the Mariner it was his pride and joy.

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    Im not too bad all things considered thanks for asking winston.

    I totally agree it’s of absolutely no importance to me as what car you choose in the end, or if you think it’s got wow factor. In the same way I can have my opinion that it doesn’t.

    we are here to give our opinions  on the cars we own and our experiences and I’ve shared mine.

    I’m more then happy with my choice, as I hope I will be with the next motability car I choose in a few years time.

    Best of luck with yours, I’m sure  you’ll like it.


    BIGB mine had a factory pin stripe and a black vinyl interior, twin headlights. it was a rare old beast.

    Looked a bit mk 1 Capri like.

    Id never seen another one on the road at the time. Probably as they all rusted.

    But I’d still love another if new a decent welder  ?


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    Suzuki Vitara 1.4 sz-t at NIL AP, a bargain. Not for everyone but Suzuki get good reviews and often top reliability league tables.

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    hi guys just a question, I’ve noticed a lot of discussion about the price cap, but noticed the Tiguan 190 sel with metallic paint is over £37k  why is it still allowed on the scheme.

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    shhhhhh the Daily Mail will hear you,

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    And to think there was a time when I used to buy that rag.

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    I think it comes down to how much of a discount motability can negotiate.

    Mine was an invoice price of 28k when I picked it up plus nearly 2k of extras someone else had paid for.

    So I can only guess £37k that’s the max retail price and not what motability pays?


    give them a try ant and Dec now advertise them they look like they’ve come on along way.

    But ive not heard a lot about them.

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    I did have a look at one, despite its good attributes I couldn’t get past the very cheap interior. If Suzuki could address this I think they woukd have a serious contender. It doesn’t need to be high end, just a step up. I see the BMW 220i SE can be had for £599, good value too.

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