Bentley's new Continental GT

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    Only problem with these is that every premiership footballer has one!

    T’is a different class of vehicle though.

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    Glos Guy

    Still prefer the Bentayga! The interior of Bentleys are second to none IMO, although exterior styling does less for me. I keep joking with my wife that I’m going to buy one with some of my pension cash but, in reality, I couldn’t bring myself to spend that sort of money on a car (which depreciates) and I’d be terrified to park it anywhere!

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    The leather is just a tad to thin for me otherwise its a nice car

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    I think if money is not a problem then worrying about your car doesn’t become a issue, if you can afford to buy this fantastic car then getting any damage fixed won’t be a problem financially. It is highly unlikely I will ever be in a position to buy one of these but I really enjoy looking at them. It is similar I suppose to getting our new motability car, I did say similar, that first time when you open the door and that “new car” smell hits you, and for that brief moment everything in the world feels good lol.

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    I do like giving my car a good valet inside once a month, the smell afterwards is awesome. Another advantage of not smoking anymore… by jolly, when i smoked one of the first things i did when getting in a car is winding the window down and lighting one up…urghhh makes my stomach turn now.

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    What a beauty ( I mean the car this time not Louise or carol )

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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