Audi A3 Saloon 30 TFSI

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    Hi all,

    Has anyone got the Audi A3 Saloon? I’m under 25 and thinking of getting this. My only issue is that it’s got the 1L engine. Not sure how good it is. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also the AP is a quite high at £2799 do you know of any dealers that would offer any discounts. Thanks in advance

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    Hi Mark,

    I’ve just ordered the Audi A3 30 tfsi s-Tronic saloon last week. We went with the colour Turbo blue.

    I’m also under 25. We are quite lucky that this car has become available for under 25s because the hatchback version is still not available for under 25s for some odd reason.
    Audi say that they don’t offer any discounts on the AP but in my opinion the AP of £2799 is quite competitive as it’s a very nice car!
    The AP for the 116d Sport is £2999 and the A3 saloon is a much more nicer car.

    I also had the same reservations about the 1.0 petrol engine, however this new 30 tfsi engine is very quiet & paired with the s tronic gearbox it’s very smooth.
    It doesn’t feel like it’s only 115bhp.

    if you’re interested in the A3 saloon, I would suggest making your enquiries and test drive asap.
    I only say this as after speaking to our Audi motability specialist he advised that is very likely it will be removed off the scheme in the upcoming weeks for under 25s. As they are currently receiving a lot of orders for the A3 saloon 30tfsi and it’s only been available for 2 weeks. Similar scenario to when the A4 black edition was released onto the scheme in Jan 2020 and removed after 2 weeks due to the high demand.

    any questions feel free to ask

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    Nice car but just to low for me to get in and out if only I was 30 years younger lol

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    Menorca Mike

    Nice car but just to low for me to get in and out if only I was 30 years younger lol

    yes looks fab but too low like the Golf

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Which Mobility Car


    I would have no reservations over choosing this vehicle, while on paper it may seem a little ‘puny’ the advantages to these 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engines is that they are very light, and they are surprisingly nippy.

    The advantage with this car is it is an automatic gearbox, in small manual gearboxed petrol engines cars you are pretty much constantly changing gear as the optimum torque range is so small. As mentioned, these engines are all but silent on startup and give a pleasing 3 cylinder growl under brisk acceleration. One test drive will be enough to reassure you.

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    Thanks all for the replies.

    – yeah the AP is quite high I was thinking of waiting until Q4 as I’m hoping it may reduce but going of what you’re saying about they’ve had a lot of orders I’m thinking again now. I’ve called around a few dealers and they all said they none in stock and that there is a 6-7 month wait time at the moment and that’s just the minimum time.

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