Audi Q3 first impressions (v BMW x1)

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    Donkey Oatie

    Collected our Audi Q3 35tfsi Black edition on Saturday, swapping from BMW X1 1.8 s drive diesel.  We were a bit concerned that the performance of the 1.5 engine would be a disappointment after the 1.8 diesel. they both have similar BHP figures but the Audi is lower in torque being a petrol.

    Initial impressions are all good. Interior space, the cabin feels wider and plenty of legroom front and rear. The boot with the rear seats fully back is about an inch longer that the BMW. There is no space under the boot floor which is taken up by the mild hybrid batteries and associated gubbins.

    Seats are a massive improvement on the BMW much more comfortable and supportive, and the Audi has a sensible seat belt hanger which is adjustable so it is not permanently trying to throttle shorter drivers/passengers. The Audi dash and infotainment system is amazing, slightly too complex for me, it will take a bit of work to get to grips with it. In comparison the BMW did feel a bit dated, The car was a 2017 model so the newer ones are a bit more up to date. A lot of the controls are standard VAG so maybe the BMW feels a bit better quality but some functions like windscreen wipers work better in the Audi

    Suspension is nice and supple, the Black edition is basically the S line which has lowered suspension and I worried that it may be too harsh on our local lanes. The BMW when new was very hard and only after nearly 40000 miles was beginning to soften. Handling is much better the BMW always feels a little fidgety the Audi is much more stable.

    The Audi gearbox comes in for some criticism and while perfectly good its not as good as the BMW 8 speeder, one thing which is a bit disconcerting is on decelerating the engine cuts and the mild hybrid keeps everything turning over. This sometimes feels as if there is hesitancy coming back on the throttle. Performance wise the Audi is a match for the BMW and feels more sprightly, although neither are performance cars. Its too early to tell about fuel consumption but the read out says mid 30s The BMW was averaging 47 on mixed driving over the 4 years. A lot more on long runs which the Audi would struggle to match. But working it out the overall extra cost will not bee to bad as we are doing less long journeys and more local running about.

    One thing which may be a good or bad point dependent on your point of view is that the Audi has an ignition key and the BMW has a keyless start. It suits me as I was always forgetting where I had the Ignition fob, at least when it is fixed to the dashboard you know where it is!

    Overall very impressed ( at the moment) hope it is as reliable as the X1

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    I’ve been getting 28/9 mpg from my 3008 for three and a half years now. Mixed driving, and the best I’ve probably got was 32mpg at 60mph for around 30 mile on the motorway on cruise control.
    Depressing tbh.

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