Audi q3 wait times, something dodgy going on??

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    We’ve ordered the car in January, it’s the black edition with the light pack, was told originally april / may (haha) and now it’s mid august and we’ve just received an email saying expect more delays??? I’ve seen others on this forum get their q3 much quicker than this and they’ve ordered around the same time, I can’t help but think that they gave our order away to someone else when the chip delays got worse

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    tim clark

    I may be a one-off but no matter how much I wanted a certain car I wouldn’t put up with stuff like this,I had a dealer trying to pull this with my last car,I cancelled the order went to another dealer had a Seat leon 2 litre auto sports tourer FR from stock in my hands in a week, for nil deposit.I accept things are awkward with SOME makes at the moment, but in what other form of retail would you accept this?” excuse me I would like to buy that stereo””ok sir we will get it to you in 6 to 9 months” Ludicrous.

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    As an update to my situation, our dealer confirmed that no build date in sight and that we’re looking at Easter next year.

    Luckily though, they had a cancellation of an already built car which was identical to what we ordered. The two customers who were further up the line from me didn’t want it due to the colour (Navarro Blue), so we happily took it.

    Its sitting outside the house now, but we were incredibly lucky and any new orders are just a pipe dream to be complete within a reasonable time atm.

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