Bad things happen when good people let it.

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    I was recently subjected to a quite personal and vicious attack on the Forum which did affect me on a personal level and I would like to thank wmcforum and joss for their support during these past few days.

    Keeping the Forum a safe place to visit however should not be down to the mods only. Calling out abusive posts is down to all of us whether that be by highliting the offense to wmcforum or by POLITELY pointing out to the offender what they are doing wrong.

    Making a POLITE response is essential as it easy to misconstrue a reply which could end up exacerbating the situation.

    So thank to the mods for doing such a great job.

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    I am sorry to read this, I did not see the offending posts, but I am one of many who dip and and out depending on my circumstances and I, like many, skip 90% of the posts. I am never sure why so many people in life, albeit a small minority feel they have to resort to this type of behaviour. In my view once anyone resorts to personal attacks they lose all respect and they have lost the argument or point of view they are trying to promote. As always the moderators have done an excellent job. I know many, myself included, have suffered similar issues in the past. The easy is thing to do is walk away but this would only diminish the value of the forum to the detriment of everyone. I had a neighbour, highly intelligent and one day when her drunk husband was shouting at her, not aggressively I might add, simply turned to him and said in a polite voice” please don´t shout at me, it is upsetting and unnecessary”. The situation was resolved instantly and he apologised.

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    Which Mobility Car

    It’s great to have one of the founding fathers of the Forum back in the game.

    I am only sorry I was not able to stop the incident from happening.

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    You can’t be expected to be over everything wmc but its good to be back.

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    Mike 700

    Armchair Warriors Eh, hiding behind the anonymity of Forums.

    Bit like a Dalek? Small insignificant, having to use a cover to become something more than they are?

    Keep up the good work Dr.

    Best regards.


    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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