Best and Worst Car Infotainment Systems

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    I remember when BMW came out with their system and all the journalists hated it. Now it’s the bees knees. Lol

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    Glos Guy

    I remember when BMW came out with their system and all the journalists hated it. Now it’s the bees knees. Lol

    I remember that too! It was the original iDrive in the 7 Series. As you say, they slated it. I never understood why, as I thought it was great but the latest system is brilliant. From my experience, the Audi system is a very close second, which is a surprise given how bad the VW system is!

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    2013 Gen2 Qashqai, got the Acenta Premium and my God the sound system was dreadful! sounded like a cheap 80’s boom box.

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    It doesn’t surprise me at all that Volvo scores so poorly as I know from personal experience what a pain their system is. We had the last generation XC60 which had a screen but also had buttons and it’s so much more intuitive to use. These new systems are fabulous bits of tech, they look awesome too, but to not have basic physical controls is silly. It’s as much of a distraction as using a mobile if not more so. I’ve started to use voice control more and it does work most of the time, but it’s not intuitive yet. All of that said, the quality of the screen, the speed of response, and the features are all excellent. We upgraded the hifi system to a Harmon Kardon and it is very good, although it’s noticeably better at Mrs B’s dance and trance music than it is my more mainstream choices!

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    so long as its not touchy feely screen controlled i am not overly fussy, i dont have the phone on in the car and all my music is on a usb.

    current car mini countryman exc cooper s auto is fine all done with a single big dialy button, my kind of system.

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    I would definitely second BMW’s iDrive as the best I’ve used, as I found it very intuitive, easy to use, and not distracting. On the other hand, the infotainment system in the 2017 CH-R wasn’t very good – sluggish response and performance, dated graphics, and low-quality display, put my off. Worst of all, you couldn’t switch off the monitor!

    I found the Volkswagen system in my previous 2017 Golf  to be very good and straightforward to use. I liked the graphics and didn’t find the screen distracting. In the Evoque, it was very distracting and confusing with lots of buttons adjacent to the monitor whenever it worked.

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    The new BMW iDrive system is excellent, so I’m not surprised it makes top spot.

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    Lord Muc

    Yup, the bmw Idrive 7 is excellent, but heard good things about the new Mercedes system.

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