Audi Q2 black edition

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    Hi all

    may I ask your opinion of the Audi Q2 black edition as it seems good value and I don’t need a large vehicle but something slightly raised and with a bit of style?👍

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    Hi Solent60 your spot on with regards to the crazy package costs that manufacturers are now charging to make more money rather than including it with the model selected for example a £30.000+ vehicle with manual air conditioning?Come on Audi we are not that vulnerable!!

    Comfort Pack

    Winter Pack

    Executive Pack

    Technical Pack

    Premium Pack

    Luxury Pack…


    Where’s it all going to end?!?!

    ‘Celebrity Pack’? ‘Prime Minister Pack’? ‘Premier League Footballer Pack’?

    I’m just waiting for the ‘Pack of all Packs’ Pack!

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    Menorca Mike

    Six pack ?

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    Just checked the mpg on my son’s 30TDI.

    It’s averaging 42mpg which isn’t bad to say the furthest he drives in it is no more than 10 miles from our home.

    His heated front seats were part of a pack which he got discounted to £400 including the B&O stereo.

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    Pack it in lol.

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    Hi all

    Had the test drive in the q2 and it was impressive being an s line as opposed to black edition but same engine petrol 148  bhp ?Ive been driving diesel for many years so this is as the first petrol for a while and as for the engine note it was so quiet and a great place to be and Ofcourse the access/exit was fantastic however the weather wasn’t but uk weather doesn’t guarantee sunshine but it was awful and with regards to the 15 minute test drive I believe it was more thirty minutes as low and behold there was a traffic jam!!The seating position was great but there isn’t much to look at or functionality from the dash or cockpit so it did take me back a few years but didn’t hamper the drive and sometimes there is so much to press mess around with it gets baffling but still nice to have atleast heated seats and climate control as mentioned previously but it wasn’t too much of an issue currently but maybe preferred in winter for those early starts heading to work?Ill make a decision within a day or two as I’m not one to mess the dealership or salesman around and have to say both sales staff have been fantastic 👍

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    @Footloose, the Black Edition is a S Line with added extras. The seats are identical.

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    Does anyone know what the standard sound system the black edition q2 comes with?

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    Elliot could I ask which dealership you went to get such a discount off the options, I’m due to change car soon and been look at the Q2 and some other cars close to that.

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    Hi Kev, it was my son not me. He got his car from Audi Doncaster.

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