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    Which Mobility Car

    Having been through almost every price, every price list and every detail.  I just can’t see a better value car than the 2.0 litre diesel VW Tiguan in Match trim, £849 Manual / £1049 Auto. (Particularly with up to £600 off this price)

    Long time fan of this engine. It just delivers in every area, apart from environmental.

    The Seat Ateca is from £299 with this engine but with the massive discount, I just can’t see past the Tiguan.


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    You probably right, I think if your looking for Value for Money then the VW Tiguan is among the top contenders, its not a bad looking car either.

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    Thank you for this. I always wonder exactly this point. This must have taken such a long time to do.

    I’ve  got ~12 months left in my current car and am starting to dip in to get a feel.

    That said, I do realise that it can so easily be all change in a heartbeat.

    One thing I do know, I’m sticking with diesel. No brainier for me.

    In fact, I like both the Tiguan and the Atecca for ease of entry/exit but we’ll see.

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    Although not a fan of VW, at the prices above the Tiguan is well worthy of a look. A pity the lead times are so long, I think one poster has waited 11 months.

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    The Tiguan does seem very good value for money.

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    I think the lead times now are just the average 3 to 4 months from point of order after all the new emissions testing nonsense

    The tiguans from Match to R Line Tech sure offer a lot of bang for your buck

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    ive got the Tiguan SEL with full length sunroof , plus masses of tech in digital dashboard that will display full map sat nav and  many other options.

    Last fill up it did an average 53mpg  mixed driving and I live in London.

    And that’s driving normally not trying to break mpg records.

    Yes it’s a diesel but with add blue so pretty clean.

    It even has a heated massage front seat. Heated screen

    9inch pro entertainment with nav also and road sign recognition

    7 speed dsg

    auto open close hatch

    auto wiper/ lights which are full led and corner.

    Auto main beam.

    3 zone climate.

    Drives smooth on 19” anthracite alloys in metallic grey.

    Land assist

    auto park

    crash prevention technology?

    intelligent cruise control

    heated screen and wheel

    prob lots more…

    And with my px I walked away with £250 in my bank.

    I could get a better deal last quarter.

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    I agree about the VW Tiguan, and yes the offers can disappear. I am a bit bias and would like a PHEV, however, the new diesel hybrid Kuga looks tempting.

    I always look at the overall running cost over the 3 year lease as well as the AP. Give the current AP on the VW Tiguan auto 2wd diesel £1049 and the running costs based on Honest John compared the Mitsubishi PHEV £3499 ( off peak electric 5p kWh) for the short journeys we do the Tiguan only just has it, but like you said it could change in a heart beat.

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    Even better value if you can get the VW discount from the dealer in Hull and you take into consideration the good condition bonus for you old car, yes I realise that the good condition bonus  is available no matter what new car you pick.

    I need to go and have a sit in one.

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    I got my discount too thanks from reading vw ??

    Sadly I don’t think they do the SEL spec anymore?

    Not sure what the other specs have on them as options? But the massage seat is amazing for me.

    But mines done 6k in 3 months.

    So gets well used.

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    In my opinion the Mitsubishi isn’t as nice a place to sit. I did look at those too.

    Very hard plastic and ancient looking slow sat nav.

    Strangely not much leg room.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Ive not seen a new Kuga in the flesh but I’m guessing it will be exactly like the new focus inside too, so good looking. ??</p>

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    Q3 last year i test drove the Tiguan SEL and the Ateca (can’t remember the trim), but the Tiguan was the much better car for us, but sadly no deals at the time… prices are so much better this quarter with the deals around as well. If I had to choose again i would be handing back the cx-5 and getting the Tiguan, purely on price though.

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    Exactly that, you have to use the scheme to get what car suits you and your budget.

    I was lucky at the time and the dealer principal offered me a great px plus the discount and the car was in the colour I wanted and someone else had cancelled it but paid for the extras?

    Plus the car was physically there with the dealer unregistered.

    So between the px and the discount they paid me to drive it away too.

    Admittedly suv’s aren’t the most exciting cars to drive, but if you want comfort, economy and quality they are hard to beat, I have spine / joint problems and most days I even find this hard to get in and out of?

    But I find ambulances uncomfortable for hospital transport.

    If I was younger, without such mobility issues, I’d have probably gone for a petrol bmw or a sporty new focus st line For performance and handling.

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    Most of the SUV’s aren’t great drivers cars. I’ve driven the X1, Tucson, 3008 and Kodiaq. All are decent to drive but don’t compare to a 1 series etc as far as driver interaction is concerned. They do offer a relaxing drive, high driving position and good size accommodation and boot plus higher fuel consumption compared to their hatch/saloon stablemates. Although I had a bad experience with the X1 all are worthy of consideration.

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    In my opinion the Mitsubishi isn’t as nice a place to sit. I did look at those too. Very hard plastic and ancient looking slow sat nav. Strangely not much leg room. <p style=”text-align: left;”>Ive not seen a new Kuga in the flesh but I’m guessing it will be exactly like the new focus inside too, so good looking. </p>

    Never managed to get a proper look at the Mitsubishi, the mobility dealer needed a personality transplant. We have the Ford Kuga 2.0 diesel auto at present and love it, could really be tempted with the new Kuga diesel hybrid.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    I round the x1 the 2 series tourer, the cx5, the Mitsubishi all really uncomfortable for suv’s

    i think most of us who are disabled don’t want a great driver, I  just want comfort and tech that helps me.

    Im not interested in plugging things in and messing with charge leads.

    My life is meds, Gp’s, consultants and the odd family visit, seeing and looking after my grandkids. The dog once a day the kids take him after work.

    What do I want with feeling of being at one with the road?

    Give me higher then average mpg, a high comfy seat, room to stretch my legs and all our paraphernalia and an easy drive that makes me feel like I’ve not been tortured. lol

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    see I used to be a feel the road person, but turned into a whats the best comfort and mpg for me, I considered the kia optima gtline s with all its gadgets, but could not quite swallow the 3790 AP, also the kia  has a slightly higher driving position than bmws… I why I do think a higher seat position would be better for me getting in and out, the BMW seems to be the only car with a endless foot well.

    in both driver and passenger seat I can keep my left leg fully extended and dead straight for miles and miles and the pop out front of the seat supports my legs well..

    Which brings me to my current dilemma, my current car is the 1.5 3 cylinder 318i estate and the mpg at best is 33.9 mpg at best (and your talking about someone here that in his b class diesel managed 58mpg when they claimed 52mpg and in a 1 series that they claimed was 62 got 71mpg… Yes I know its strange in diesels I used to beat the claimed figures that were done in mickey mouse style test conditions.

    this one when ordered was claimed 44, after the wltp its now claimed 34 lol, I certainly would not have ordered had I seen that and bought a bloody roof rack for my 2 wheeled knobly tired scooter for the days out with the boy.

    Then I do need a bit of power (at least 140hp) as 98% of my journeys involve motorway now, GP – motorway, shopping – motorway ect ect.

    So this quarter has left me… well very under impressed and the worse thing is, I dont think there is going to be a an improvement.

    Still I am going to have to soldier on and test drive as many as the better mpg cars on the scheme and find one that the ap is easy to swallow, has good kit and is specced up well as this will probably be the last car I order judging the direction the scheme is going with APs. and I will probably extend then buy as I cant see it getting any better despite the govt slapping the wrists for having so much in reserve….

    Now if I could drive an manual I would not feel like this (I can drive manual, but my hip pops from time to time which leaves even  attempting to put my foot down on a clutch is excruciating)

    So I am in a massive dilemma on what to do

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    i need an auto so my choice drops from over 2000 to just over 800 in a second,take away those i cant get in or out of and it halves at least. that said i am “lucky” if thats the right term i get wpms so the ap is about £950 less for me.i currently have a mini 3dr cooper chilli seven auto,it has v nice interiour and is great although as i slipped a disc last year it is less easy to get in and out of now so next time i am going to have to look at a more suv style. i keep coming back at the moment to the mini countryman cooper 1.5 exclusive auto at 0 ap as it has all the kit my current car has including the nice leather but a higher position, the alternative for an extra £57 is the mini countryman 2.0 cooper s auto same car just a bit more poke. whilst at the smaller suv end of the market i think its a cracking car. ive 18 months to go so there maybe alternatives by then, maybe the ds3suv or the suzuki jimny. other than the toyota hcr theres not much that appeals at the moment.

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    Mitch I would hope that in 18 months time things will have improved, certainly with regard to choice. If we are talking about APs, however, I don’t see these being any lower all you can hope is the choices you talk about are still as cheap.

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    Mike 700

    Mine is almost identical to Philjb’s .

    An SEL is the Tiguan to go for, in my honest opinion.

    After a bunch of XC Volvo’s,I am not disappointed!

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    What are the big differences between to R line and the SEL?



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    The spelling……………… he he he he he sorry couldn’t resist.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    A bit of different trim and 20” bone shaker wheels on the R with low profile tyres.

    R embossed on the seats

    the SEL is a bit less bling but a lot more comfortable and comes with the same kit depending on spec.

    i no longer think the SEL is on the scheme? I think they have changed the model names to when I got mine in jan.

    I don’t like the Kia or Hyundai interiors myself, or find then aa well built as premium brands, but they are catching up.

    one of  my hospital transport drivers put me off he had an Hyundai suv  of some kind on lease, auto and it was his third one in a month? All with the same fault either an  auto stalling unless you had you foot slightly on the accelerator and also made a loud creaking noise when creeping forward in traffic?

    He was told they all did it for a few thousand miles, but there was a software update for the stalling but it wasn’t available yet?

    That was last summer. Just as I was starting to look





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    Well aesthetically they look really different. In my opion the R looks much better and has some Wow factor, whereas the SEL is lacking in that department especially with the naff cheap looking grey plastic trim at the bottom of the car which does spoil the looks ,

    The R is now called R Line Tech which has added even more tech as standard to represent a great deal

    If you type in VW Configurator into Google and select Tiguan you’ll be able to click on the R line Tech and then SEL and it’ll show you the standard kit included for you to compare

    Quite a bit there


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    Hi Winston,

    Like you I used to have an Audi q3 s line plus 184 ps. I found the Performance and grip from the 4 wheel drive very good so that’s the reason I’m going for the sel 190ps 4 motion. I did try the 150ps tdi 2 wheel drive in a match but found the performance a bit flat.                                                                                                                                   So I’ve had to forgo a few bits of shiny plastic for a better performing and more comfortable car.


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    @philjb @winston

    Thank you  for the information for us Comfort is very close to the top of the “must have” list.

    Bone shaker wheels doesn’t sound to good I think the best thing is to see what’s on the scheme and then go and have a sit in them. If the vehicle isn’t comfortable it’s not worth pursuing no matter what tech it has.

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