Audi Q2 black edition

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    Hi all

    may I ask your opinion of the Audi Q2 black edition as it seems good value and I don’t need a large vehicle but something slightly raised and with a bit of style?👍

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    My son has one of these, a 1.6 diesel.

    I’ve driven it and it’s very comfy and well spec’d.

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    I sat in one in the showroom last year and thought the entry/exit was pretty good in terms of height. The 1.6tdi is a good little engine (used to have one) and it should give you good fuel economy. It’s similar to the t-roc in its styling but I’d say the Q2 interior is better than the t-roc which I was disappointed with. I’d say the Q2 is definitely worth a look 👍

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    Ordered a Black edition and chose a TDI  because of better fuel economy and it’s the same advance payment as the petrol, so no brainer really. Also because of this post. Thanks for the help 🙂

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    Hi Sam

    Great choice😉I hadn’t thought of a Q2 but when I saw it in the showroom I thought it looked much bigger than photos,I went for the 35 Petrol as I wanted a bit more punch from the engine not that I’ll be driving too fast but my current car is a golf gtd so I am used to some power.I went for Ara blue which was stunning especially in black edition spec though must say I’m disappointed it doesn’t have climate control or heated seats as I think manufacturers should stop doing packs and simply add them to the models.What colour did you go for oh and delivery due 30th September 👍



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    I had the pleasure of seeing the blue paintwork on the Q2 In the dealership, excellent choice may I add. I asked for the blue, but My dealer said that there was a Daytona Grey variant coming in and he expects delivery for mid august (otherwise He said the blue paint would cause a few more weeks of waiting) So I went with the Grey. And I also completely agree with the Point you made about the climate control (its 2020! come on make it standard!) I guess a bonus of your delivery date is that you’ll get the new 70-plate Reg!

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    Confusing on Audi website this does not come with standard adaptive cruise control? Am I correct it’s a option at £1400? Do like black edition but need adaptive cruise control.

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    I don’t think the black edition comes with adaptive cruise control, which is silly considering it’s basically the top spec of the Q2. It does come with the basic version of cruise control As standard, just not adaptive.

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    Correct Sam it does not come with ACC.

    However I once had a VW Passat with this and there were lots of occasions when it didn’t cut in to slow the car when a vehicle in front braked heavily.

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    Hi everyone can I ask if anyone knows if the black edition has heated front seats as standard please ?

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    Hi Bifter

    im afraid it does not come with heated seats which along with no climate control is a poor show from Audi however I still ordered one as it looked fantastic and hope the petrol 35 (150hp) engine drives well but time will tell Oh and I thought the AP was reasonable given the recent increases especially with the Tiguan r line as that was originally my first choice and I will miss the heated seats but I’ll just need to rest my backside against the radiator before heading off!👍

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    Thanks Footloose , Hope your new car lives up to your expectations,  good luck

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    Thanks Bifter and I would still recommend one but merely on looks as I’ve not driven one yet 🍺

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    My son’s has heated front seats and I’m pretty sure he didn’t pay extra for them.

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    Black edition does not unfortunately 🙁

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    Hi all

    had a call from Audi to say a test drive is available for…wait for it..15 minutes!!

    I understand the restrictions/guidelines however when I test drove the Bmw gran coupe I was given the keys without any hassles and was asked how long I required the vehicle for which I decided was an hour and a half but could have been longer if I wanted.

    whats your thoughts?

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    Totally unsuitable in my opinion. That’ll go by in a flash, you need a good while in the car, especially to see how the seats are over time.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    A lady near me has just got a Black version. It looks absolutely amazing. 👏👏

    15 mins for a test drive?!
    It takes me that long to get in the car and out of the car park!

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Amazed at an hour and a half test drive, the demonstrator car would have a mighty high mileage if everyone had that.

    Quarter of an hour seems mean , perhaps half an hour would be appropriate.

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    72 dudes

    Tell them it’s one hour or you order the BMW.

    Or say “so sorry, I got completely lost, have I really been an hour?”

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    My son’s is the black edition in black and it does look stunning.

    He’s got the B&O stereo which in my view isn’t worth the money.


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    Emailed Motability about it being an U25 available car, came on Q3 as available to those U25 and now it’s back as not suitable, just as was away to order, joke company

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    The manual is available to U25’s the auto isn’t.

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    Exactly. The Auto 30 TDI is insurance group 16, mota lists it as 17. Can’t get car.

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    Ah – it’s that old chestnut ‘heated seats’ again that I was on about in a recent thread.

    I guess, like many car manufacturer’s, Audi offer them as part of a ‘package’… at an extortionate price no doubt & probably coupled with something you don’t want or need… like full leather seats. Peugeot really annoy me on this with the new 208 I was looking at recently. No heated seats – unless you go full leather & pay £1,400 for the privilege.

    Just offer heated seats alone for (say) two hundred quid ffs!

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    Hi Solent60

    your spot on with regards to the crazy package costs that manufacturers are now charging to make more money rather than including it with the model selected for example a £30.000+ vehicle with manual air conditioning?Come on Audi we are not that vulnerable!!

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