Behind the Numbers: Car Registrations

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    SMMT have announced a 2.8% drop in registrations for Feb ’18 making it 11 months in a row sales have decreased. So far this year, the UK new car market has declined by 5.1%, with registrations by business, private and fleet buyers all down – by 29.8%, 7.1% and 2.1% respectively.


    There is more to this that meets the eye, we are not alone across Europe in seeing sales drop for diesel cars. France has seen the percentage of diesel cars drop from near 80% in its heyday to 40% yet their market is booming, sales up 4.3% for February.

    It’s clear that we are not alone in seeing a slump in Diesel sales, Germany’s drop in Diesel sales is larger thanours but overall sales for 2018 are up 9.5% (the figures above are from January 2018).

    What is clear is that we are not joining Mainland Europe in switching to petrol or alternative fuel powered cars. Norway sales are over 50% for Electric or Hybrid cars, the UK boasts 4.4%. In fact despite the push to ‘go Electric’ 2018 sales of Pure Electric vehicles are down by a third over the same period for 2017.

    We have a nagging doubt that the root cause behind the drop in sales is more to do with a cocktail of stagnant wages, rising inflation, debt saturation and a shot of Brexit. We just hope those eligible for the Motability Scheme are not in a situation where they forgo the freedom of a Scheme car.

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