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    Hi anyone know what are the new models that they have added? ie do they have any packages or extras?

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    I know nowt

    There must be Executive and Premium. Not sure about Premium Plus unless the B 180 sport with over £3700 ap is

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    i would guess looking at the bclass 1.3 b180 sport for example it would be for wpms.

    1.3 b180 sport ap £74

    1.3 b180 sport plus exec pack £1898.71

    1.3 b180 sport plus premium pack £2648.70

    1.3 b180 amg £297

    1.3 b180 amg exec £848.71

    1.3 b180 amg prem £1048.71

    or if were really lucky its premium and premium plus but i wouldnt hold my breath.

    best bet would be a call to mota.

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    Lol best of luck sifting through those or do you mean the latestest 14 to be added compared to the 8 that was already on. When it comes to situations like this it’s really annoying motability has just and is continuing to update and improve there dealership back office system, yet do nothing to improve its unfit for purpose car search, in most cases this wouldn’t be an issue as the manufacturers issue a full comprehensive Motability price guide, but I’m afraid to say Mercedes uk fail to do so and upon request both Mercedes and Motability will ask “which model are you interested in”

    ggrrrr I don’t know thier is no way of telling!

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    just spoke to motabilty cust service and they dont know and ask i ring back after 9am tommorrow when the pricing department is open.

    they really do need a decent website.

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    i sent this to motability a few minutes ago i will let you know if they reply.


    dear sirs,

    to give you a little background i currently have a 3dr mini cooper 7 auto, however due to a slipped disc that is pressing on my sciatic nerve and problems following a heart attack i may need to change to something easier to get in and out of.

    consequently i have been trying to do as much homework as possible due to the difficulty visiting showrooms and getting in and out of cars, obviously a problem.

    the internet is very helpful especially whichmobilitycar.co.uk and some manufacturers websites help too.

    but it has to be said the motability search website is not as good as it could be would be the polite verdict.

    recent events highlight what i mean and its a recurring issue,dont your website techs consider what the customer will see.

    earlier this quarter the bmw i3 came onto the scheme and it appeared initially as bmw i3 with 4 identical pictures but 4 different ap’s nothing to say what the differences were.
    several weeks later the various trim discriptions were added to the picture of the cars, it was the same for the i3 s as well only 3 models.

    now this week mercedes have added models and varients all over the place and you now have 6 mercedes-benz b class 1.3 b180 sport and 6 mercedes-benz 1.3 b180 amg.
    all 6 have exactly the same model name but a different ap. with other manufacturers you would be able to go to their website and look up what the varients are but mercedes dont publish a motability price list.

    when the same happened with mini you could pull up the mini price list and see quite quickly that the variations involved the comfort and nav packs. you also added nav plus comfort to the mini pictures on the website eventually.

    however this week its a nightmare loads of mercedes additions with no clue as to the differences and no manufacturers pricelist to refer to for clarification, poor show.

    when i rang this evening your assistants didnt know and asked me to ring back when the pricing department is open, which i will and i have to say your customer service staff do try and help but they are only as good as the information they have and thats the same as is on the website. i even tried mercedes locally and they didnt even know the cla was now on the scheme it was the same when the i3 came out the dealers knew nothing.

    you need a new fit for purpose website car search because the one you currently keep adding cars to isnt it sucks.

    a short term solution when new information on pricing and models comes out put it on whichmobilitycar.com its a great site and it seems most people looking for their next car seem to use it. a simple list of the mercedes models with their varients and ap’s put on as an announcement would save your customer service people from getting a bunch of phone calls.

    spend some of your accumulated millions on a search engine and website that does what your customers need it to do.

    yours faithfully

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    B200 AMG Line for £2249 is with a premium plus. The B180 AMG for £1949 is a premium. Motability also confirm that the different prices are for different packs.

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    Lol thanks for the big up Mitch but with nearly 20,000 new sales a month I don’t think we scratch the surface and besides WMCForum won’t get out of bed for less than 1.8 Million so they may be best asking Mr Betts to stay.

    Well done for taking the initiative and having your say.

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    i wasnt sure if the exec pack was the lower and the higher was the premium but hey good news if its premium and premium plus i am suprised they went all the way. if you want all the bells and whistles its not that bad.

    on wpms for the 1.3 b180 sport £2648.70 for the premium plus is a lot of kit for the money. not sure its kit i absoluteley need though.

    i am a luddite though lol.

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    I know nowt

    I can’t see the B200 AMG Line Premium Plus being available for £2249 when they have a B180 Sport at £3749. Prices are PIP/DLA

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    there are several that dont make sense.

    1.3 b180 sport ap £74

    1.3 b180 sport prem? £1898.71

    1.3 b180 sport prem+? £2648.70


    1.3b180 amg ap £297

    1.3b180 amg prem? £848.71

    1.3 b180 amg prem+ ? £1048.71

    how can amg plus package be less than the sport plus package?

    i think i am just going to have to wait for them to get their act together.

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    well it looks like someone screwed up all the extra b class models that appeared have now disappeared.


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    They answered your email Mitch!

    Motabilty customer service conversation with pricing team

    Customer services. “hello can we have some clarification on the added Mercedes and the model variants available to be able to make things more clear for our customers ?”

    Pricing Team. “Yes certainly, bare with us, ok all done.”

    Customers services. “Oh that was easier and quicker than I thought”

    pricing Team. ” real easy we just removed all the recently added ones”.

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    js, lol i did think that but thought i would be considered mean.

    however i wouldnt be suprised.

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    i apologise to all if my curiosity caused the b class variants to be removed lol.

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    If It’s all the new Mercedes, and I’m sure they will reappear probable tomorrow, hopefully with more info.

    Mitch I’m sure your enquiry along with many others went some way to identify the issue with around 35,000 people looking to order before next quarter Change I’m sure the same question has been asked many times.

    well done to adding your name to that list it really does pay to ask.

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    Spoke with Motability, they are finalising the models. packages and pricing and they will be back soon (hopefully before the end of August).

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    Been to look at the B180 Sport today, really impressed with the interior space. Even in basic trim it feels like a premium product.

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    and theyre back again, back up to 16 auto b classes and looks as though the same ap’s as before but still no clue as to the extras etc that the extra ap gets you.

    in out shake it all about and leave it the same lol.

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    Was just about to post the same comment mitch, clear as mud!

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    i will ring at 9 and see if theyve been told owt yet.

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    right after 20 minutes talking to the call centre, basically all they can see is whats on the website, and basically they havent a clue. but shes going to ring round and find out and ring me back.

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    well that was quick, the additions are the premium pack and the premium plus.

    so for wpms automatics its

    1.3 b180 sport base model ap £74.         pip £999

    1.3 b180 sport with premium pack £1898.71        pip £2999

    1.3 b180 sport with premium plus pack £2648.70           pip 3749

    103 b180 amg base model £297      pip £1399

    1.3 b180 amg with premium pack ap £848.71         pip £1949.00

    1.3 b180 amg with premium plus pack £1048.71        pip £2149.00

    same applies for the b200’s.

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    question is can my back cope with the amg seats????

    i think a test drive is needed as the b class cabin is very nice.

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    I know nowt

    Well done Mitch for getting that clarified. I can’t understand why the Premium and Premium Plus package is more on the Sport model than the AMG line when the base is cheaper.

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    i know i am still trying to work that out myself thats why i say if i can live with the amg sports seats then the amg may be the best option.

    only mercedes would have a sports varient with normal seats and sports seats in the amg, go figure.

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